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  1. This is an interesting topic. Going through Helicopter flight training this same motion was well discussed. Only to achieve the opposite results "Autorotation" . The forces of this theorem is to have the center of gravity move in a controlled manner similar to a navigational gyro. This could be very costly. Physics is the plane of finding how to control the action, in a constant manner. Good luck. By there were a few helicopter pilots, that have come very close to this. But the successful ones didn't survive, either the extraneous forces, or the violent impact.
  2. Delayed reaction is the key. I have found, i got some strikes with a good hook up when I wasn't paying much attention. Like landing on an aircraft carrier! A controlled crash. I hated it, similar to topwater fishing, I'm stressed about any second now!! Then unlike landing on the carrier, I blow it, too quick .When I see a boil, I drop my rod tip and try to pick up some of the slack line. good luck.
  3. You can make your own hanging filtration by using a box fan. make a box to hold the fan and filters in front and back. also a shop vac, with a cyclone hood on a 5 gallon bucket. you can Google everything you need, or YouTube.
  4. Prices? If you don't post any prices, no one will be interested. As posted, we assume you want to sell everything at one price.
  5. Highly Toxic!! I just lost a friend a few months ago.He was one darn fine auto painter,over thirty years in auto shop Lung Cancer and COPD due to painting with auto paints.Probably from not using a mask early on.
  6. Fishin Big

    Bees wax

    Has any one heard of using bees wax as a sealant on nozzle cap and threads? If so how doe's one apply?
  7. Hey Guy's, Thanks! I have been shopping around and the badger seem's to have what I like best, quiet,and on demand air supply.
  8. Can anyone suggest a good air compressor? something small.
  9. Steel shot works the same as bb's-nontoxic
  10. Fishin Big


    Where do you get your enamal paint ?? And is there a cartain brand to use?
  11. I am new to the site,I like what I see!! and if some one doesn't then that is their problem.Keep doing what you do best.
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