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  1. hillbilly1

    Happy Thanksgiving To All

    Happy Thanksgivin yall
  2. hillbilly1


    I just hope he can reproduce it becouse I want one
  3. hillbilly1

    Alabama Rig!

    Why not just Incorporate the lures in to the wires them selves. Have the hooks actually be part of the bait and not an attachment that can be swapped. Whether someone just twists 5 hooks on 5 lines or pour 5 resin baits on 5 lines or what. With the connections being terminal then with my reasoning it should be one bait and not 5 attached with swivels. One bait 5 hooks still less than most crank baits.
  4. hillbilly1

    How Consistent Is Your Resin?

    The Doc said mine was purdy constant. Sorry I use mainly alumilite with micro balloons and i have noticed little difference in any of the pours. I used featherlite once so im not real familure with it. Just a couple questions do the molds have a ridged back or thick enough to prevent swelling. Sometimes with resins the pour hole and vents will have cured resin and block the expansion of excess resin out of the mold and cause the mold to swell kind of like putting 10lbs of tatters 5lb sack.
  5. hillbilly1

    Rat Swimbait Fish

  6. hillbilly1


    I made this a year ago I was trying to show my savvy PC skill and put it in the raised scale thread but I think there was a short between the keyboard and the seat.
  7. hillbilly1

    Raised Scale Texture

    I made a small scale press tool out of a used shop brush handle just spread it apart and fold the ears back and tape the upper end and press one at a time [/img]
  8. hillbilly1


    © hillbilly baits .inc

  9. hillbilly1

    5inch "Punker"

    That is nice!!!!
  10. hillbilly1

    6" Fish skin glider

    Tig I dont know what to say but looking at it makes me hongry. nice
  11. hillbilly1

    First crankbait attempt

    For your first shot that is purdy dang good.
  12. hillbilly1

    Lavander Shad

    Dang son!!! that is nice.
  13. hillbilly1

    New blue

    Seals the deal is right when I grow up I want to paint like that. Very nice.
  14. hillbilly1

    Slow Sink

    I thought there was a size limit you might want to let it go before the DNR catches you. Oh its a lure never mind carry on. All fun aside that is SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!
  15. hillbilly1

    real perch skin glider

    Im confused do we fish with it or eat it. I just couldn't forgive my self if I had to put it the water, ART just pure ART.