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  1. Vman rocking beam duplicator

    Thanks Ben.. I know they are dangerous.. I would mainly just like to have more pictures of his machine, and maybe some measurements. I actually have a machine drawn out on paper but want to look at others to make sure i am doing it correctly so i dont waste time and money on a redo.
  2. Vman rocking beam duplicator

    Sorry to bring up this old thread.. I would love to make this rocking beam dupicator. Can someone PM me the specs, detailed pics and blueprints and parts list? Or if anyone has any other ideas on duplicating a bass plug ( like a bagleys B2 or Bombers ) I'd like to try to build one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Craft Paint Question

    I have good results with Americana, Apple Barrell and Anita's crafts. There are tons of colors and if you thin it with water and add a little future to it, you can lay down some nice paintjobs..As Brent said, clean the airbrush though as it can make parts sticky...
  4. Perch

    What ya think of this late night painting? I thought it looked like a perch or maybe a sunfish.
  5. 9-17-2013 BlueBack Herring

    My version of a blue back herring.
  6. chartruse blue back

    good lookin lure..
  7. Lures Painted on 9-10-2013

    I painted these last night and used a combination of createx and walmart acrylic paints, krylon crystal clear to help seal it, then used automotive clear coat sprayed from a air brush @ 35psi, 6 thin layers. Size 4 Laser Sharp hooks. What ya think?
  8. Photo Finish Baits

    I found the Tutorial by Husky.. THANKS a TON! Can you print with a laser printer on the tissue paper?
  9. Photo Finish Baits

    I'd really like to know how to do this photo finishing. I can edit pics with Gimp or and the like. How do you do the process? Do you need a color inkjet or can a laser printer work? Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
  10. 20130617 102507

  11. Wanting To Start Using Auto Clear

    I just did a test dip with Duplicolor no mix auto clear. Dip, wait twenty minutes, dip, wait twenty minutes again and one last slower dip and let it hang by the bill all night. Then wet sand with 2000 grit. The guy at Advance Auto paints cars and said that should give a nice finish. Its still hanging and I'll pull it off the drip rack later today.
  12. redear 8in2

    How do you do the photofinnishing? Do you print out something and adhere it to the lure? I have thought about doing hydrographic film before. Thanks
  13. Geaux Tigers.... Not.

    Looks great!!
  14. 20130617 102507

    2.5 blank, chartruese with florescent violet back, orange belly, pink throat and red gill marking. thin coat of epoxy, will re-coat tonight.
  15. Yet Another Way To Splatter Paint

    Thanks Ben for your tip on how to do this..If I dont go fishing this weekend, i'll certainly give it a try.