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  1. mikemay

    Large Fluid Bed

    On another note dose any one paint jig eyes on with a air brush
  2. mikemay

    Large Fluid Bed

    Dlaery thanks for the reply. I was a bit pestimestic if the larger ones would work good or not. I guess for high volume vinyl is the way to go
  3. mikemay

    Large Fluid Bed

    Hi there guys I have been learning alot from here lately. I am currently using a small fluid bed and getting good results with single dipping jigs. I want to build a larger fluid bed thats is about 10inch by 10inch. Dose anyone have any experience building or using larger size fluid beds? Is it possible? Are there vibrating motors in them? I just can't seem to find anyone that has built a larger one any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  4. mikemay

    Big Fluid bed

    Hi guys this thing looks pretty but will it work any suggestions or pictures of the inner workings of big fluid beds would be great.