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  1. CNC Molds N Stuff


    As to Zoom. Always look up the patent number from the package. The had "left over packaging" for quite some time that still showed patent numbers for expired patents according to one legal challenge I remember seeing somewhere. Who knows. Maybe I misremembered that. LOL. One of the hard things is tracking the patents, dates, and renewals. USPTO is NOT helpful.
  2. CNC Molds N Stuff


    I don't think Gary ever patented the Senko. Just trademarked the name. I'm pretty sure everybody who says they are making or selling their own "Senkos" is violating his trademark. I started using the term "stick worm" instead of Senko (tm) a long time ago unless I was talking about an actual OEM Senko. Back when I was trying to be an outdoor writer I figured I needed to have generic terms for baits pretty quick unless I actually WANTED to plug somebody.
  3. CNC Molds N Stuff

    List Of Lure Mold Companies

    Dodge owners don't have to walk as far to find a tractor when they get stuck. LOL.
  4. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Joining stainless wire

    Is resistance welding an option? If you are so inclined look up home made spot welder from microwave oven transformer.
  5. CNC Molds N Stuff

    List Of Lure Mold Companies

    I was think more of Cadillac vs Chevette. Ford and Chevy both have high end and low end.
  6. CNC Molds N Stuff

    List Of Lure Mold Companies

    I bought some Do-It Essentials molds some time back just to see what everybody was complaining about. Sure they have a less than smooth surface and dry out of the molds the baits look a little dull, but in the water where most of us actually fish with them they look great and catch fish. My thought was … here is a cheap mold that produces baits that catches fish somebody can buy if they just want to play a little bit. I voiced that opinion here some time back and get a little bit of a thrubbing for it. Some guys complained it was NOT a good deal if they didn't get a zillion cavities for it, and others complained about the dull finish all over again. Sure they don't have the finish of a machined mold, but then they don't have the cost either. In my opinion the only real draw back is for the reseller. A bait that doesn't look as pretty in the package doesn't sell as well. My opinion of them hasn't really changed. They are a cheap mold that produces baits that catch fish. Its not a Cadillac, but its not priced like one either.
  7. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Wire for Hook hangers

    You know I hadn't even thought of suggesting stainless TIG wire, and I have several tubes of it. I use it primarily for pull pins in lead casting molds.
  8. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Wire for Hook hangers

    I've had pretty good luck with the .041 stainless safety wire from Harbor Freight. I wouldn't trust it for big fish, but it should be fine for bassing.
  9. CNC Molds N Stuff

    copy machine

    There are tricks depending on if you prefer to work with surfaces or solid models. I tend to work with solid models, but sometimes the trick is to create a surface and use one of a number of methods to convert into a solid model either in itself or to be merge with another solid model. On the original LBS Shad I cut the scale pattern by creating an array of tiny arcs, and then mapping the lines to the surface for engraving. On another I literally sliced a scale pattern out of a solid model, and offset the resulting segments a few thousandths to create a 3D scale pattern. I have not yet found a way that isn't painstaking and tedious. Often I cut a gill plate, by making copy of the solid body model, slicing it, offsetting it, changing the angle, and deleting the duplicate tail. Sometimes it looks good. Other times it looks like a hack job and has the be redone 40 times to find a good look. I've spun a swimbait or other minnow model around so many times checking for things that will look stupid that the minnow puked all over my screen.
  10. CNC Molds N Stuff

    copy machine

    I think even how you start is flexible. I really think you just need to start. I bought a small CNC machine with no clue about CAD and CAM. I wrote the code for my first bait molds by hand with the help of a spreadsheet macro I wrote to increment the iterative commands. I looked up the G-code commands, and wrote them out with a text editor. They were not necessarily the "best" bait molds, but I caught fish with the baits. Ok, not the best way to start out, but its how I started anyway. LOL.
  11. CNC Molds N Stuff

    copy machine

    Its pretty intimidating to get started, but everything you learn gives you the ability to learn something else.
  12. CNC Molds N Stuff

    copy machine

    Also, if you really want to tackle building your own CNC machine take a look at the web forums. It can be a bit overwhelming with over 2 million posts, but you can probably find anything you need to know or resources for what you need to know about building a machine there. I probably should have posted that first. I've learned a lot there myself.
  13. CNC Molds N Stuff

    copy machine

    We had a member here who built some of his own CNC wood lathes for his wood salt water plugs. I can't think of the name at the moment. I have one of his company hats around here somewhere too. I just can't think of the name. He posted some videos at one time. I'd probably start by typing "CNC Wood Lathe" in my favorite search engine if I just wanted to buy one. I probably wouldn't convert one though. Wood lathes really don't have all the hardware to move the cutter like a metal lathe. I probably wouldn't convert a metal lathe either since it typically was ways and gibbs that could easily pickup saw dust, get all plugged up and then not take oil. I'd probably build something. I might take the spindle off a wood lathe or I might build one. I guess it would depend on what I had and how I envisioned the machine working. Really I think for a post here a step by step tutorial might be a bit much to expect. Its not outside of the realm of possibility, but I guess I'd first have to ask... how much do you already know? I could build one. Not sure I would want to build one for somebody else. If somebody else had shown they were taking the initiative to teach themselves something and learn a little bit about CNC machine building I might jump in and try to help when they hit a snag. ~~~~ Salty ~~~~ That's the fellow who posted some videos of CNC wood lathes he built. It might have been before the searchpocalypse when the forum got reindexed and posts before a certain date became unsearchable. You might be able to find them by using a Google Site Search of this site. He has a website and a web forums. You might ask him if he has links to his old videos that he posted here. I think.
  14. anybody out there know where i can get molds for ice jig blades call 5183211231 

    1. CNC Molds N Stuff

      CNC Molds N Stuff

      I really don't.  Just have to look around.  


    2. fuzzy66
  15. CNC Molds N Stuff

    copy machine

    It really depends on what you choose to do. I might pay a lot more than that for the right kit.