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  1. miragestalker

    How Does Everyone Carve Out Hard Wood Blanks?

    I make all my structural cuts with a table saw. Pretty easy with a good fence and fence clamp. Then I drill out the hinge post holes and test fit the hinges. When all that is done, I will cut out the shape with a scroll/band/coping saw (whichever is available to you) and carve/sand down to the final. Here is my latest project.
  2. miragestalker

    How To Prep Compressor For Airbrush?

    I just bartered an old tv stand and got a RIGID twin stack compressor. I want to use it for my air brush besides everything else. Do I need to put an air dryer? Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks! /bing
  3. miragestalker

    Aibrush Purchase Talk

    Hmmmm. Fine detail. How fine do you want it? I can get my PS900 down to a point similar to a fine tip ball point pen. But then there will always be some overspray. For really fine detail, I resort to using stencils. My freestyle has not produced well when it comes to fine detail. /bing
  4. miragestalker

    Bite Me Trout

    Based on the Kastmaster, I carved a 4 oz (after ballasting) 7.5 inch wood plug. It sinks about 1.5 feet every 2 seconds. I also made a skirted tail hook for it. There will also be a belly hook as the ballast allows it to swim right side up. I am just waiting for my order of 2/0 Owner 2X stingers
  5. miragestalker

    Mixing Etex By Weight ?

    I have mixed by weight using a small digital kitchen scale for epoxy for years, and now ETEX. I have successfully mixed a batch as small as 1 gram of resin and 1 gram of hardener. Mixing by weight is useful to me as I make small batches for small lures. Mixing by volume is good too, but using is scale is easier for me. /bing
  6. miragestalker

    Zar Uitra Max Polyu Clear Coat....

  7. miragestalker

    Zar Uitra Max Polyu Clear Coat....

    Good question. I didnt bother to check as I have never seen a polyurethane clear coat that wasnt. The usual literature on water based polyurethane floors coatings Ive read recommend soap and water for cleaning. But I will before I make a purchase. Another interesting note, this stuff is not billed as "water based" but "water borne" I also found some pro grade polyU for bowling alleys I didn't to mess with it as it has a higher level of cautionary literature Thanks!
  8. miragestalker

    Zar Uitra Max Polyu Clear Coat....

    Found this at my local B&B Hardware. I will be buying some soon as they get gloss in. Looks promising. Maybe some of you experts can check out the MSDS and brochure to see if its up to snuff. ZAR Ultra Max "ULTRA Max is an environmentally safe, revolutionary dual drying polyurethane. It dries by coalescing & oxygen cross-linking for a harder “through cure.”" Right now, Ive been working with a lesser ZAR polyurethane that I already had as a sealer and ETEX for the final clear coat. I might try this stuff a the sealer and final clear coat. I used a nail to scratch the coated sample they had on the hardware shelf and I had a hard time scratching it. /bing
  9. miragestalker

    Jointed Baits

    If you are a newb like me......wax paper I thought, since the wood is already sealed with ZAR Ultra Max, I didnt have to get the Etex deep inside the joints. Ive yet to see how that works out. But if you are an experienced builder, I do what the others guys on here said.
  10. miragestalker

    Air Pro Tools And Master Airbrush The Same?

    I got the G43 0.3mm needle/nozzle set from TCP. It fits and works! The packages contained a nozzle cap that does not fit the PS900. I am not too concerned. I used the original on my airbrush. Observation, the needle comes out of the nozzle about 2-3mm. Its pretty long. It does make a good seal. The nozzle needs cleaning just like the PS900. There is some gum in there out of the box. I don't see a big diff between .2 and .3 except that the .3 needle allows for easier tuning / adjustment of the brush. I can still draw very fine lines. /bing
  11. miragestalker

    Companies That Make Custom Bills?

    What kind of bill do you want? If a little money is not a problem, any decent SIGN shop will laser cut flat sheet lexan or any other flat plastic for you. There is one that is close to me that will even form curves. Etched? No problemo. "Trotec lasers are widely used for cutting acrylic material, but can also process other plastics such as polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyethylene" /bing
  12. miragestalker

    Water Coming Out With Air On My Airbrush?

    Well, the next morning, I put the compressor down on the floor and started painting. Initially, I had water. But it went away and I sprayed fine. Its one of three things. Either having the compressor on the table allows water to flow to the AB instead of the moisture trap OR practicing overheated the compressor OR my garage is too cold at night for ABing. Problem solved, for now /bing
  13. miragestalker

    Air Fittings For Airbrush/compressor

    My local dealer has a great selection of stuff. I don't know what you need but here is his hose and fittings page. Scroll completely as the fitting are all over the page. I see a few stuff labeled NPT to NOS to Quick Male to Quick Female etc etc. They are under the title AMFLO. I am in Los Angeles, he is in San Diego, but I get my stuff next day Good luck! Hose and Fittings
  14. miragestalker

    For Those With .2 Tipped Airbrush

    I don't know any better, is lacquer thinner or acetone safe for silicone o-rings? Ive got a gallon of both in my chem drawer /bing
  15. miragestalker

    For Those With .2 Tipped Airbrush

    I am new to airbrushing. I spent a good deal of last night learning and practicing with a new PS900. I have to say, initially, it wouldnt spray Createx with the 0.2 mm tip. INITIALLY. After mesing with it, and getting it blocked up pretty fast, I dismantled the nozzle/needle assembly and found it to have gum residue. I cleaned the needle with an EXACTO knife (not advisable) and some AB cleaner, reassembled and VOILA! I am now spraying Createx straight from the bottle. It doesnt help that the PS900 does not have a useful manual. This site helped a lot.... HOW TO AIRBRUSH..... /bing