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  1. Thanks for the tip on polishing the needles. I'll do that with my Paasche.
  2. I have seen some very good results from the Master airbrush. I have thought about getting one, even though I have an Iawata eclipse and a Paashe(which I really don't like),but use it for base coverage.
  3. I have tried to make some complex lip designs and ran into a problem with cutting the lip slot to match the curve. Then I made the inserted portion straight then making the curves. I use steam from an old hair curling iron that I got from a hair salon. It works fairly well, but a bit hot if I'm not careful. I have three that I am going to test. Like all prototypes, it's hit or miss.
  4. Those are nice heads .I like the eye sockets.
  5. Nice attention to detail. The frog hooks are a great idea.
  6. I like that you did something different than the usual black spot. And those eyes are killer!
  7. Fishin Big


    Those are nice.
  8. I really like your style. I get inspired by seeing work like this.
  9. I would suggest sticking with a product as stated in an earlier post, learning to use what you have. Some warm up KBS in a pot of warm water. Not on the stove! Supposed to help thin it out. Check Jekyll Productions on YT. Besides, disposing of what you have left over can be an issue.
  10. A 3d printer is costly, but also produces hazardous materials. If you can find it,the MSDS, can shed some light on the subject. A local Graphics shop bought two of them, one small one and the largest one available. I was on the dock when they arrived and I looked for the Hazardous Safety Data Sheet book. The owners didn't accept the delivery without them. They had to go online to get it. They and I were kind of surprised at the gasses produced. Do some research on this.
  11. Which hook style is best for making a chatterbait, 30°or 60°? I have some of both, however I can't pour any at the moment. I need a new smelter. I had loaned it out he put something in it and it is solidly stuck, I think he mixed metals. I should have known better.
  12. You can make about four or five wraps with thread add some uv glue and put a collar,or flare band on. Try Barlows Tackle, or Skirts Ulimited.
  13. I will try that, those look good.
  14. What's the best way to remove corrosion on unpainted jig heads? Thanks
  15. What's the best way to arrange colors on a skirt once you stack them? They seem to move around after being pulled through the skirt tool.
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