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  1. Purple Pumpkin Poison Tail

    Good lookin jig there.
  2. Designing and building a popper cork

    Really great video. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Shad crease fly 20180227_192847.jpg

    Foam body crease fly, airbrushed shad color.
  4. Home made mold and airbrushed.
  5. How to get speckles on crank baits

    I really like the sponge way to do it as well. I have been doing it that way a lot lately and really like the effect you can get, very easy to go heavy or as light as you want. Very effective technique.
  6. 20180205_150138.jpg

    Very nice paint job.
  7. Holographic foil on some lipless blanks.

    I am wondering if it is possible to use a heat gun and some high heat rubber, like high temp silicone or something equivalent to it.
  8. I have several Sahara 2500 spinning reels and some are starting to bind up and become hard to reel under a load. I have rebuilt 2 with new drive gears, I think its only a matter of time before they start doing the same thing. The gears are aluminum and wore down. Some internet chatter would suggest that the later models have resolved a internal clearance problem. Have you had the same problems?? Should I consider replacing with later Shimano reels, or go with another brand. I try to stay in the 70-120$ range. I loved them in the beginning but just seems to be the same problem again and again. Please comment and thanks in advance.
  9. Holographic foil on some lipless blanks.

    X2 on the how to....... looks great, and I have also been trying to do the same thing with limited success.
  10. Airbrush problems

    Thank you guys for your replies and ideas. I really like the idea of using the panty hose to screen the paint right from the bottle. For the longest time I have been just straining the paint at the cup. The wife keeps me in good supply of paint The compressor I have been using is a tank style and runs up to 80lbs, air supply is never a problem. I did finally get mad enough and decided its time for an upgrade and purchased a Paasche Talon gravity feed gun. Wow what a difference, that is one hell of an airbrush. I plugged it into my current setup and it worked very nice. Absolutely a fine tool to use. Sometimes it pays, just to pay a little more. I should have done this years ago. Thanks again for all the input.
  11. Airbrush problems

    I have been shooting createx paint, I have even changed nozzle, tip and needle, cleaned every part to new condition. Even with water/cleaner it will still have that cyclic off and on type pattern.
  12. Airbrush problems

    I have just recently run into a problem with my Paasche LV air brush having a cyclic sputtering problem. The paint passages are all clear and clean and I have even changed the nozzle, tip, and needle. All the paint passages are in good shape but it continues to shoot, choke, shoot, choke in a cycle. The more trigger you give it the faster it will cycle. I pulled a bunch of garbage out of it the first time it came apart and have gone through it completely about 10 times, tore it down to just the body and rebuilt it over and over but the problem continues. It seems like an internal air passage problem within the body of the gun. Any ideas ????
  13. Curing Powder Paint

    I have something simular to the two piece aluminum angle, if you lay a bead of high temp red RTV on the inside top edge and let it cure overnight, it will help hold the jigs in place. I have one made of wood also just for painting spinner baits with thin foam on the inside and it holds very well.
  14. Jig Making Help

    Thank you all for your reply. I want to look into using the teflon pins, who do you get your teflon pins from???