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  1. lajo1976


    Someone else with experience with this unit?
  2. lajo1976

    Line Thru Insert Turning Green With Corrosion

    Its called Bondcoat
  3. lajo1976

    Round Jig Heads

    Hi, I'm looking for round jig heads in 1 and 1 1/2 oz and hook size 5/0 or 6/0. Is there someone pouring this kind of jig heads. Shad style jig head is also interesting. Thanks.
  4. lajo1976

    7" swimbait

    Nice colors!!
  5. lajo1976

    Difference In Presto Pot Vs Deep Fryer

    Is there any difference in heating element and thermostat between them? I'm thinking of attach a steelplate under the aluminium pot on the deep fryer to have better and more uniform heating.
  6. lajo1976

    Difference In Presto Pot Vs Deep Fryer

    Sent you an IM and email Frank! Thanks! /Joakim
  7. What's the difference in a Presto Pot and Deep fryer? I've seen Deep fryers with variable thermostat like a presto pot. I live in europe and Presto pots isn't availble here. I can buy one from US but the shipping charge is high and I have to convert 220 volt to 110 volt. Deep fryers is availble almost in every kitchen supplier. Is the heating element and thermostat better/diffrent on a Presto Pot? Thanks! /Joakim
  8. lajo1976

    Which Prest Pot

    I'm going to buy a Presto Pot for heating plastic. Looking at Prestos website there is two types of pots. One is the Kitche Kettle(1200 W) and the other is the Options(1300 W). Is there any difference in capacity between thos two?
  9. lajo1976

    Lureworks Plastisol

    I will try to slow down the heat process. Thanks
  10. lajo1976

    Lureworks Plastisol

    I have bought the Pourasol Medium and have major issue with micro bubbles when heating in micro. Does anyone have solution to geg rid of those? I've emailed Bruce at spikeit but haven't heard back from him about the problem.
  11. lajo1976

    Lureworks Plastisol

    Bruce McElroy I'm having the same problem with microbubbles with pourasol medium. I'll email them and notify them about the problem. I'll talked to them before ordering this plastisol and they were very helpful but haven't talked to them about the problem. /Joakim
  12. lajo1976

    Where'd They Go?

    I also saw them but gone now!! Nice baits.
  13. lajo1976

    What To Use To Glue Eyes On Swimbaits

    Try loctite glue for plastic with an activator. Have glued plastic on metal and then machined the plastic without problem.
  14. lajo1976

    Spike It Pourasol

    Do you know if this plastisol hard pack or not?
  15. lajo1976

    Smelt Scent

    Thanks. I try upper hand scent menhaden oil. /Joakim