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  1. pikeman1

    Wtb- blade baits 1.5 oz

    Looking for unpainted blade baits around the 1.5 oz size. Thanks
  2. Not looking to make any just wanted to buy something different than what everyone else is using out on the lake. The purple prism colored baits work good so was looking for something similar in color, like a foil with purple back and something that would dive down to at least ten ft when trolled like a hot n tot or rapala dt. So if anyone has anything like that I would be interested in buying a few. Can't make my own I'm a spinnerbait man, mostly fish for pike.
  3. The area I fish gets trolled with alot of baits that are purple prism, in color(thundersticks,reef runners). Was wondering if any of you hardbait making guys make anything similar to that? Looking for something diff to troll by the walleye. Was looking for something on the order of a hot n tot or the rapala dt. Looked in the picture gallery and saw some foil covered baits that look nice.
  4. I use a 4 inch cup that is about 2 1/2 inches deep for my spinnerbaits for the base color. I heat with a multiple setting heat gun, and when I dip, hook and body go in the paint. I get very little on the hook and its easy to scrape off before baking. The rest of the colors I tap an with a paintbrush. I also made my own fluidbed and it works great. If you have any questions just pm me. Pikeman1
  5. I have a shimano cardiff 200. I probaly use it 3 times a month. How often should I oil the bearings? Had problems with it not casting last year and it made a terrible noise when I tried to cast it. Sent it back to bass pro and they replaced the bearings. Don't want to have any more problems with it now that the warranty is done. Are these reels somewhat easy to take apart and clean or should I send it in? I have seen websites like mikes and micro munch, has anyone used these? Thanks for the help.
  6. I use a filter paper from work for media and it works great even with white. I just put a little silicon on bottom of cup, put paper on lay on flat surface with a weight on it and let dry, cut excess off.
  7. If anyone needs instructions to build or pics of a fluid bed you can email me at fishcrzy1@mail.com and I will try and get it to ya. I made a round 4 inch one for doing my spinnerbaits and it works great.
  8. looking for the instructions to make a custom mold from watter putty. I know triton mike had it posted at one time but I can't get it to open on this site or his web site, can any post it. Thanks.
  9. I'm going to be building a 7.5ft rod heavy action for trolling and was wondering what size handle should I put on it? I was looking at the st croix handle kits and see they have ones with 9,11,12 inch rear grip length for under 25 bucks. Any suggestions?
  10. send a pm to cadman he can hook you up on instructions. I built one and it works great. I made a 4 inch one and used a paper filter we have here at where I work instead of a coffee filter or paper bag.
  11. send a pm to cadman. He sent me instructions on how to build a fluidbed
  12. I paint my spinnerbaits using a 4 inch homemade flluidbed that I got off of this site, works great. Use a heat gun to heat your spinnerbait then dip in bed. Heat back up and tap on more with brush if you want more than one color.
  13. Just wondering if anyone out there has made there own fluid bed and if it worked well compared to the ones you can buy? What do they use for the media on the ones you can purchase. I know they use a coffee filter or paper bag on the homemade ones. Thanks for the help.
  14. Does anyone know approx how many 1/2 oz spinnerbaits I will be able to paint with 2 oz of powder? And once you have your spinnerbait hot how much time do you have to get the powder on? Thanks for the help.
  15. I need to know the easiest and least expensive way to paint spinnerbaits without a spray gun. Should I use powder or vinyl? If I use powder how do I dip a big spinnerbait in the tiny container they come in? Then I guess I got to have a way to cure it. Then do I top coat it after I put the eyes on? Or should I just use the vinyl spray in the can, then put on the eyes and topcoat with devcon epoxy.
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