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  1. The RCBS Pro Melt Pot that I've been using for a couple years now handles the 5lb bars from Roto Metals without having to break them down. I still had to break down some larger lead block I received. Sold off all my Lee pots. If my RCBS pot ever has a problem I'll pay the extra for another one. No more Lee pots for me.
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    Why the F35L Strike Jig costs more than the F35.
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  4. VM, I got annoyed a long time ago when you were trying to analyze and describe hydrodynamic flow, but some folks seemed to want you to stop. I rather enjoyed your discourse on the subject and wished they would just move on if they didn't want to try to absorb it. It was some great stuff. I've looked at a number of similar subjects since and I think always understood them better because of your attempts here to explain.
  5. I agree with your sentiment, but disagree with the implication of the sentence. Education and genius are neither inclusive nor exclusive.
  6. I should clarify that. I meant 1/4 cup salt to 1 full cup plastic and 1/3 cup salt to 1 full cup plastic respectively. NOT 25% salt or 33% salt.
  7. I don't inject anything like Frank does, but I have been using O-rings from Lowes for years in my home made injectors. McMaster is cheaper, but I can get the ones at Lowes "right now."
  8. Clear as glass is impressive actually. That's hard to do. Maybe you should document the process so you can repeat it. LOL.
  9. I never had much luck with hardener. Always got lumps. Then I don't pour much anymore either. Just enough for my own use and to do a little testing as needed.
  10. For a sinking stick worm I like the MF Soft Sinking. It doesn't require quite as much salt as the Super Soft which is slightly buoyant. I feel like the MF-Soft Sinking with 0.25:1 salt gives me the same fall rate as .33:1 Super Soft and is a slightly more durable bait with close to the same flexibility since it has less salt to stiffen it up. The thing is everybody has a different feel for it. Ultimately you may just need to try some things. I can only tell you what I like. I can't tell you what you will like.
  11. I've made a few injectors, and I've found smaller diameter ones seem to inject easier. Maybe its just my workmanship since I don't make them everyday, but I've made a few. I never planned to make any injectors at all, but I had a similar situation. I made a mold for a customer and at the last minute he asked me where to get an injector big enough to fill it. Oops. LOL. I made three of them, and took all the best parts to make the one I sent him with his mold. Back then Bass Tackle didn't have one big enough to fill his mold. I haven't used every injector out there, but I have used a bunch of them and like I said in my other post I send my own mold customers to Bass Tackle to buy injectors. Ha! The picture of the two I kept from that batch is still posted here. LOL.
  12. I've used injector from a number of places, and I am partial to Bass Tackle. Most are good, but I just like the Bass Tackle ones better. I even send my own customers over there for injectors when they ask. I could make injectors, but they do such a nice job its not worth it for me.
  13. I have been told that Polysol remelts at a slightly lower temperature than some other plastics. If that is true it might be a good choice for those first colors. I never really tried it for that. Chad sent me some samples and they are good plastic, but other than testing some simple baits I didn't do much else with it.
  14. I had two Lee plastics pots. I wound up throwing them away. I think I recall that Lee discontinued them. Might lend to how much hope to put into that solution. I'd bet an electric fondue pot would be better.
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