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  1. How much floater to add to frogs?

    We had a formula 5 heaping tablespoons per8 ounces of plastic,also noticed in my years of using the micro ballons some plastisols dint like the stuff,we used lurecraft hard formula,we tried a lot of other plastisols and the lure would tear and break very easy,A lot of trial and error is need with this stuff depending on wht plastic you use
  2. so is it new this year that we can enter multiple lures in one category?I see thats the case in many categories
  3. i have 8 of the do it croaker 4 inch frog molds,read the ads,its there

  4. 7 inch do it lizard molds

    Do it 7 inch lizard molds I have 4 of these they sell new for 69 each ill take 45 each shipped paypal friends and family
  5. bts buzz bug molds 4.5 inch

    Bobs 4.5 inch buzz bug molds I have 2 these are 119.00 new ill take 90.00 each free shipping paypal friends and family
  6. 8.5 inchtreat worm molds

    8.5 inch treat worm mold have 2 60.00 each paypal friends and family only
  7. SB paint cleanup?

    yes its toxic,so is your lacquer thinner,the paint is made with mek,I use it on thousands of lures,be safe,be carefull,that being said as long as you protect your self its all good
  8. SB paint cleanup?

    its made with mek
  9. SB paint cleanup?


    We tell our customers to rig them sideways,We kill them rigged sideways,talk about dying action!!!try it sometime
  11. Looking to buy existing tackle business

    I have a current Fishing Lure biz that may be for sale contact and look at
  12. dents in the lures

    You can also demold the bait whie its still cooling ,when I do big pours and am in a hurry this works well,the plastic doesn't have time to dent
  13. Enforcer Tadpole Mold

    Bought one on ebay,never said I purchased it from you,ya got that hand pour from you and had to figure out how to get it to work,the one off ebay I had to modify with venting,a lot of molds need to be modified,not just yours,as a lure manufacturer I dont expect all mold makers to get this stuff right,after all Im the one pouring and injecting thousands of lures with different plastisols and different heat ranges,I do what I need to to get them to work for me
  14. Enforcer Tadpole Mold

    Ive got that mold and its not vented at all,I even contacted him and he had no answer so I hand poured the mold then flipped it upside down,I have another tadpole mole from him and it also has noventing,ended up injecting it,topping it off then turning that one upside down also,it works,dont like doing it,I suppose I could try cutting some vents in it
  15. Calhouns, lurecraft, or MF?

    Lure craft always hard packs,not a problem for me,takes 30 seconds to stir a 5 gallon bucket so no bid deal,worth it to us as it works for our situation better than any other