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  1. Hey do what you want. I started with a meat injector. Actually I started with one of those little plastic things from Janns... then I went to a meat injector. LOL. The Meat injector was a huge step up until the nose cap fell out.
  2. I've used a bunch of different injectors and made several of my own. I just like Basstackle Injectors the best.
  3. For everybody else I apologize for this message. I had a purchase with an invalid or incomplete address and there is a problem with the phone number as well. I did drop him an email, but as yet there is no response. Again, sorry for the intrusion.
  4. JAMES HENDRICKS from Kentucky If you are the one who recently purchased a mold from me please contact me ASAP.
  5. Mine have 4 blades with holes in them. I don't recall any issue with bubbles.
  6. Hey Apdriver. Thanks for the mention. I do a lot of custom lead casting molds. I've got more than a dozen custom lead mold jobs (several are multiples) on the custom jobs board right now(and lots of plastics), but for anybody who contacts me and says, "Can you just do a knockoff?" or "Says just make it exactly like this photo copied from a competitor's website," I'm gonna pass. They need to be able to articulate a new idea or a significant product improvement. Sure there are only so many way to make a ball jig, but if its something less generic they need to be able to make it their own.
  7. I've got two old Bear's pot stirrers and they don't seem to introduce air bubbles.
  8. Alrighty. Finally got around to read the instructions from Hagen's. I also found another source at a similar price. I may buy some from them just to see if their instructions are any different. 370F degrees is close to the degradation temperature for most silicone resins. Even cooking silicone should not get above 390F. I know people pour lead in silicone, but even platinum cure burns out. A platinum cure silicone might last a while for boiling though if its well made and reinforced to handle any pellet expansion pressure. It might not. Boiling will "mostly" max out at 212F,
  9. PF2 Swimbait! "2" Because the PF Swimbait was a turd.
  10. Thanks. I always forget about Captain Hooks, and I send people there. LOL.
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