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  1. Bogbaits

    Solvent Based Paint

    Take one of your used 4 oz cans and put a pouring hole in the top of it,each time you need to pour a color just screw that lid on,I painted with the stuff for a long time,worked forme,easy,inexpensive
  2. Bogbaits

    Glue Issues

    I think mark is correct,I used a lot of plastic from different manufacturers and never had a problem like you are describing,Ive glued a lot of baits when making customs for molds using the Pro Soft Bait Glue,it doesnt stick to your fingers either,make sure you are applying pressure to both halves of the bait pieces,if you are doing this than its something in the plastic
  3. Bogbaits

    Soft plastic paint

    LOL,The thread is about other options to color baits if you read the original post,seems you have nothing to ad here ,I thought since you commented you would have some usefull information for the forum,seems not
  4. Bogbaits

    Soft plastic paint

    Ill have to try that for sure,was hoping you would share some of your vast knowledge on painting baits and other options for coloring baits with the forum
  5. Bogbaits

    Soft plastic paint

    I am and always was aware that others were doing baits other ways,just never knew what all the other ways were,we only did the paint and it worked for us,please share with everyone on here all the knowledge you have on painting and coloring baits,I for one would love to know
  6. Bogbaits

    Soft plastic paint

    No I didnt know,lets see the process if you care to share,id love to see it with a lot of other members on here
  7. Bogbaits

    Soft plastic paint

    No I dont know,enlighten me
  8. Bogbaits

    Soft plastic paint

    Id love to see what the new hd coloring process is that company is using,Interesting,all the do is flat sided swimbaits,almost looks like a photo type application
  9. Bogbaits

    Soft plastic paint

    Yes there are other ways,probably cant count them there are so many,we did it with the paint and had unlimited color and pattern choices,our lures won many awards here on the site and made there way into many fishing mags and publications so we know the paint works
  10. Bogbaits

    Soft plastic paint

    Here are a few examples of a pattern we did with the paint,your only limited by your imagination,we painted 90% of our baits using the spike it paint,You cant get the options and the patterns any other way on soft plastics
  11. Bogbaits

    Rubber skirt material should be what you want
  12. Bogbaits

    Bone Color

    white and brown,done that
  13. Bogbaits

    Plastic oil removal

    It might be nice to incorporate a coil into the bait so you would not have to rely on glueing them,just a thought
  14. Bogbaits

    Who sells the most concentrated scent

    Ill go with alsworms and say pro cure,they have anything could ever need in oils,sauces,scents,you name it they have it and its all strong stuff,nothing watered down ,I loved the nightcrawler juice,real nightcrawlers all mushed up!!LOL
  15. curt it still shows im an advertiser on my profile,could we get that off,thanx,john

    1. Curt - RI

      Curt - RI

      @Bogbaits Should be all set now!

    2. Bogbaits


      thanx again