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  1. BJBarron


    They are one piece builds. The wood I use is strong enough not to have a through wire.
  2. BJBarron


    Me too I was wanting sometging a little different.
  3. BJBarron


    My latest batch.
  4. BJBarron


  5. BJBarron


  6. BJBarron


  7. BJBarron


  8. BJBarron


    Thank y'all
  9. BJBarron

    Crankbait build coat

    My set up for dipping
  10. BJBarron

    Epoxy wood sealer application

    I use the small disposable lip gloss brushes. I get them from amazon.
  11. BJBarron

    Crankbait build coat

  12. BJBarron

    Crankbait build coat

    No sir i do not. I just pour it into my dollar store container and dip and drip thin hang. Simple as that. 1. After initial shaping I put it on the holder. 2. Dip and drip then sit over night to dry. 3. Then I sand again with the sanding drum with the sading paper with scotch brite pads together to knock of raised grain. 4. Drill belly holes and glue in belly weights. 5. Dip and drip and dry over night. 6. Dip and drip, dry over night. 7. Ready for paint.
  13. BJBarron

    Crankbait build coat

    This is what tightbond III looks like when I do my build coat.
  14. BJBarron


    A batch that I finished up a few weeks ago. All made of wood with brass hardware and a brass rattle.
  15. BJBarron

    Crankbait build coat

    Anytime, Thank you sir.