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    We tell our customers to rig them sideways,We kill them rigged sideways,talk about dying action!!!try it sometime
  2. Looking to buy existing tackle business

    I have a current Fishing Lure biz that may be for sale contact and look at
  3. dents in the lures

    You can also demold the bait whie its still cooling ,when I do big pours and am in a hurry this works well,the plastic doesn't have time to dent
  4. Enforcer Tadpole Mold

    Bought one on ebay,never said I purchased it from you,ya got that hand pour from you and had to figure out how to get it to work,the one off ebay I had to modify with venting,a lot of molds need to be modified,not just yours,as a lure manufacturer I dont expect all mold makers to get this stuff right,after all Im the one pouring and injecting thousands of lures with different plastisols and different heat ranges,I do what I need to to get them to work for me
  5. Enforcer Tadpole Mold

    Ive got that mold and its not vented at all,I even contacted him and he had no answer so I hand poured the mold then flipped it upside down,I have another tadpole mole from him and it also has noventing,ended up injecting it,topping it off then turning that one upside down also,it works,dont like doing it,I suppose I could try cutting some vents in it
  6. Calhouns, lurecraft, or MF?

    Lure craft always hard packs,not a problem for me,takes 30 seconds to stir a 5 gallon bucket so no bid deal,worth it to us as it works for our situation better than any other
  7. Quick note there are no 3d lure eyes either made in America or in china that will stay on a bait without some kind of help be it glue or clear dipping period!!Don't believe it,though most the American made eyes are far superior for sure its just a small matter of time before they fall off also,I have used super glue,the cheap stuff and it worked fine,we dip ours in clear plastic
  8. large open pour swimbait shrinking!?

    Also try pouring all the way to the top,let it settle then top it off,wait a little bit till it starts to firm and flip the mold over,this has worked on some of my molds in the past,also experiment with demolding the bait early in the drying process
  9. Calhouns, lurecraft, or MF?

    Not trying to start a plastic war by no means,I use Lurecraft ,I use the 500 salt water,i have found in my situation and that's a key word here my situation,All lure makers have several varaibles in how they pour and make theire baits,i use 4 1000 watt mics to make our lures and I have tried all plastisold,I mean all of them and the lurecraft 500 is the only one in my situation that will not yellow and is the most consistant bucket after bucket,it hard packs so I must spend an extra 30 seconds to stir it,no big deal,it is filled with heat stabilizer and all the good stuff that is lacking in most Ive tried,if you want a tough plastic that wont yellow than this is it,treid some of lurecrafts other plastics with mixed results,bottom line is get lots of samples and try everything you can,only then will you really know what works best for you!!
  10. Lure Packaging

    Go to clear bags,you can order as little or as many,cheaper the more you order,I get mine from there ,you will have the up front fee for color plates,I get mine for a round 10 cents each for 5000
  11. MF or Lurecraft for Muskie Baits

    We pour thousands of baits for our customers,Ive tried them all!!Lurecraft for us,very high heat resistant,we cook with 4 1000 watt mics set on high and this stuff doesn't yellow,and its tough!!
  12. Bogbaits Green Mamba

    Bogbaits Green Mamba Rattle Snake Lure,these come in 6 inch and 8 inch versions,custom colored plastic and custom painted,these have a 3 ball Pyrex glass rattle inserted in the tail ,they also come in slow sinking and Floating version to give our customers the different options,realistic 3d Snake eyes add to the look of this Very Cool Snake lure,they have a crazy tail action when worked properly with the extra weight of the rattle in the tail.
  13. Anyone interested in larger tube molds?

    Do it molds make the 6.75 inch molds that I sell on my site
  14. Best Floating Additive

    We purchase ours from they also have a lot of other cool stuff you may be interested in,prices are great also,as for who makes it I believe 3m makes the best but a lot of mold makers and lure supply stores sell it,buy in bulk and save big!!!
  15. New Brand Of Plastic More Transparent

    I have tried 3 different versions of this stuff,soft medium and hard and all of it took over 3 weeks for the baits to cure,tacky from the get go,emailed them and they said to add some worm oil to the bait???Not impressed at all,too bad,had a lot of good qhaulies also