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  1. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Shoot N Slice Tubes.jpg

    I hadn't really priced them out. Of course its going to depend on the size and number of cavities. If you want a quote stop by my website and use the contact us form. I'm thinking the average size 6 cavity is going to be around $100. (10/18/2018) Obviously prices change over time. Jumbo or "Boom Boom" size molds would be more. More cavities more money. You know how it goes. Also thought this you tube video was interesting. Not my video, but he made a cool tube slicer.
  2. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Shoot N Slice Tubes.jpg

  3. CNC Molds N Stuff

    F16 1oz Length.jpg

    That is a 1-1/2 Oz jig. Not a 1 oz.
  4. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Hard Tail

    Very nice.
  5. CNC Molds N Stuff

    F16 Mold.jpg

  6. CNC Molds N Stuff

    F16 1oz Length.jpg

  7. CNC Molds N Stuff

    1oz a.jpg

  8. CNC Molds N Stuff


    Not knowing what it is or where its from my best guess would be when you get to that point try it and see. Other's here have reported poor results using craft store glitter, but you may have gotten lucky Fortunately it will only take you one or two baits to know how it works for you.
  9. CNC Molds N Stuff

    gold plating

    While it might not be exactly what you hoped for do some research on gold leaf. I seem to recall that its hard to work with and tears easily, but that some here on TU had used it with some success years ago. If you are casting lead spoons it might or might not work well enough. I've never done it. I'm surprised there isn't a good gold powder coat. At the risk of telling you what you may already know you need to check various powder coat manufacturers and venders directly to see what they have. I thought I saw a metalized powder coat system video on YouTube a while back that had good metallic sheen in multiple colors including gold a while back. Sorry, just going from memory here and its been a while.
  10. CNC Molds N Stuff

    I need help with everything.

    Silicone rubber. A great place to start. There are commercial formulations available from various companies, and some guys right here have used silicone (100% silicone) caulk from the hardware store or big box retailer to make molds. I can't speak to the silicone caulk, but I am very partial to Smooth-On for commercial formulas. I use certain of their products for food molds fairly regularly. They also work great for bait molds. Other guys here prefer Alumilite. I have not used any of their products, but they have a good reputation as well.
  11. CNC Molds N Stuff

    I need help with everything.

    +1 on Soft Plastic Bait Makers. Great group, but there is a lot of intel right here on TU as well. Sometimes the old members get tired of answering the same questions over and over again, but most are pretty helpful. Just take a little time to search (has the search engine been fixed to index the old stuff yet) to see if you can figure it out first. Then ask more directed and specific questions. You will get much better answers. I suggest starting with one thing you really want to do or perhaps need to do first. Focus on that. When you get a passable result, then ask your self what you need to do next. I want to make baits is perhaps a little overbroad o start with. I need to make a mold so I can make swimbaits is a little more focused and will be slightly less overwhelming. There is still a lot in that, but you can start to pick a path to success with that. Then as you learn it you will be able to branch out into so many other things you can just do if you want to that the choices will be overwhelming again.
  12. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Getting Molds Made

    .stp files tend to transfer from platform to platform better than .stl. Both can be used, but .stl is intended to be a final output format. .stp is easily editable and can be modified or used with boolean operations to create secondary geometry. That can aid in actually making the mold. Of course every mold maker will have their own style and method of doing things, so ask them.
  13. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Hard to find hair?

    No polar bears in Alaska? Maybe you need to take a vacation up to Gold Beach, fish for some arctic grayling and make friends with some of the local Inuits.
  14. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Large Hand Injector

    No, not really. It would "work," but it would be more work for non laminate applications.
  15. CNC Molds N Stuff

    Large Hand Injector

    Thanks guys. I knew Bass Tackle had a ten ounce. I thought I had seen a 12oz somewhere, but I can't find it. I'm actually kind of fond of the Bass Tackle ones having tried a few different ones including several I made myself. I'll have to look at the Do-It and see if its the same as the ones Caney Creek used to sell. Ah reading comprehension. You said bayonet. I missed that the first time. 3 pins huh? Nice. Knurled too where it counts. Can't beat that. The Lure Craft looks interesting, but it doesn't seem to say how big it is. The description just seems to be a copy of the description used on the medium and small. At only $69 I might buy one just to check it out. This line kind of caught my attention after some of the arguments we have had in the past here on TU. "We changed injectors because we felt these were better quality and safer for the same price." They have a threaded nozzle. I have used a threaded nozzle before (DelMart) as well as a slip fit nozzle, and I always liked the bayonet style myself for a combination of speed and nozzle retention. All the ones I use on my test bench today are bayonet style. Anyway, I was asking about a larger injector because sometimes I need to suggest one, and I don't really like making them. They are easy enough to make, but the time to do it cuts into time for other things. Every minute counts. Thanks again guys.