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  1. Andree

    8" swimbait

  2. Andree

    pike with an identity crisis

    on of scandinavias top builder...
  3. Andree

    copper roach

    masterpiece as usual.
  4. Andree

    Scent As A Softener

    my experience is that it does soften the platic., and that heat stabilizers does it aswell
  5. Andree

    Alternatives To Plastisol?

    contact me via and i can give you some info about Plastisol from Sweden
  6. Andree

    Spikeit Lurepaint

    ok i understand. by the way, ive loocked at your films manny times and they have really inspired me . it made me start dipping the head of my swimbaits , sometimes i even dipp the whole 7,5 " swimbait, that gives it a really nice finish, cant wait to get the Spikeit colour paint and dip. only thing is that Spike it shipps by boat, But im gonna make that order then book me a flight to Thailand for five weeks and bring my 5piece Daiwa travellingrod and just hit the jungle thanks everybody for al the info..
  7. Andree

    Spikeit Lurepaint

    ok but that is MF Platic and LC paint not Spikeit as i asked about in the topic. im about to order a drum here so i really want it to work out well with the paint.
  8. Andree

    Spikeit Lurepaint

    i havent found that clip can you link to it
  9. Andree

    roach glider

    nice work as usual solarfall
  10. Andree

    $(KGrHqRHJFUFBh)GQSEsBQg2zzqDcw~~60 3

    lovely scales and i really like the big eyes and the possition of it.I usualy put my 3d eyes as far forward as possible. I think it looks better
  11. Andree

    Special project

    i hope the Action will be good. it will be a really cool bait aswell
  12. Andree

    Spikeit Lurepaint

    maybe ive asked it before but do you not whipe the bait before painting?? LCs paint also had MEK in it but didnt stick that well to the baits asfar as i know.Maybe i did something wrong, but i wiped the baits thoroughly before painting.One thing that may have bein the problem was that i poured and painted the baits within an hour or so , with Spikeit ive heard that you should wait atleast 24 H before painting.
  13. Andree

    Work in progress

    looks really good . will it be top poured or twopiece mould
  14. Andree

    Mass Produced Eye Dipping

    i dip my swimbaits one by one and it takes some praktise to get it right look in the softbait gallery and you will se my latest 7,5" swimbait called Epic that is dipped to seal the eyes. sometimes i even dip the whole bait. but i dont know how the big companys do it since you need to turn the bait around after dipping it do prevent a dropp of plastic at the nose of the bait
  15. Andree

    Spikeit Lurepaint

    i know what you mean i had all heir colours and the exact same thing happened to all of them i think it is the glas jars that arnt tight enough next time i buy that kind if paint i will put the container in a airtight plastic bag aswell