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  1. bassmaster1974

    plastic cups and thinner help

    I tried the plastic cups in thinner method yesterday and what I had then is what I still have now.Just a big glob of runny plastic in the bottom.I shook the jar over and over for a while.I thought it might change over night but it is still a big pile of goo.Used red solo cups and clear solo cups also.Any advice?
  2. bassmaster1974

    Airbrush pressure?

    I second that !!!
  3. bassmaster1974

    Iwata advice

    I am fixing to get an Iwata and I plan on getting the HP C Hi line model.It was between that or the HP C Plus. Both have the .3mm tip and I have been spraying with VL guns with #3 tip/needle. I use createx and auto air most of the time and I was wondering if any of you guys have either of these guns.If so I am just curious about how the .3mm will spray these paints.I see a lot using the eclipse with the .35 but I want to know if I will have problems with the .3 when using paint straight from the bottle?
  4. bassmaster1974

    Airbrush pressure?

    I have been using the VL guns with #3 for years using createx straight out of the bottle.The pearls are thicker and require a little more psi,but I have never had to go above 40 psi. I clean the needle between every color change and then hold my finger over the tip and spray full pressure with water.It backs up and helps clean.After I am done for the day,I remove the tip and needle and clean both and then clean the gun with a pipe cleaner.Sounds like your tip and/or needle is gummed up.
  5. bassmaster1974

    2 new baits

    I can honestly say that is the most realistic paint job I have ever seen.That is just too good.
  6. bassmaster1974


  7. bassmaster1974

    Jann's Poppers

  8. bassmaster1974

    against the grain.

    I always cut with the grain.That is just the way I was taught.Works perfect for me.
  9. bassmaster1974

    De-valued Lures

    I think it might make a better system if it showed how many votes the lure has.That would offer a better idea of the overall voting....I think.But I tend to agree that the comments are what I appreciate.A comment is what got me researching about how to get my balsa baits smooth before painting:yay: .If nobody had told me they needed better prepping,I would have never looked into it for future baits.
  10. bassmaster1974

    Walking Popper

  11. bassmaster1974

    New jerkbaits

  12. bassmaster1974

    Small, medium, large

  13. bassmaster1974

    Has anyone had any success with a duplicator on a midi lathe

    I was making and selling some of my hand carved balsas earlier this year.Now I have gotten covered up with the custom painting when I am home and I just dont have time to fill orders for baits and paint.I have thought about the lathe process and I am wondering about the price for the lathe and duplicator.And where do you get them?
  14. bassmaster1974

    Yet more sexy shads/char.shads

  15. bassmaster1974

    My First Try at Fat Baits