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  1. I made some walleye jigs that looked just like that. I used my mold for making my round head jigs. I took thin stainless steel wire and formed one end into an eye and bent it so it would set in the mold where the hook would be and then poured the lead. After pouring the lead I cut the wire to the length I needed and then twisted around a finish nail to form the other eye. I imagine you can do this with any mold Mike
  2. Once I am satisfied with a mold and know I am going to make quite a few baits I make a master of the mold with silicone and naptha with a plaster support mold ,so instead of setting up baits and making molds that way I just pour into the master. I have been using smooth on 300 to make my molds so I can get a new mold every 10 to 15 minutes
  3. When painting anything metal I have tried several different things but ended up buying an airbrush for powder paint. So now I have 2 different airbrushes Mike
  4. fishcrazy


    Would like to make spinnerbait skirts like the EZ or hole in one Anybody know where to buy the components and jigs to do this? If not available the other altenative would be wrapping the strips around a silicone collar but I am not sure how this is done. Dont like the collar on the outside doesnt keep the strands in place when using colors for bait patterns. Any help would be appreciated. Mike:worship:
  5. If you are dipping into a container shake it real well before using and this will fluff up the paint. I use a propane torch on low and heat my jig for a couple of seconds on each side and then dip it in the container quickly and tap it on the container to knock off excess. The paint should be baked at 350 for 15 minutes to harden and stick properly. As far as the jig eyes I heat a small wire and it slides right through. Depending on the size of the jig will dictate on how long you heat it
  6. Smooth cast is very moisture sensitive and causes small pinholes from this reaction. Always spray the container with extend it which removes oxygen from the container before closing and I use it to get rid of the bubbles from mixing by spraying the top of the mixing container before pouring into the mold. Hope this helps. Mike
  7. When mine starts to drip I take a screwdriver and turn the rod that goes into the spout back and forth with a little pressure seems to last for several hours before I have to do it again Mike
  8. DEL what would you recommend to pour in a two piece buzz frog mold? I make all of my baits really soft for my use more action on the bait and they seem to hang on longer Mike
  9. Looking to make a little more durable plastic for some frogs and jig trailers. Is the saltwater plastic better for this or should I just add more hardener? When you make a harder plastic does it have alot heavier viscosity making it harder to pour into smaller areas?
  10. I make a trip to Canada every year for the last 20 and have seen some odd things caught by accident. My son caught a seagull and reeled it in so we could remove the hook. A buddy of mine lost his new 250 dollar fishing pole the first day while fishing a reef and while trying to snag it the guy fishing with him lost his. 2 days later I was jig fishing the same reef and somehow managed to put my jig through the tip of his pole and get it back:yes:
  11. When you call into work sick on friday because your new baits were not finished for the weekend fishing trip:eek: When you get after your wife for putting too many plants in her pond because you cant get your bait through to see the action!
  12. Thank you gentlemen for the advice I'll promote it locally along with some other baits I make. Just curious about a comment about the bigger retail business can they have a patented lure made in china and sell in the USA? Sometimes it gets very frustrating when you come up with some very good ideas and designs with no rewards. Designed the very first deer call that could be adjusted from a doe bleat to a buck grunt in one turn of knob back in 1997 sent samples to bass pro , cabelas, sportsman guide. One company ordered 400(sportsman guide) the other 2 amazingly came out with calls adjusting from the outside just a different way! Now I think there are about 7 or 8 different calls of this type that are on the market.
  13. Fished the Wisconsin River for 30 years from the Mississippi to as far north as Wisconsin Rapids. Not a muskie fisherman I fish for smallies and walleye. This river is full of shad and all the breeds of suckers. The minnows in this river range in some pretty wild colors and I do have a friend that fishes musky and says he does well on white and the sexy shad color pattern. Here is a website you can view all of the baitfish in Wisconsin. I download alot from here for my bait stencils. List of Wisconsin fishes Mike
  14. I have designed a new bait for bass and northern. Its a combination of 2 baits that are on the market but when combined its unique. I have been using it for the last 2 years and with good success. I could patent them and produce them myself but my feelings are patents can be voided with little variation. I would like to approach a large company. Whats your opinions and any advice. Mike
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