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  1. parrothead127

    My first lure

    Nice looking job on that there plug, congrats on it's ability to catch fish. Now the madness begins!!!!
  2. parrothead127

    Underwater minnows

    Where did you get the prop bearings? I've been looking for those to no avail. Do those sink or are they topwater? It looks great!! Scott
  3. parrothead127

    need wbsite help

    Vinny, The website is Fish Decoys, Wooden Fish Spearing Decoy Lures by C.M. WIGGLE BAIT Co. Scott
  4. parrothead127

    need wbsite help

    Whew!!! False alarm. I rebooted my computer tonight and low and behold everything is back to normal. Don't know what happened, but I'm a happy camper now. Can't say that the other morning tho.
  5. parrothead127

    expanded PVC board?

    the most popular brand name of this product is called AZEK. Due to popular demand, they started making one side smooth and the other side textured (like ruff lumber). This is due to homebuilder demand for a ruff texture on trim boards (this product was invented for exterior usage on home building to make wood rot extinct) Be forwarned it comes in 18' lengths only, and most places will not cut it, and it is EXPENSIVE!!! Try a local lumber yard instead of the Big Box stores, they should have it, and may be more inclined to cut a piece for you. We sell it where I work, and we don't cut it very often, but do make an exception now and then Scott
  6. parrothead127

    need wbsite help

    O.K. guys, I need HELP!!!! Looks like my computer crashed erasing all my bookmarks. I had several websites saved from info I got from you guys. I am needing two very badly. One had ordering info for the 2 part lure box, like the old time lure boxes. The other was a web site for fiber optic rods for making eyes for lures. Any help would be worth the price of a if we ever meet up. Thanks again in advance Scott
  7. parrothead127

    Starting Tomorrow

    I always clear over my eyes, I think it just helps to keep them on. I also put a decal of my logo on my baits and clear over that too. Scott
  8. parrothead127

    test tanks

    I've got a 26,000 gallon test tank that works pretty good. Only thing is my wife gets kinda mad when I'm testing crankbaits and she's trying to swim. She gets pretty mad when I snag her bikini top:eek:
  9. parrothead127


    Nice work, great fire tiger pattern. Scott
  10. parrothead127

    Pink Sexy/Plain Shad, Ole Homer/Blueback Herring

    Two very well done baits benton. If I may ask, what brand and color or colors of paint did you use to make that pink? Very nice work. Scott
  11. parrothead127


    Jaraal, You never cease to amaze me with your work!
  12. parrothead127

    I need help QUICK!!!

    Ace hardware sells it. I use polyurethane to coat my lures, 3 coats, so far never had a problem with it.
  13. parrothead127

    paasche vl airbrush help

    You should just unscrew the needle nut at the end of the needle, push down on the button you use to shoot paint and ease it out. Try unscrewing the tip nuts also to see if they may be clogged with something. Usually a very easy process. Use acetone or lacquer thinner, they will not harm any parts, I use them all the time.
  14. parrothead127

    How To Make Hardbait Stencils Using Plastic Milk Cartons

    Fantastic thread Birdman, thanks very much. Now I got something to do Saturday, it's supposed to rain, so can't go fishing!
  15. parrothead127


    diemai, yes the lip is a little larger, it is the closest thing I could find, and it does wiggle a little more than original. It looks good in the pool, haven't fished it yet as it is just beginning to warm up here a little. Thanks for the reply, don't know it you remember but I posted a pikie question a couple months back when I was making it, and you were the first to respond. You asked for pictures then, but I just learned how to post pictures the other night, so I'll be posting some of my other baits shortly. Scott