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  1. Fatman


    Now that I see sizes you have size 0,1,2,3 and 4 in the swing blades hammered and 1 un-hammered. I worked prices at Hagens for 100's of each size and they work out at 0 - $5 1 - $6 2 - $8 3 - $10 Colorao plain nickle size 2 $6-8 per 100 Looking at the box you probably have 300 of each size. Would you take $130 for the whole box including shipping?? I can get them from Hagens but I know you're trying to sell them. Let me know! Thanks.
  2. As Cad said you can find the 3/8 and 5/8 all the time on ebay. Of course some want BIG money for them but you can find them reasonably. I can make 1/4, 1/2, 3/8 and 5/8th. If you get one check with Mustang Wire - I picked up 1000 wire from a special project overrun for less than a 1/3rd of what they cost! Good Luck!
  3. I know how you feel about the reels but sooner or later you won't be able to find them or parts anymore, ran into that with my Shimano spinning reels but got way lucky!!! Try some other reels so you're ready when you can't find em anymore!!
  4. Fatman


    You show a lot of blades but you don't list sizes! 100 blades for 5 dollars can be a bit high when you can go to Hagens and buy bulk also. Can you list the sizes and if they are brass, nickle what ever?? I know a bunch are minnow blades, some would say swing blades but I have original swing blades and these are in the same league. Let me know what you have please. Thank You
  5. Fatman

    Various molds

    You show a lot of spinner blades what sizes are they and how much?? You also show nickle and brass slide weights - what size and how much?? Thanks
  6. One reason you may be getting the wobbling is you're attaching the treble hook with a split ring. That split ring lets the treble move way more than if it was attached directly to the wire. You definately need a larger bead.
  7. Have a guy on another board that's looking for this grub. It's an old Yum 1 1/2" grub in neon oil Showing the length at 1 1/2" When it's stretched a little you can see it's like the old ring worm baits.
  8. Send them an email or call and ask about what you're looking for - sometimes they have overruns and you can get them cheaper.
  9. I use the Horse Heads and pony heads, and this is a head style I traded for from a friend who has a custom mold. I use these small ones for panfish
  10. whether it has sockets or not I always use Duco Cement it works great and I've ever lost an eye
  11. I haven't found any problems with powder on blades with my spinners - if you brush tap them as it uses less powder.
  12. Glad we could corrupt you!!LOL Making your own is great and you can make something never seen on a shelf.
  13. They do use a stirrup clevis - the reason I switch them over to folded is on the stirrup the flattened top and bottom have square edges and it seems to easily pick up grass or slime and you spend time picking stuff off your spinner.
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