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  1. thatjohnkid

    Cabela's Rod Building Kits

    Ok I'll look into the ones at Mudhole. Do I need many other tools/things not included in the kit?
  2. Has anyone built rods using any of the Cabela's rod building kits? I'm thinking about asking for one for Christmas. I've never built a rod before. Do I need much more than whats included in these kits? I've always liked making/building things. Don't wanna invest to much money into rod building until I know if I'm going to like it/can do it. These where the 2 kits I was looking at: Thanks
  3. thatjohnkid

    Dog hair fly

    haha that is great, if I lived back home still and I tied flies my black lab Maggie sure would donate, I don't know how she isn't bald the amount of hair she sheds.
  4. thatjohnkid

    Photo Finishing Foil and Faux Finishes Tutorial

    Sweet, I'll have to look into that. I haven't had to much luck catching fish on crankbaits yet, but I just got back into fishing alittle over a month ago.
  5. thatjohnkid

    Photo Finishing Foil and Faux Finishes Tutorial

    Can this technique be done on the plastic bodies that many of the sites sell? I've just started getting into tackle making and I'm a computer whiz. So taking photos or creating my own graphics in Photoshop is what I do daily.
  6. thatjohnkid

    Beginner Questions

    Has anyone used these heads? I was looking at all the unpainted heads at Stamina and they all run about .90 ea if you buy 5 at a time (probably order like 10 at a time.)
  7. thatjohnkid

    Beginner Questions

    Yah I think I'll probably just stick to the kit for right now and see how things go. I've been using the $1 Spinnerbaits at Walmart that are ok, but the quality of them aren't the best, plus I would like to be able to have them customized to my needs. I fish pretty dark/muddy colored water and caught a couple bass on the chartreuse ones they have, but I'm sure I'd do better if I could customize the color of the blades and other things. Does anyone know what weight the cheap ones at Walmart are? That weight seems to be just about right.
  8. thatjohnkid

    Beginner Questions

    Thanks, I'll probably pick up some Pro-Tec powder or just paint outside on my balcony, I have a large table out there anyways. I found the same kit at Cabela's so I'll probably order it from there since I won't have to worry about Stamina's slow service times (from what I've read).
  9. thatjohnkid

    Beginner Questions

    Hi guys, I'm interested in starting to make my own spinnerbaits for bass fishing and probably some in-line spinners soon. Is this kit from Stamina a good start for me to get into building them? Or would I be better off ordering all the different parts? Thanks
  10. thatjohnkid


    Any digital camera should work. If your camera has a Macro setting try using that for close up pics, as it will make the picture come out 100x better than if you where just to turn on your camera and take a picture. Macro's are good for up close shots of smaller items.
  11. thatjohnkid

    Hi from Florida

    Hi Everyone, I joined the other night and this is my first post. I'm interested in making some of my own lures. I live in an apartment so definitely no pouring lead or plastics. I'm thinking about starting out making some spinnerbaits as I've taken a liking to fishing them and they seem pretty easy to make. Can't wait, I know I'll be addicted but quick once I catch a fish with my own lure. Does anyone know of a site for good examples of spinnerbaits, so I can get an idea on color combos, blade combos, etc.? Thanks