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  1. sorry my inbox was full. Kayak.pete@yahoo.com
  2. rockylinx

    Do-it Molds

    Hello, I spend most of my time in the plastic forum-looking to buy these in 3/8 oz. anyone make these? Pete
  3. Damn it, your not 39!!!!

  4. Hello Everyone, I found the original guide that was posted by redg8r. He was the guy that originally posted a how-to guide for 100% silicone molds. I noticed redg8r is no longer a member, I hope he doesn't mind. If you want it just email a request to Powechko@msn.com
  5. Hello All, I spend most my time in the pouring plastic section, its nice to vear once and a while. I have a special need ,I designed a lure that needs a 3/8 shaky head jig like this one http://www.do-itmolds.com/prodmolds.aspx?c=265 or this http://www.do-itmolds.com/prodmolds.aspx?c=264 or this http://www.do-itmolds.com/prodmolds.aspx?c=266 This is mostly a saltwater application. Hence the need for a bigger size. I would like to order by small quantities of 25. I'm not 100% sure if I need a 4/0 or a 5/0 hook. The wife is ready to throw my butt out along with all my crap. I cannot start anymore projects. Need expert help- on getting the jig made...No help needed on marriage, I have priorities. Please fell free to e-mail directly Powechko@msn.com
  6. Ed Brabant , Are you having trouble posting pictures?? You can send them to me and I could post them for you. Pete
  7. Saint, I'm in the process of duplicating your pots any advice on what you would change ?? do different ?? or limitations you learned about ?? Pete
  8. Dude, Get a red crayon from crayola and melt it into your plastic. its the best red you can find and cheap-no shipping
  9. Why Soft plastic ??? I see people over and over trying to make there plastic softer and softer. I mostly fish salt water. What is the benefit of pouring soft plastic as apposed to hard durable plastic?? Other than the fact its a pain in the butt to pour hard plastic what are the other reasons ?? Pete
  10. Thank You, Drink Master Hey i fish- Newport and Huntington Harbor on my kayak. Ever try kayak fishing Pete
  11. OK what did i miss?? I checked the other posts on how to make a Pyrex/anchor pouring cup with a jb weld separator. I could not find it Does someone have a write up for this?? basic directions ?? Please please Help Thank You Pete
  12. Hey thats a nice line-up. I've tried the black to red combo and had the same results (purple) I went to the tackle store today I was surprised with the fact none of the plastic baits had red in them and all the hard baits had some short of red shade in them. This is bugging me, I love the fact that couple of you guys mentioned the use of red flake thats the option I'm going with. Thank You for the inspiration. Pete
  13. Its that time of month, time to order more stuff. I'm having a heck of a time trying to get the color "blood red" im convinced that the people at lurecraft are color blind I haven't had good luck matching my colors, any suggestions ??
  14. If i had enough glue/water I WOULD ,it leaves a nice finish and seales everything from moisture. I do mine outside ,any puddling I shake the crap out of it. The key is to let the mixture soak into the mold. Thats why you want a dry mold. It sucks into the pop so whatever is extra is basically unused because it didn't soak in. the second coat is more of a coating because your base is soaked into the pop. you will notice it uses a lot less glue/water. 2 coats is enough 3 coats is max. after 2 coats it doesn't improve your bait at all some will disagree. Ive been using the same mold for 6 months consistently and it only had one coat
  15. pour on mold-remove excess, I usually let the glue/water sit for 5 min. make sure your mold is completely dry before applying
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