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  1. Here is the 4" Angling A.I. Cali Grub. 3" in the mold, 4" while swimming, sitting pretty on a 1/8oz jig head
  2. Not sure what its suppose to be like.... what I do know is that IS the most sneaky lethal mega smallmouth bait I throw. Shoots an amazing grub, super thin tail. Thread it on a jighead and reel it slow, straight up lethal. I use it as a spinnerbait trailer as well.
  3. Canga, This is a 2/0 Eagle Claw Lil Nasty in the tapered tube head and a 2.75" tube for reference. Deadly little combo. My next batch will be 1/0 though, I think the 2/0 is just a little too big. Caught a ton of fish on these last year and the hook does a great job of keeping them pinned.
  4. I've been working on a "HD series" and that's basically how I do it. I shoot a laminate tube and just dip the tails before cutting. Mine dipping plastic is maybe a little hotter than usual and I don't have any issues.
  5. I've been using Smooth-On Mold Max 60 recently with pretty good success. It's worth a try for sure. If you have any mold making experience, it's pretty straight forward. This is a chatterbait mold I made this spring. I strictly use it for personal use and it has held up well.
  6. UPDATE: I think it's going to work very well for me. It's going to keep those big smallies pinned. I haven't thrown it yet, but for the price it seems like a perfect option for my situation. I go through a lot of tube heads fishing in the great lakes. I do wish I would have went with the 1/0. The gap on the 2/0 is nice, but it sits a little far back far my liking (that's being very picky, you know the fish don't care). I just don't like the hook to over power my tube. Pictured is a 3/8 head and a 2.75" tube. Deadly fall combo.
  7. Great guys, for the price it's worth a shot, thanks for the info. I typically use 1/0 hooks and they fit very well in my 2.75" tubes. Maybe with the smaller gap a 2/0 would be in order? I throw them on very light rod and 6lb flouro, so I think they will preform well.
  8. Anyone tried these yet? Thinking about trying some for my tiny tube heads. The other new black nickel Eagle Claw's I've tried are pretty nice. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Eagle_Claw_Pro-V_Bend_Jig_Black_100pk/descpage-TKPVBJ.html
  9. 21 is dead on Do-It molds Bass Casting sinker mold, a dremel and some 3/0 hooks and you are good to go. Really nice bonus is they are labeled with the size, which really helps when putting them back where they belong!
  10. + 1 to what BJ said. Mold release dries fast and dry, so it doesn't make a mess and you don't get flashing. Your tubes will slide right off. Even with 2 or 3 molds and a presto pot, you can make a serious amount of tubes. One trick a tube jedi told me that helps a lot is a BUNCH of insert rods. You can pre-spray a bunch, pull the tubes off w/ rods and just put new ones in and away you go.
  11. UPDATE: The baby powder worked like magic gypsy dust!! Poured a couple of each and they came out really nice! Thanks for the tips everyone, now we will see how long it holds up. I will get a couple pictures up when I finish some
  12. Nice OIR, I wish I would have mixed some in mine. I hope mine lasts for 25 years! I still have a decent amount left, so maybe I will try it on my next mold.
  13. I did not, due to the non-degassing capabilities of my shop!! I figured it was just to remove air bubbles to avoid voids in the mold. Interesting though, I wonder if they trapped gas is causing a reaction? Totaly makes sense. Will it get better with time?
  14. WOW great idea Mark, Sometimes the easiest answer is the best answer! I will also try the talc powder in the mean time Mr. Leary. Thanks guys
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