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  1. colorado buzzer

  2. bleeding white

    No mold spinnerbait, cracked paint.
  3. kbzon

  4. crack propeller

  5. For my daugther...

    PU resin wtd, designed for my daugther

    © mams lures

  6. abejorro prop

    pine lure for black bass

    © mams lures

  7. bw spinnerbait

  8. IMGP1539

    Crack B&W spinnerbait

    © mams lures

  9. mams crank pu

    Hello guys, i´m from Spain. my first upload, a pu resin crankbait with foil and airbrush. Sorry for my bad english.

    © mams lures

  10. Super Spook Jr. Repaint

  11. "Prophet" Jerkbait 18cm 90 gr

    I like these jerks. What is the way for marble paint finish. Sorry, my english is very bad.