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  1. But before you catch a fish it must be in the hands of a fishermen so the trick is to make them both happy, pretty simple hey. Good luck. Wayne
  2. I bought some 1/4" SS ball bearings on E-Bay and when I open a new bottle I put one in and it helps mix up the paint, when the bottle is empty I just put the ball in the next bottle. Last for ever and it works some suppliers do it in there paints. Wayne
  3. One thing that I do while airbrushing I keep a ice cream bucket with a little dish soap in it and also hot water so when I am done with a color I just dip my brush in and out flushing it then back flush the then a little hot water from color to color, keeps mine clean and maybe every 2 months break down and give it a good cleaning that way when you are ready to paint its ready, no problems when I start to paint. Also I only use quality paint. Wayne
  4. Maybe your needle is stuck back, I would give it a good cleaning take it apart and put in restorer over night and finish cleaning it. That's what I would do. Wayne
  5. To me its your choice I do both, more twist wire epoxy in than screw in or wire through. have no problems. Wayne
  6. Well I just looked on Amazon and for 45 bucks Olymbros Underwater Fishing Camera Professional Waterproof Video Not bad I just might get one . Don't want to take anything from your endeavor but I don't have time to make one. wayne
  7. I made mine so it would fall level and slow. Wayne
  8. I have at times flatten out lead BB weights to the size of the hole and dropped them in, but before drilling I would just tape to bottom till I got what I felt would do the job. No melting of any lead, I also used the 1/4" lead wire cut to desired weight. Wayne
  9. I use .005 DURA-LAR polyester film it comes 25 sheets 9" X 12" (you have to cut it in half) and I think I got it on amazon. It will be a little tricky to start but then you will like it I do. You can draw your own or just type in google tiger stripes and copy, follow instruction how to bring stripes into the stencil cutter and then your on the way. Go on you tube they will show you how to bring your copy into the cutter. When you get your cutter start with the lightest cut then deeper till you just cut through the .005 Wayne
  10. I guess he wasnt Wayne
  11. I bought myself a Sihouette Curio stencil cutter and I make any stencil I want within the limits of the lure. Wayne
  12. williamkotik are you sure you are in the right place! wayne
  13. You know what they say...….LOCATION...….LOCATION...……..LOCATION....If you want to do it do it otherwise you will always be second guessing yourself, you might fail I hope you don't , best of luck and god bless. Wayne
  14. ravenlures


    I just pick the one that matches the rest of the color of the fish, or a more natural one. Wayne
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