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  1. Premade belly weight/hook hangers!!! Why did you tell me that, now i have to buy some
  2. On some of my baits Ive had to run the screw eye through the lead to get proper placement for hooks and joints. I just used screw eyes long enough to go though the lead and into the pvc
  3. carpholeo

    Rainbow Trout 10"

    Yes, the trout on his web site looks just like the one i copied from google images and used on my bait
  4. I use a 10 g epoxy to 8 g hardner ratio with D2t
  5. I know they used to sell TU t-shirts .cuz i have a few worn out ones. Nobody knows if they still sell them?
  6. carpholeo

    Rainbow Trout 10"

    10" Rainbow Trout PVC, photofinish, hinge pin and cloth
  7. carpholeo

    redear 8in2

    I print the image out on full sheet label paper, it has a sticky back but i still use a spray adhesive as well. As for hydrographic film which i believe is water transfer, There are many posts about this subject on TU.
  8. carpholeo

    Baby bass 6in

    Pvc, hinge pin with cloth joint for tail section
  9. carpholeo

    tail shaker bait

    That is really cool! will that work without the lip?
  10. How does one go about getting TUshirts?
  11. carpholeo

    redear 8in2

    This is a big 8", 5oz redear,pvc,photofinish,lexan and paint brush fins it's 4 sections if you include the jointed tail
  12. I just super glued the 2 halfs together with the ribbon inside, then quickly squeeze together with a vise, some sections i pinned as well. I would prefer to use the kevlar stuff like the bass pro ones, but so far i cant find a local source.
  13. its polyester ribbon from a lanyard, like camera strap material. it's strong enough, but i'll have to wait and see how it holds up
  14. I had to try making some baits with the new joint style, I like the way they swim, but they are very time consuming to make by hand. Heres what they look like in the pool Shad Bluegill Channel Cat
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