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  1. Jonah


    You might want to check with USPS, my carrier told me the weight limit on Flat Rate boxes is 70 pounds. Even though it's printed on the box "If it fits, it ships"
  2. Jonah

    Blending powder paints question

    I made green pumpkin by mixing brown and lime green.
  3. Jonah

    Airbrush, Compressor, and Blank Questions

    The 40 % coupon is good for any item Hobby Lobby sells
  4. Jonah

    Airbrush, Compressor, and Blank Questions

    Take a look at the Neo airbrush. Comes with a compressor. And, you get 40% off
  5. Jonah

    Who sells the most concentrated scent

    +1 Pro Cure
  6. Jonah

    Packaging Finesse Worms

    It would be more cost efficient to use stickers for your UPC codes. If you print them on the header, you will need to print a lot of headers for each code. Just attach the sticker as you need them. You can get the headers from any print shop but it might be expensive if you only need 200. Set up fees, etc. You might try designing and printing them yourself.
  7. Jonah

    Shelts fishing

    It must have just happened as I was on the site yesterday. You can still access their stuff on Amazon
  8. Jonah

    autoborn sealer white+ .35mm nozzel?

    You can always buy a bigger .5 nozzle. Remember to buy the .5 needle and nozzle cap too.
  9. Jonah

    Top coat question

    It makes sense about the leaving the tails clear. You're advice and knowledge is always appreciated.
  10. Jonah

    Top coat question

    For those of you who have painted the tails of the KO Whopper Plopper, what have you used as a topcoat? The tails on the originals are pliable. I would think Devcon 2 ton would make the tail too hard. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
  11. Jonah

    proper setting for LEE Pot 1-10

    There's no correct setting as the thermostats aren't that precise. Each pot could require a different setting. Experiment to find the best setting for your pots
  12. Fishing for stripers in the Sacramento River, we use 8" grubs and 9" worms. Grubs are any shad pattern and the worms are black with red flake
  13. Jonah

    Car Battery Lead

    I was offered a couple of batteries and turned it down as I didn't want to take any chances. Eventually you're going to be using the lead in a semi enclosed area. Be careful
  14. Jonah

    Brass Lure Bodies

    See if you can find some brass worm weights
  15. Jonah

    Soft Plastic Memory

    Try fishing them bent. Everyone thought worms needed to be straight until Jackall came out with the Flickshake worm.