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  1. I picked up a comb at, I think the dollar tree that has wavy teeth.I have used it for blugill stripes before and it worked pretty good.By holding it away from bait as mentioned it wont leave the hard edges...Rob
  2. How do you search the hardbait gallery by member name to get all the pics by that member,even if they haven't downloaded in awhile.If they are the most recent posts I know you can click on the pic and go from there.Do you have to scroll through the pics until you find that member.There use to be letters at the top and you just clicked on it.Do you have to go to member list and find it?I haven't been on much since the new improvements and kinda lost with navigating through some of it....Rob
  3. I have run into that on new baits and some repaints where the bill was beat up.I have sanded them lightly all over and left them like that,similar to some LC crankbaits and they look alot better than before.I hate to see a fresh paint job with a beat up bill.Some may not like the dull finish but it doesn't bother me.I have often wondered if thats not better,in my opinion (which doesn't hold much water) the clear bills reflect some light and in some cases may be good but if you want to be a little more suttle when fish are pressured it may be better to be dull.Just my opinion...Rob
  4. My local wally world stopped selling the netting or tule in the soft style all they carry is the stiffer stuff.I looked eveywhere and couldn't find any at craft stores or fabric stores,so I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and found a mosquito net for a cot.It is huge piece and seems to be the same size as the netting I had before.I haven't used it yet but looks like it will work good...Rob
  5. rlcam

    Rattle Can ?'s

    If you look at my gallery,all my repaints are done with rattle cans.I didn't have too good luck with the 97 cent walmart cans,so I use Krylon and Rustoleum.I base coat with Krylon Fusion.I have just started with my airbrush but don't think you can't get some really good paint jobs with spray cans.Just take your time and cut out alot of stencils and have fun.I tried the Krylon super glaze but it seemed to stay soft too long so I went with D2T.For Musky I think you would be better off with something other than the Super Glaze...Rob
  6. The square bills are shallow divers,primarily thrown around cover such as blow downs.The square bill deflects off cover with minimal hang ups.The round bills are normaly deeper divers,the bigger the bill the deeper the crank dives.A coffin bill which is a longer square bill with the corners cut off dives deeper than a square bill but deflects off cover better than the round bills.If I am off on this someone will chime in and set me straight...Rob
  7. Got a few questions for yall.I just got to start using my airbrush,not enough to show anything yet.This is going to be wayyyyy harder than my rattle cans:eek:(as if I didn't know it).Right now I have a single action Paash with two jars for paint.I know most of you use multiple guns for different colors,but I just have one for now.Can I get several bottles and keep different colors in each one,if so how do I keep them from drying out.Mine will set alot longer than most.Also how do I handel keeping them for the winter,as of now my shop is not insulated and not heated all the time.Someone said I might could keep them in a cooler,and that would'nt let it freeze.I also have to find a place for my rattle cans,last year I put them in a cotainer and put them in the house.We don't have severe winters here in N.Alabama but it does get pretty chilly.I am going to have to do a lot of post searching to get this airbrush thing down.I do have a small fridge but it usually has a few beverages in it.I know a friend of mine builds cabinets and he keeps his stains in an old refrigerator and it works good....Rob
  8. Anyone seen this on you tube under weenerdog night fishing.This thing is great for night fishing.If anyone has any info on where to buy these please PM me.If you havent seen one check it out you'll like it...Rob
  9. Mark,you care to share where you get your sc9000,and do you spray it with your airbrush directly over the createx....Rob
  10. Just curious to why these will be so much higher than your other unpainted lures? Not complaining just wondering.They look goos though...Rob
  11. Thanks for the help guys,i'll look at the hobby stores...Rob
  12. I just would like to convey my thanks to everyone on here for the help they give:worship:.Thanks to the help I have gotten I have had some interest in my work.I just recieved an order from Missouri.I have also been repainting for the guys in my club,probably close to a hundred by now.I know this is small time compared to you guys but its a start,thanks again for getting me addicted:tipsy:LOL...Rob
  13. I was wondering if any of you buy tulle from some of the online stores? I can't wash and reuse mine like you can with waterbase paint.I am about to run out and the local Walmart quit selling it.I have my mother-in-law looking everywhere for some but no luck.I bought two different types,one is stiff and the other is more flexible,I use the flxible.I have some of the garment bags with the larger size holes,but need the smaller holes.I just recieved twenty or so baits and need some tulle ....Rob
  14. I second the H2O baits,they are good baits and you can get them at your local Acadamy Sports for a little over three dollars.They have a few good colors and several not sogood.Maybe they will improve on thier colors or maybe not so we can just paint our favorite colors on them...Rob
  15. rlcam

    Lip Color

    Sinyo,may I ask how you use pvc pipe for a lip.Could you post a pic...Rob
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