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  1. Alrighty. Finally got around to read the instructions from Hagen's. I also found another source at a similar price. I may buy some from them just to see if their instructions are any different. 370F degrees is close to the degradation temperature for most silicone resins. Even cooking silicone should not get above 390F. I know people pour lead in silicone, but even platinum cure burns out. A platinum cure silicone might last a while for boiling though if its well made and reinforced to handle any pellet expansion pressure. It might not. Boiling will "mostly" max out at 212F, but the point that touches the bottom of the pan could still get a little hotter. I think for now I am only going to use aluminum molds for this process, although I do have few silicone molds on the bench I could try with some modifications. I've got a toaster oven on the bait bench for curing powder coat. I'll certainly at least try it to see what happens. In the instructions the specifically talk about a bolt together aluminum mold and no mention is made of silicone mold. I do know one person reported using silicone molds, and that they did not hold up all that long so its possible. Sorry, I have not done more with this. I've been really busy in the shop, and this is only one of many things I am working on and thinking about. I will continue to report back as I learn more.
  2. PF2 Swimbait! "2" Because the PF Swimbait was a turd.
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  4. Thanks. I always forget about Captain Hooks, and I send people there. LOL.
  5. I checked around. Seems that others have not picked up the Easy Stretch yet. I'm not a personal search service. I didn't check every possibility. It might be out there. I have not heard from Jeff in a while. I hope he is doing ok. Could just be lockdown and labor pool issues. There are still some places affected. Not sure where they are located.
  6. I talked to several people who have a preference for certain plastisols from MF having delays. It is what it is and they tell you up front. MF Plastisol is available from some other vendors, but 5 gallon and larger only appears to be available from them direct. I get calls and email demanding to know why I haven't shipped an item in two or three days when it says right on the front page of my website that all items are made to order and can take a couple weeks to ship. It just slows me down to respond to those emails and process somebody using sometimes strong language or in some case threats to get what they want faster than everybody else. The person calling or emailing is important, but they are not the only person who's order is being processed and every single one of them is important. Its frustrating I know. I don't like waiting on things either. Right now I am waiting on an order of aluminum. If it doesn't arrive soon it will affect orders, and then I'll have more of those demanding emails to process and respond to.
  7. 60s might be ok. 45s and 30s are better. For most of my personal wide gap hook applications I have been using a Mustad 91768. Its a good hook and covers the range of sizes I use personally. After a few snags on braid and a few big fish the hook does tend to open up. I mostly just use them with a Hitch Hiker copper screw lock for Curly Buzz Frogs and Curly Buzz Frog minis. The 1/0 is just about the perfect size for the mini and the 5/0 is very good for the standard size. They are just a little lighter than I would like. VMC has one that might be a little bit heavier. 28 degree I think. I bought some to try out. Their 1/0 is longer than the Mustad 1/0. Just a little to long in my opinion. I tried it yesterday. The hook point is also turned out a little further than I would like. It catches fish, but its a little more finick to rig just right for weedless use skipping under overhangs and dragging over floating grass mats. Their 1/0 looks like it might be a tiny bit heavier, bit didn't measure it or a pull to straighten test. I thought maybe to try a smaller size, but 1/0 is the smallest I found in that hook. I have not tried the 5/0 VMC vs the 5/0 Mustad yet. I have some baits I'd like to fish on a wide gap jig hook that is larger as well, but there don't seem to be many options in a heavy wire or better yet extra heavy wire in larger size. Pretty much the same config. Copper snap on Hitch Hiker, and bare hook. Maybe a small cast or crimped on weight on some. I've looked at a lot of hooks, but I am sure I have not looked at them all.
  8. Its seems not. The continuous temperature cycling would degrade them. How fast I don't know, but I have had one guy asking me to make more aluminum crankbait molds because his silicone molds don't hold up. I don't know what grade or type of silicone he is using. I would think if they have any expansion pressure they would push silicone molds open. For my own silicone molds I embed an aluminum plate in the back so I can lightly clamp them without distorting them, but I don't think that would stop extrusion at the parting line if there was any pressure at all. I never really had a lot of personal interest in making aluminum crankbait molds before, (I have one stock design) because urethane resin sticks to aluminum. If I made them people would complain about gluing their molds shut when they forgot to use a good mold release. I haven't had time to do more than open the bucket and read the instructions, but this process intrigues me as an alternative. I'll probably make a "no sprue" version of the mini crank and test it along side the regular castable mini crank and some loose beads to see what happens.
  9. Lesson 0. Read the destructions. It says work over cookie sheet.
  10. Lesson 1. Do all of your work over a giant rimmed cookie sheet or baking sheet. The tiny little beads get every-freaking-where. Just opening the bucket was like pouring a bag of tiny marbles on the counter top. They are tiny. I may bake some just on a sheet of foil to see what their maximum expansion is.
  11. There were multiple points where I mentioned "planning" and "going to." Your choice to use that as an argument was just that. A choice. There is no way your analytical left brained engineering mind missed that. It is highly doubtful that anybody else missed that. Even the post you chose to take offense to started with "when its done." Yet another indicator that it wasn't done yet, and your choice to be condescending was unwarranted. So to be clear. I bought some EPS pellets. THEY HAVE NOT ARRIVED YET. I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING WITH THEM YET. MY STATEMENTS ABOUT PLANNING TO AND GOING TO ARE FUTURE TENSE. THERE IS LITTLE AVAILABLE DATA ON THE PRODUCT IN GENERAL AND COMMON INFORMATION STORES THAT I COULD FIND. WHEN THE BEADS ARRIVE MORE DATA MIGHT BE AVAILABLE. AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE ON THIS PATH IT BECOMES LESS AND LESS LIKELY I'LL SHARE IT HERE. Yes this is a caustic path. You chose it. If you can stop without one more parting shot I can.
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