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  1. Jonah

    Air Brush

    Hobby Lobby has the Iwata Neo on sale for $49
  2. Jonah

    Purchasing Crankbait blanks

    try here. Free shipping, not sure if to Canada or not
  3. Jonah

    Color Help

    I have quite a few repeat requests for bone colored baits and this is a lot easier way to be consistent than trying to mix the color every time or after a few baits.
  4. Jonah

    Loon mixing cup

    thanks for the heads up, have one on the way
  5. Jonah

    Eagle Claw V-Bend

    Here's something close°
  6. Jonah

    Eagle Claw V-Bend

    I found that a lot of times it's difficult to get the hook out, even when the fish is lip hooked. The design of the hook keeps the fish from coming off.
  7. Jonah

    Color Help

    Get a bottle of ivory from this company. It's a lot easier than trying to mix a color and be consistent.
  8. Jonah

    site down again

    I was going to order some bodies from Avid, but the site is down again. Now I don't know if I want to take a chance on ordering anything. Is anyone expecting any orders from Avid?
  9. Jonah

    Airbrushing Glide Baits, et al

    The few that I painted, the tail is a pale yellow color to begin with so I just left it alone.
  10. Jonah

    Jointed topwater

    Take a look at some of the glide baits. They're lipless and jointed and can be worked as a topwater of sub surface lure
  11. Jonah


    You might want to check with USPS, my carrier told me the weight limit on Flat Rate boxes is 70 pounds. Even though it's printed on the box "If it fits, it ships"
  12. Jonah

    Blending powder paints question

    I made green pumpkin by mixing brown and lime green.
  13. Jonah

    Airbrush, Compressor, and Blank Questions

    The 40 % coupon is good for any item Hobby Lobby sells
  14. Jonah

    Airbrush, Compressor, and Blank Questions

    Take a look at the Neo airbrush. Comes with a compressor. And, you get 40% off
  15. Jonah

    Who sells the most concentrated scent

    +1 Pro Cure