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    I call these our Bog Frogs,We took real Frogs from a School supply company that were for disection purposes and made Plaster Casted Hand Pour Molds then sealed the molds with Epoxy.These come in 3 sizes,a 6 inch,an 8 inch and a huge 10 inch Bull Frog,They come in Floating and Sinking Versions,the floating versions rear legs are poured with a soft plasting so they have perfect leg twitching action then the body is poured with a floating plastic made with mico bubbles,the 6 inch Floating Version will float a 6/0 hook,the 8 and 10 inch floaters will float a 12/0 hook,Realostic 3d lure eyes and the paint from I spike it makes these look as deadly as they work,we also offer these in scented options that work real well,we came up with a way to mix the scent right into the paint thus getting rid of the paint smell and adding scent at the same time.These can be rigged with large Bass hooks or Rigged with a couple of treble Hooks and a plastic tube pushed through the frog,very simple and easy rigging.As realistic as you will find.
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  3. Please delete if not allowed,Just thought id let everyone know I have a new boggs tacklemaker wire bender for sale in the classifieds,Not in buisiness anymore and It never was used,again sorry if This isnt the place to post this,let me know and ill delete it
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    Magnum Bucktail Blades

    over 2500.00 worth of Blades Selling as a Lot Large selection of Worth Musky Blades,over 1000 magnum blades,colored blades are powder coated,,paypal and buyer pays shipping First sets of blades for sale all magnum size worth Blades Magnum size 12 Orange 025 gauge one side powder coated 34 piece size 12 mag worth one sided zpink 025 have 43 size 12 mag worth one sided chartruese 025 have 33 size 12 Brass 025 have 47 chrome silver size 12 025 have 51 size 12 black one sided 025 have 25 size 10 pink 2 sided 025 have 20 size 10 2 sided 025 pearl white have 48 size 10 2 sided gloss white 025 have 28 size 10 orange 2 sided 025 have 57 size 10 gold 040 have 40.00 size 10 chartruese 2 sided have 48 size 10 brass 025 have 88 size 10 copper 040 have 68 size 10 sparkle pearl white 025 have 4 2 sided size 12 025 brass hex have 50 size 10 black 025 have 4 size 9 pink 025 2 sided have 10 size 9 glow 2 sided 025 have 10 size 8 chartruse one sided 025 have 39 size 8 red one sided 025 have 25 size 8 orange one sided 025 have 82 sixe 8 pink one sided 025 have 25 size 6 copper have 10 size 6 brass have 20 selling as a lot make me an offer,for sale elsewhere also so act if interested
  5. Large assortment of skirt collars for making Musky Spinner baits,these are attatched to the skirt tinsel to make an easy application to fit the wire,can also be used on marabou,feathers and silicone and rubber skirts,made by the worth company these have a retail value of over 1500 dollars,hundreds and hundreds of collars,selling off my lure making supplies so save Big,over 11.5 pounds of collars and also included some lure bodies
  6. Take one of your used 4 oz cans and put a pouring hole in the top of it,each time you need to pour a color just screw that lid on,I painted with the stuff for a long time,worked forme,easy,inexpensive
  7. I think mark is correct,I used a lot of plastic from different manufacturers and never had a problem like you are describing,Ive glued a lot of baits when making customs for molds using the Pro Soft Bait Glue,it doesnt stick to your fingers either,make sure you are applying pressure to both halves of the bait pieces,if you are doing this than its something in the plastic
  8. LOL,The thread is about other options to color baits if you read the original post,seems you have nothing to ad here ,I thought since you commented you would have some usefull information for the forum,seems not
  9. Ill have to try that for sure,was hoping you would share some of your vast knowledge on painting baits and other options for coloring baits with the forum
  10. I am and always was aware that others were doing baits other ways,just never knew what all the other ways were,we only did the paint and it worked for us,please share with everyone on here all the knowledge you have on painting and coloring baits,I for one would love to know
  11. No I didnt know,lets see the process if you care to share,id love to see it with a lot of other members on here
  12. No I dont know,enlighten me
  13. Id love to see what the new hd coloring process is that company is using,Interesting,all the do is flat sided swimbaits,almost looks like a photo type application
  14. Yes there are other ways,probably cant count them there are so many,we did it with the paint and had unlimited color and pattern choices,our lures won many awards here on the site and made there way into many fishing mags and publications so we know the paint works
  15. Here are a few examples of a pattern we did with the paint,your only limited by your imagination,we painted 90% of our baits using the spike it paint,You cant get the options and the patterns any other way on soft plastics
  16. http://www.rubbersheetroll.com/silicone_rubber.htm should be what you want
  17. Bogbaits

    Bone Color

    white and brown,done that
  18. It might be nice to incorporate a coil into the bait so you would not have to rely on glueing them,just a thought
  19. Ill go with alsworms and say pro cure,they have anything could ever need in oils,sauces,scents,you name it they have it and its all strong stuff,nothing watered down ,I loved the nightcrawler juice,real nightcrawlers all mushed up!!LOL
  20. curt it still shows im an advertiser on my profile,could we get that off,thanx,john

  21. As always this contest really gets all of our juices flowing,Ive never seen such artistic craftsman ship anywhere,thanx for another Awesome contest!!!
  22. Wow,Glad he is going to be ok,sorry to hear this
  23. Wasn't this contest to be judged and winner announced on the 13th and prizes awarded today???
  24. I sold these for almost 8 years,not thin at all they aren't real fat but not thin,My customers loved them,,they fit over a very large jighead as a matter of fact,you could contact do it for the exact dimentions,I don't believe anyone else makes a mold if your looking for a fatter one you will have to dip it your self,good luck
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