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  1. Yep. A couple of them. Not the first time. Years ago one of my customers bought a custom mold, and then said, "Hey. I don't have an injector that will fill that." I didn't have any either, and I was not really in the injector business so I made three, took all the best parts to make one, and sent that one to him. (After testing his mold.) I kept the other two for my own use for many years. Then a few weeks ago another one of my customers was whining and carrying on (for days) that he needed some more injectors and nobody had any for immediate shipment so I sold him the two old ones I h
  2. CNC Molds N Stuff


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  3. I don't think I am going to make a bigger one for now. This about maxes out the envelope of the high speed machines. I could make them bigger on one of the other machines, but it would take a lot longer driving up the price.
  4. CNC Molds N Stuff


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  5. Yep. Pretty much what I found. I can atleast get the 32824 from Mustad upto its max size of 10/0.
  6. Thanks, but I don't sell baits. I only need enough to develop and test the mold. End users of the molds will want readily accessible hardware. Not special order hardware. I do not want to stock and retail a hook. My money is better spent on new machinery and raw stock. I contacted Captain Hooks with purchase enquires before, and received no response. I can try again, but I don't want mold users to have to make special orders to use the mold. Mustad has always been good to work with, so if I can't easily get exactly the hook I want they are usually my fall back.
  7. I will probably check those sources, but I don't want to develop a mold for hardware that isn't readily available. I'm back to looking at a split hook system. Maybe a Mustad 3407 and barbell.
  8. Any idea who stocks them? Only sources I found on a quick check where in Europe. 7150 or 5150. Either would do.
  9. First there was the 4 inch Club-O and it was good. Then there was the 5 inch Club-O and it was big. Now there is the 6 inch Club-O and its a beast.
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