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  1. Clamping molds

    I use Harbor Fright bar clamps. Cheap and easy. Can setup multiple sets of molds at once because the short bar clamps are so cheap. I have 20 or so them hamging up at the pouring bench.
  2. Looking for Conversion Information

    Excellent suggestion. Just make sure its fully stirred and mixed first. I have a little gram scale I use on my bait making bench all the time for various things. Mostly I use it to weigh small batches of 5 minute and flex coat, but it would work great for scaling up color formulas too. I have a big box of tiny little Dixie cups, popsicle sticks, and flux brushes I bough in bulk so I can just throw them away after I mix something, and every batch starts with the same tare of the little cup. I still waste to much resin to repair a single tip top or a single wrapped guide, but I have a real good feel for how small of a batch I can make consistently.
  3. Q: wire keeper VS molded

    A wire keeper (screw lock, not hook) holds the bait more securely initially, but when it gets torn off the keeper the nose of the bait usually gets blown out. Its not an issue if its a bait you can just nip the nose off to get to a new fresh nose to screw the lock into. A cast lead barb works ok. Not as good as the screwlock, but not bad. The nose of the bait doesn't get blown out as bad, but it does get blown out. If you can rotate the bait, or nip off the end you are good to go and keep fishing. A single cone in my opinion doesn't hold as well as either, but a short stack of upto 3 cones holds pretty well. Better than a barb, and almost as good as a screw locks. The problem is to get really good castings with a stack of cones like that you need to run your lead very hot, get the mold hot, and possibly make the cones a little bigger than you might like. The last item limits you from using the smallest baits. A bait with adequate meat around the cones when its pushed on tends not to get blown out the first time, its pulled off, but it can. I personally do not like the wire hook keepers except for small finesse baits where nothing else will fit without distorting the bait. Many like the hold of a screw loc, but hate whipping the bait around the hook to screw it on. Some bait makers like a barb or a stack of cones because they don't require any other hardware to finish the bait. Ultimately, its a function of what the individual angler or bait maker likes. Oh, I see smalljaw has beat me to the reply button. I guess I'll see in a minute how much he disagrees with me. LOL.
  4. Scrounger

    I'd expect the "blade" would be punched out of heavy vinyl sheet.
  5. Jig Head

    Plus one for Hook Solutions. I've talked with David a few times and I am confident in sending folks his way.
  6. Screw Locks

    Thanks, but no. Those will not work. This is for a screw lock bullet jig where the hook shank is the centering pin. Looking for something bigger than the two sizes I have from Do-It.
  7. Jig Heads

    Hook Solutions - Our own dlaery here on TU.
  8. Soft Sinking Plastisol

    M-F soft sinking is a personal staple for me. It has an oily finish and may leach a little more oil over time if not fully cured, but man does it catch fish. I think you will be very happy with it over time.
  9. 5/64" Teflon Pins For Poison Tail Jig (1/8 Oz)
  10. 5/64" Teflon Pins For Poison Tail Jig (1/8 Oz)

    Look for teflon coated wire for those smaller sizes. Its expensive, but then you you dont need much.
  11. Question about an idea for a buzzbait build

    That's a nice looking setup. Yeah the side torque of the blade will overcome any keel affect from that hook. You definitely need a little weight on the bottom. You may also want to go to a heavy wire hook so you don't straighten it out on a hook set.
  12. Screw Locks

    I'm looking for a largish screw lock to go in a jig mold I am working on. I see the two from Do-It, but what I am looking for is a little larger. Maybe a 0.200" diameter coil made with 0.030" wire. Simple right angle turn on the tag that goes in the head of the jig. They should have about 4 turns over a coil length of around 0.35-0.45 (plus or minus a little of course). I'm not looking for a custom run. I'm looking for a stock item. I'd make the mold fit the coil.
  13. Question about an idea for a buzzbait build

    I'd look up the original patent date, but I am pretty sure Bob Rickard had a patent on that quick clip spinner bait design. I don't know if Joe has kept it upto date or not. Joe sent me buzzbaits with with both colorado and willow blades. All connected the SWL quick clip. The others are probably in my boat. Of course the tried and true split ring and a swivel as you said you are using isn't covered even if their patent is current. Since I figured out how to fish my Curly Buzz Frog I hardly ever throw buzzbaits anymore. The main thing is I can flick it back in, thru, and under the trash, or drag it over grass and limbs without fouling the way a buzzbait does.
  14. Question about an idea for a buzzbait build

    Here are some shots that might help you get going with yours.
  15. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    Gages are like any other measuring tool. You get what you pay for. I've really run into that with air gunning were pressures are at the opposite extreme. Blows me away when I see a gun you paid a stupid amount of money for with a no-rating gage that's off by 600 PSI (or more). Never trust the gage on the gun except as a percentage of full, and maybe not even then. I count shots myself.