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  1. Hello All, I'm looking to pour for personal use a good dropshot and carolina rig / creature bait and just wanted to ask for some suggestions of molds that you might suggest and where I can get these molds? Thanks, Tony
  2. Hello All, I'm looking into coating my own jig heads for jig fishing for my personal use and would like to know how to do this so I can have a vertually chip resistant coating. How do you coat jigs with a powdercoat or other coating so to have a good durable chip resistant coat? Thank you all, Tony
  3. crazychuy

    Small Aluminum Goby Mold

    Eric, I noticed that you already sold the mold. Where did you originally buy this mold from? What is the contact information or website of where I can get this mold and other similiar molds to this? You can PM me with the answer if you'd like. CHUY
  4. crazychuy

    Custom Jigs...............HELP

    Thank you for all of your help and wisdom. I'm really looking for a mold that can give me the same degree of angle of the hook shank as the above pictured jig. How can I modify the suggested jig mold to give me that angle? The reason is because it allows my trailers claws to float at an angle that looks like a crawdad defending itself. I don't know but I know it give me more confidence when fishing a jig. Thanks, CHUY
  5. crazychuy

    Plastic Bait Molds............HELP

    Thanks to both of you for all of your help. I know what you mean about the aluminum molds. They look like they would survive a lifetime of abuse from me. But I can't afford that kind of money,mdc. I might have to experiment with the dull look, longhorn. I see your point. Thanks, CHUY
  6. Thank you to everybody that has helped me up to this point and thank you for all of your patience. As some of you might have noticed from my other posts. I've very new to tackle making. My first time I made tackle I poured plastic worms on top of my mom's stove into a POP mold that I made with milk cartons. I want to make some better worms for myself than the old ones. I've seen the aluminum molds as advertised on DEW's website, apologies if I got the name wrong, and noticed the prices. They are awesome work but I'm trying to look for some molds that will give me the same shiny appearance as the pro's worms on the shelf at a lesser cost. Does anybody know where I can get some reasonbly priced molds for a beginner that will give my baits the shiny appearance? What is the best material to use for making a custom drop shot bait that will give the bait a shiny appearance and where can I get it from? Thank you for all of your help and appearance. CHUY
  7. crazychuy

    Custom Jigs...............HELP

    I just finished reading an article in the recent FLW talking about pouring your own jigs. I fish jigs alot and was very interested in pouring my own jigs since I'm pretty sure it would be alot more cost efficient. I've been having a hard time finding the jig mold that I want in order to accomadate the hook I want in the mold. The article picture this style and was hoping to find a mold of this style. The style I'm looking to pour is just like the one pictured below. Some of you might notice this style. It's poured with a gamakatsu hook. Does anybody know where I can get this jig mold? If the mold is not available than does anybody know how I can modify the mold to have an end result as the picture and if so what mold should I start with? What is the Gamakatsu hook, style number, and where can I get them? Thank you for your help and patience, CHUY
  8. I'm out here in California and we're infamous for our giant wooden swimbaits. How do I make my own giant wooden swimbait? What kind of wood is best for this? What are some helpful tips, links, books, videos, and/or forum threads? Thanks, CHUY
  9. crazychuy

    How do I make my own crankbaits???

    I see many links on this site regarding paint jobs and accomplishing the right kind of finish, which is very important and very interesting on how some of you have come up with some ingenius ideas on accomplishing your amazing details on your lures. How do I build a crankbait? What are some helpful links, books, videos, forum threads and/or tips that some of you can help me out with? Thank You, CHUY