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  1. I beleive that smalljaw is on to something using the silicone as an insert in aluminum molds. Many times I like to use a smaller hook size and of course the mold eye cavity is always too big and placement is tedious and at times inconsistant. However it seems reasonable that with a silicone insert in the mold eye cavity one could use any hook size with consistant depth placement of the eye. Good idea smalljaw.
  2. One thing that really stood out to me is the off white silicone that they use in their molds. I wonder what that stuff is called and were to get quarts of it?
  3. wilfish4774


    In my experience lead it lead, its what it is alloyed with that causes it to change the way that it reacts to heat and as well may cause differences in the way it pours. . Personally I have never used anything but what I believe to be pure lead and I never use flux, however, there are many other forum goers that use all sorts and kinds of lead alloys in their lures.They will be able to enlighten you much better than I if you are using something other than pure lead. In fact I seem to remember a very in depth discussion talked about on this forum but I cannot remember just were. It could be that someone else could direct you to this informative discussion on lead.
  4. umm, I thought that they were supposed to leak.
  5. bassbanit25 in my experience there is no jig paint that will hold up to the rocks. I fish inshore gulf of mexico and often fish from jetties. The rocks that these jetties are composed always tear up jigs but the real delima with the fishing that I do is the fact that I can lose a perfect jig at any time to fish that have sharp teeth. I feel terrible when I spent time fashioning a nice colorful jig only to have it clipped off on the first cast. (This , at times, happens alot with the fishing that I do.) I guess that what I am trying to say is that, although it is difficult, I have to produce a quantity of good jigs rather than a perfect few.
  6. Basseducer, thanks alot for the info, it really does make sense that those siphon feed-external mix units are the way to go. I have yet to experience it but the clean up must be demanding spraying the vinyl. Still the units that you recommended seem to be cheap enough to give it a try. Oh and by the way that sure is a fine looking cat you have pictured.
  7. Smalljaw I guess that the glow paint that Kasilofchrisn is obtaining from Barlows originates from Component Systems. They have been around as long as sliced bread. Their website actually has instructions for spraying, thinning and drying vinyl paint. They carry the "new and improved" glow vinyl in a few colors. This glow paint, I think, has to be "recharged" with a light source to cause it to actually continue to glow in the dark so using it for a downriggger weight will only have the "glow" effect for a limited period of time. I know that I am biased but imo a glow jig rather than a glow sinker might be more effective. Basseducer, although I have used the vinyl for quite some time I have never gotten around to spraying it. However I have recently obtained a small gravity feed sprayer and I have a compressor and my hopes are that I will be able to at least prime the jigs with this spray technique and get away from the dipping thing? If you don't mind I would like to hear a bit from you on the techniques and results of your spraying the vinyl paint.
  8. Keith, wouldn't be nice for a mold manufacturer to actually just make a somewhat larger hole for the external eye area and offer different slugs with different sized eyes. It would seem that this would be much more workable than always resizing (permamently) by taking away material from the mold.
  9. Choosing a good epoxy isn't the problem is it? Applying for effect is the tricky part IMO.
  10. It sounds like you may not be thinning enough. I personally still use the vinyl paint and can't say that I have any trouble with it drying. And a bonus is that if one chooses to use it in a closed room the fumes will cause the user to become rather intoxicated. Outside on a windy day is preferable for me. IMO another valuable attrobute in utilizing this paint is that one can mix different colors.
  11. That is neat. A guess is that you own a Hero? I would like to get one myself. Your lure is very life like. The bluefish and spanish mackeral that I see alot of where I reside will definitely like it enough to take it from you so if you come to florida you had better have several of them.
  12. Hilt's use to make a silicone mold kit?
  13. hawnjigs I have heard that alot of the south florida bone fishermen are on a first name basis with many of the large bonefish due to them seeing each other so often throughout the season. I would suspect that in the shallow water and calm conditions of the "flats" that a fisherman will do well to lead the fish no matter what they throw at them. The more that I talk about it the more that I am inclined to try out that sort of fishing. The pompano that we sight fish for are usually travelling about 50 miles an hour and I cannot imagine a fish that is more spooky and I would suspect that many of the jacks that you are use to seeing are the same way. Maybe one of the "flats" fishermen will chime in and set us neophites straight about the techniques in this regard?
  14. St. Croix is what I use. Hopefully you were able to purchase the "new" 2012 with the improved 3M epoxy that they are utilzing.
  15. Golfer1659, you are probaby too preoccupied to realized it right now but you are in the beginning stages of becoming addicted to the art of jig making. Stop while you still are able. Just kidding. I don't know enough about the style of jig that you are tying to "critique" your jig tying however I can offer up a bit of sage jig tyer knowledge: Don't be too concerned about the looks of the first jigs that you tye since you are new at the craft. At least in my experience I had to make 3 or 4 hundred before I started to really get the hang of it.
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