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  1. Thanks, that makes sense
  2. Do I just paint over the foil or do I have to do something to the foil first? Thanks
  3. Did you put any scent on the worm? Some scents will leech the color out of the plastic
  4. Thanks to all who replied with all the helpful information.
  5. Does any company make a floating plastic? I know most baits will float without a hook but does anyone make a plastic that will float the bait or at least slow down the fall rate when it's on a head? Thanks
  6. Also, where is the best place to buy plastic?
  7. Where do you guys buy your plastic? Is the cheaper plastic just as good as the most expensive one?
  8. If it's too soft you can always add a little hardener to it
  9. Do you have to open the just the main gate or the gate on each cavity? Thanks
  10. Jonah

    Need help to ID

    Thank you, I didn't see the link to the side inject.
  11. Does anyone know the manufacturer of this mold? There are no markings on it. I looked on the Basstackle site and the 643 swim bait mold looks like this one but they don't have a photo of the 6 cavity mold. The description says each cavity has it's own port. Does that mean you have to inject each cavity, instead of all 6 at once like the mold in the picture? Thanks in advance for any and all replies
  12. Jonah

    Air Brush

    Hobby Lobby has the Iwata Neo on sale for $49
  13. try here. Free shipping, not sure if to Canada or not http://www.sheltfishingtackle.com
  14. Jonah

    Color Help

    I have quite a few repeat requests for bone colored baits and this is a lot easier way to be consistent than trying to mix the color every time or after a few baits.
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