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  1. Haven't found the blade adds any fish over a ball head.
  2. One of my best spawn baits are some twin spin Terminators I got on closeout years ago.
  3. Fortunately my custom caster has not had any problems so far and he gets checked regularly. I'm amazed that it is so, since he smokes constantly when working. Being from an area with LOTS of natural lead mines, I think lead gets a bad rap in a lot of cases.
  4. I don't think you can pull the knots hard enough the skirt won't spin.
  5. Don't a lot of the Megabass baits us a "guanine finish"?
  6. dblades

    Ned rig mold

    You're killing the baits action by using a hook that large.
  7. dblades

    Hard Lead

    I like the harder metals for spinnerbaits.
  8. I may have to break out my "spy" spinnerbaits with black and yellow vinyl skirts. Been hanging in the garage for about 40 years.
  9. Wouldn't just the wood density vary more than .010? You can keep the paint and sealer coat within .010? All the hardware used doesn't vary more than .010, when aggregated?
  10. Why do you want a flat eye on the ned rig?
  11. All my custom spin molded ned heads use a #2 Lil Nasty, anything bigger kills the action IMHO. I also have no head heavier than 3/32, above that I go to a shakey head.
  12. I use a 5/0 and like the 1/16 ounce best, however I also use both traditional ball heads. The original ball heads have a different fall if rigged correctly, that works well for suspended fish.
  13. This is actually on of the few taxes I don't mind paying, most comes back to sportsmen.
  14. Thinks it more where it became popular, than the actual crawfish color.
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