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  1. bassassasin88


    Those look amazing!
  2. bassassasin88

    Looking For Masking Material

    I'm gonna clear coat the bait with a spray can, and then try the press and seal. Has anyone ever tried using foil for masking? It just might be simple enough to work.
  3. bassassasin88

    Having Trouble With Createx

    I use the back of a drill bit for kill spots and eyes. A paint marker should work too. I use one for adding red to the gills.
  4. bassassasin88

    Adding Accent Lines And Stipes

    I would lightly wet sand it with 1000 grit sandpaper, then clear coat it
  5. bassassasin88

    How Many Coats?

    Awesome. Thanks.
  6. bassassasin88

    How Many Coats?

    Hey guys, I got a real simple one for ya. How many coats of Dick Nites should I use? Is one coat enough? Don't you lose all the texture with too much clear? Also, I have been using the cheap, little plastic kids paint brushes. Can I use a different brush? I was thinking the natural, hair paint brushes would leave hairs in my finish. It would be much easier finishing a bait with a larger brush. Do most of you dip, or brush on the clear? I kind of do both. I put it on real heavy while it is vertical and let it drip off the bottom.
  7. bassassasin88

    Trying Dick Nite's Clear Coat

    Also, how many coats?
  8. bassassasin88

    Trying Dick Nite's Clear Coat

    When you guys use the dip method, what do you do to remove the built up clear on the rear hook hanger?
  9. bassassasin88

    3 inch baby bass wooden topwaters I turned...

    Hey 21, I live in Garden City. Wheres a good place for paints around here?
  10. bassassasin88

    Buying new airbrush opinions wanted

    Clints the man! Just ordered the ps900.
  11. bassassasin88

    coffee scent

    Strike king is coming out with coffee tubes.