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  1. I hope this link work's having trouble with the attach link button.... I put together a little video of all the pic's I had collecting dust on my computer. I quit painting a few years ago so figured I'd make this just to give you new painters some ideas for pattern's.. If you want to copy any of my pattern's feel free to. I'll ask any question's I can just shoot them to me.. Enjoy....
  2. light coats over and over.. Never had a problem with the joints..!
  3. I had good results with glisten pc high gloss auto clear. Like mentioned before though, you do not want to breath this stuff! Very nasty but works great. I used a filter respirator, sprayed with a small auto sprayer and sprayed outdoors.. Very nice results...
  4. Very nice... Are the KVD's any better than the regular Strikeking's.. I can hardly ever get one that run's straight...
  5. b75nweav

    white crappie

    Killer JR....
  6. b75nweav

    SC 4.JPG

  7. b75nweav

    Little Bass

    Very Sweet man!!
  8. Thank you very much!!

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    Thank's guys.... !
  10. b75nweav


    I don't ever paint this pattern but thought I'd try and get it down.. Came out killer.. What do you think... ?
  11. Look's like your off to a good start matt....
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