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  1. Bogbaits

    Rubber skirt material should be what you want
  2. Bogbaits

    Bone Color

    white and brown,done that
  3. Bogbaits

    Plastic oil removal

    It might be nice to incorporate a coil into the bait so you would not have to rely on glueing them,just a thought
  4. Bogbaits

    Who sells the most concentrated scent

    Ill go with alsworms and say pro cure,they have anything could ever need in oils,sauces,scents,you name it they have it and its all strong stuff,nothing watered down ,I loved the nightcrawler juice,real nightcrawlers all mushed up!!LOL
  5. curt it still shows im an advertiser on my profile,could we get that off,thanx,john

    1. Curt - RI

      Curt - RI

      @Bogbaits Should be all set now!

    2. Bogbaits


      thanx again


  6. Bogbaits

    2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    As always this contest really gets all of our juices flowing,Ive never seen such artistic craftsman ship anywhere,thanx for another Awesome contest!!!
  7. Bogbaits

    Lure Contest Judging Underway

    Wow,Glad he is going to be ok,sorry to hear this
  8. Bogbaits

    Lure Contest Judging Underway

    Wasn't this contest to be judged and winner announced on the 13th and prizes awarded today???
  9. Bogbaits

    Looking for info on 7" tube baits

    I sold these for almost 8 years,not thin at all they aren't real fat but not thin,My customers loved them,,they fit over a very large jighead as a matter of fact,you could contact do it for the exact dimentions,I don't believe anyone else makes a mold if your looking for a fatter one you will have to dip it your self,good luck
  10. Bogbaits

    Looking for info on 7" tube baits

    just sold about 7 of the 6.5 inch tube molds,I got them from caney creek molds but he sold out to Do it,they carry the molds,very nice mold,easy to shoot
  11. Bogbaits

    Old Lurecraft plastic

    Ya I know why it changed,my end product had changed also,need to readjust everything,They didnt tell anyone it changed is my complaint really,in this buisiness you have to keep readjusting when manufacturers change product,would be nice to let customers know I believe
  12. Bogbaits

    Old Lurecraft plastic

    ,I used the plastic for over 10 years everyday so I know the plastic,it changed and is not even close to the plastic it once was,they still advertise It is crystal clear, smokesless and is less likely to scorch when heated properly,not true anymore,I still use it so I'm not really bashing them,just would like to see the truth stated in the description,not talking about any other plastic,Im talking about the lurecraft 500,and it still is a fact no matter who cant get what,its not the same anymore as I stated,who said anything about fault???
  13. Bogbaits

    Stupid and Easy

    ive taken split shots and applied them to the hook then put a piece of shrink tube over them and hit it with a lighter,made the finished hook look real nice,of course we were selling them and people really liked them,did that until we purchased a hook mold
  14. Bogbaits

    Ball Frog

    This bait started out as a bunch of scrap wood balls laying in the workbench drawer,I get these strange ideas after looking at lure parts and odds and ends for a while,I just had to do something with them,took the wooded balls and drilled them out and then inserted a 062 wire through the bait and tied it off then did the same to the wood balls for eyes then went to town with the frog paint,about 4 coats of epoxy later I tied on and drilled in the hook hangers and added the hooks and skirts on the hooks,Just an example of what happens when you have a junk drawer and some time on your hands!!!LOL
  15. Bogbaits

    Old Lurecraft plastic

    enjoy that old 500,the new stuff they make isnt even close to as good as that was,they changed the formula,now its not as hard,burns easy and smokes like crazy