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  1. I’ll take a package


  2. armentdw

    Azek Deck Boards

    I have some extra Azek deck boards that I'm not going to get around to using anytime soon. The hard surface has been planed off so they are ready to use! I would have to cut them into 12 inch sections to ship. I can fit 8 feet of board in a USPS box that way. $30 shipped for 8 feet. PM me if interested!
  3. Hey guys, Any interest in Azek Deck boards? I have some extra boards that have already been planed down to remove the hard surface. The fun work is already done ;) I'm thinking I can cut them in 12 inch sections and mail USPS priority for a reasonable rate. These are the denser decking boards, not the trim.
  4. Lure Parts Online sells the "rivet" you are referring to. They call it a screw eye base eyelet http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Screw-Eyes/Screw-Eye-Base-Eyelet.html I also like the style turner that you posted above. Does anyone know how the dowels are being held in place on this dryer? I watched a few of the videos on his Instagram and don't see any screws or pegs holding them in. I have a similar dryer where I used clips to hold the dowels but it gets hard to attach when a bunch of lures are on there.
  5. Thanks guys I'll check these out. It looks like the one from ultra molds is the exact same design just smaller.
  6. Thanks for the link! That may work but I'd prefer something with a longer and more slender tail like the one in my picture. The action on glide baits is affected by the tail quite a bit. I've tried different style tails and the bait doesn't act the same.
  7. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone here can help me locate a mold. I make my own musky glide baits and use a soft plastic grub for the tail. I've been using the 8" Bass Pro Shops musky grub. I recently found the exact same one on ebay and lure parts online. It's called the 8" super grub. Has anyone ever seen a mold for this grub? Also, if anyone here makes this grub, I may be interested in just buying them if the price is right. I attached a picture of one of my baits and a picture of the grub. Thanks!
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