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  1. If you're selling them online and there is a patent, you will know. That's the first place they look for infringement. If that happens, you will get a cease and desist letter from the patent holder's attorney. Then you have a choice, stop selling them or end up in court
  2. Jonah

    Bone color

    I'm using this for bone. All of my friends are happy with it. https://www.mckenziesp.com/WCO1151-P12941.aspx
  3. Go to the pet section at Walmart. Get a 50 gal aquarium pump, hose and an adapter to control the air flow.
  4. Jonah

    Paint gun

    Look at the Iwata Neo combo at Hobby Lobby. Comes with a mini compressor and you can get a 40% off coupon online
  5. Go to your local post office and get a Tyvek envelope. They're free.
  6. It turned out great. I have no such skills, I found this at Michael's for $25. It has a lock on the side.
  7. Jonah


    If you want to be 100% safe, you might think about canceling the order
  8. It's probably easier and less hassle to just buy replacement tails. I forgot the brand but there were4 in the package
  9. Great idea, what epoxy did you use? Thanks
  10. Try here https://www.ichibantackle.com/shopdisplaycategories.asp
  11. Jonah

    Dull topcoat

    Is there a topcoat similar to 2 Ton that dries with a dull finish?
  12. Jonah

    clam shells

    Thank you, I'll check it out
  13. Jonah

    clam shells

    Is there anywhere to buy some larger clamshells? They would be for swimbatis and glide baits. Need them about 7"-8" but don't want to buy a large quantity. Thanks in advance for any replies
  14. Jonah

    epoxy mixing cup

    thanks to everyone who took the time to read my post. I found it
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