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  1. .dsaavedra.

    Using Real Fish

    they get pretty dull and drab after an alcohol dunk but it does work to kill them quickly and doesn't damage them physically.
  2. .dsaavedra.

    Bluegill Swimbait

    3.75 inches, hangs on it's side on the top of the water with the very back sticking out. good twitching action and swims on a fast retrieve. finesse topwater swimbait

    © david saavedra

  3. .dsaavedra.

    How Are The Black Lines Done ?

    i'd say the bait was painted black, then netting was put over it and it was painted gold, then thin ripped up strips of masking tape were applied to the bait and the bait was sprayed chartruese/green, then the masking tape was removed revealing the black/gold stripes.
  4. .dsaavedra.

    Gold Paint

    Smith Wildlife Colors' Metallic Brass is a pretty good gold color. its a lot brighter than their metallic gold.
  5. .dsaavedra.

    Sharpies Over Clear Coats

    this is what i do and it works nicely. i just put 1 coat of polyurethane over my base colors and then spray details and wipe off as necessary. then i finish the bait with epoxy when i like the details.
  6. .dsaavedra.

    Swimbait V-joint Experiment

    nice video, i envy your tank haha. i need to make something like this. its interesting to see the comparison, i make all my swimbaits with forward facing joints and have never really given much thought to reversing them.
  7. .dsaavedra.

    Wire Leaders On Crank Baits ?

    could you braid like 3 or 4 strands of 20lb mono to make a leader?
  8. .dsaavedra.

    Hook Rash

    thats part of fishing bro
  9. .dsaavedra.

    Adding Ballast To Plastic Cranks

    well i've never really used any so i don't know any brands off the top of my head, but it was the first thing i thought of when i read your situation. i'd probably take a trip to the hardware store and see what looks good.
  10. .dsaavedra.

    Adding Ballast To Plastic Cranks

    i would have probably used epoxy putty.
  11. .dsaavedra.

    Dt2 Oops!

    you can just hit the spots you missed but it will be noticeable.
  12. .dsaavedra.

    Swimbait Hinge Slots

    ohhh yeah the circular saw blade wouldn't work in this case. if i were making joints like that, i would use a dremel bit like this one http://www.dremel.com/en-us/AttachmentsAndAccessories/Pages/AttachmentsDetail.aspx?pid=9909 tungsten carbide really rips through wood and stays sharp.
  13. .dsaavedra.

    Swimbait Hinge Slots

    i use a mini circular saw bit in my dremel.
  14. .dsaavedra.

    New Design Shad Swimbait

    very likely the best shad swimbaits i have ever seen!
  15. .dsaavedra.

    Swimbait Swims Sideways

    some ideas i have: ditch the pelvic and anal fins (possibly dorsal too) make the bait taller from back to belly add more weight if neither of these work.