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  1. Brush Tip

    Will do Wayne, good thinking and thanks for posting. Pete
  2. Physics of vibration and motion

    Froggerbass Yep, like Mark says, Dave will tell you (lip surfaces) it's all related to vortices, he's all over this stuff. Pete
  3. Australian lures

    Q----'' Did you ever get that whole upside down thing figured out? And the driving on the wrong side of the road? '' Funny thing is Mark, we seem to have gotten used to it . But when I have hired a car over there or in Sweden, I have had a few problems with direction and which side is up (North) etc - It doesn't take long to get used to it though ---BUT then we come home and have to go through re-calibrating the compass all over again . Have a great Xmas/ New Year all Pete
  4. Thanks and have a good Xmas folks

    Me too ---- to everyone here and there , have a great Xmas and New Year $ be safe. Pete
  5. Australian lures

    Yeah still at it Woodie, always ''tinkering'', ---------sometimes it drives me crazy when something doesn't work-- I finally built a copy lathe to save some time , it's only taken me 2 years so far !!!!!! Still ''Tweaking '' it . Pete
  6. gold and silver paint

    Sorry I should add these are made with ''metallic leaf'' (Aluminum) as opposed to real gold / silver leaf. I don't think I could afford to throw it around like the metallic stuff . Pete
  7. gold and silver paint

    Tried most paints and have come to the same conclusion as ''Anglinarcher'', gold / silver leaf is the way to go, for me it has a very natural sheen, not overly glossy- I have spent months / years even, trying to work out the best / appropriate finish for ''leaf'' in a water environment and it has come down to (again ) EPOXY seems to win hands down, most other finishes come up well but don't stick like resins, in the long term . Here is some examples, 3'' to 4'' 3'' body dark ''Rainbow'' 3.5'' body w / silver leaf pressure line 3.5'' body--copper/silver 4'' body- Silver /Red & Brown Trout Pete
  8. Australian lures

    Hey Jonister, Just a warning--watch out for the cheap copies of ''Stump Jumpers'', OR ''Down Under - Boomerangs'' some made in China @ about $10. I have a couple here (plastic), if you want a wooden original "S/Jumper" / '' Boomerangs'' etc, they sell in the 100's even 1000 of $'s. BUT there are plenty of other brand named or hobby makers here who make so called ''Cod Lures''- Most are horizontally very wide, and shallow in depth which gives them stability and a very wide action, all seem to have to have a very large lip, preferably made of aluminum, not so much poly carbonate, and most are deep divers, from about 15' to 30' (claimed) -- Here are some examples of 'Power Lures", very nice lures and very fish-able/ collectable today, some @ about 6"-8" total length. http://www.lurelovers.com/forum/power-lures_topic6261.html Here is a great site with just about all Australian lures ever made (historical and modern day) including current "Power Lures", just scroll down, it's alphabetical. https://www.lurehuboz.com/aus-o---q.php AND the whole story of ''Stump Jumper" for you - https://www.lurehuboz.com/jjs.php Pete
  9. temporairly glueing balsa for 2 piece baits

    Hi Todd--I haven't made a balsa lure for years BUT I have made many 2 piece lures out of harder timbers here-- You just use ''double sided tape'' and press the 2 parts together, don't tape the whole piece just use a few small tabs here and there and then you will be able to prize them apart easily (heating it just makes it easier), the tape will just roll off when you have them separated. Pete

    Well said Skeeter Here on TU is where I moved into 21st century lure building. Pete

    Yes ''JawjaBoy'', I think I know how you feel, I worked out a while back, I have been making lures since 1978-9 and still fiddling with wood - funny though, in that time most other things I got sick of. Pete

    All good here Vince, I'm thinking it would be a bit cool up where you are --Its Summer here but you wouldn't know it, has been raining for the past week. I have been looking/reading about Detroit rising from the ashes, seems to be some real innovation there, so maybe I might come across and have a look next spring (your spring), so if I do I will certainly make it a point to drop by mate. When talking about Russian innovation, I was talking more about anything they need to make, not necessarily lures--Like I said it amazes me how they (Russians) can make something out of nothing,, maybe because they have had to for so long !! ''Sonoman'' don't look too closely at us, we seem to have the same problem here, ''Murray Cod'' lures haven't changed in 30 years, some say because they work. Although I don't fish for them much, I say we should be trying something like BIG ''Musky'' lures on them--It took 15 -20 years for them to get onto using spinner baits here, which have been very successful, so maybe in another 20 years we might try some whopping ''Musky'' style divers Maybe I should TRY and make some . Heaven Forbid. Pete

    Great topic, and without looking too deep it seems all the ''old heads'' are still coming up with the ideas. Great to see your post Vince, long time no hear --I have to agree with most of what is above and all of Vince's post--From the outside looking in, it seems to me nothing much has changed since I joined in 2007 EXCEPT, "Swim-baits", what a marvelous thing, once mastered, which took me many months, it was like a whole new field in lure making-- BUT over here and elsewhere (Italy, even Russia, Brazil, Japan etc) there seems to be a real renascence in colors, shapes, finishes and ACTIONS in some of the newer lures-- I think we probably owe a lot to you guys for some of the lacquers, epoxies and finishes that seem to have come out of the U.S, but wood is still wood and has to be shaped, plastic has to be printed or molded into a pre-planned shapes, this is I think is where a lot of the innovation occurs, "because it works'', just isn't good enough anymore, otherwise we would still be using wommera's or shooting cross bows. IT'S all there to copy and stimulate new ideas if you want, it has always been the case, BUT it seems the U.S is always looking inward for new ideas and invariably sometimes misses out on what the rest of the planet offers- It seems to me this has been the case since 1946 when the whole world was looking inward ( at the U.S) , times have changed, most of the planet is doing their own thing now, pinched your ideas and have moved on, now we are all looking at one another and not necessarily the U.S- Have a (real) look at China and keep an eye on India, there is no comparison to where we have been and where they are going- no matter what our leaders tell us. Get on Google (or uTube) and check out some of the other lure forums around the world, it will keep you reading late into the night, I love Russian innovation, literally something out of nothing, and thank god for ''Translate''. There is really nothing new out there, but there will be something different---AND as for paint and color, I and many others still drool at some of your creations Vince. Pete
  14. Selecting the Right Epoxy

    Just found this Bob, some more info on resin characteristics etc, UV, epoxy and polyester, which may be usefull--------- It's a Japanese company but has heaps of info on all sorts of glue /resins and their problems/cures, including ''super glues'' https://www.threebond.co.jp/en/technical/seminar/ucuringvresin.html Pete
  15. Spray / Paint Booth /work Center

    Good to hear you have done this Chuck but I have to agree with ''Eyecatcher'', you need to watch the sparks coming off the armature in those motors, you can use a sealed motor (no sparks) out of a gas furnace fan OR evaproative cooler fan (''swamp box'') You can pick them up anywhere for next to zero $'s AND they move heaps more air. Good luck with it. Pete