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  1. ravenlures

    Copy Right

    Hey has anyone copyrighted a name of a fishing lure. If so any advice. Wayne
  2. ravenlures

    New Top Coat Coming To Town

    How will it hold up to plastic worms and lure tubing, also skirting. Does it need the can or bottle to be taped. Looks like you can dip a lure in it, can the drips go back into the container. Wayne
  3. ravenlures

    Tank testing

    KBS is good but costly if you have etex around just thin and use that, good enough for a trial run. I am into plastic now I just put the hardware on along with the hooks and test. Wayne
  4. ravenlures

    Old Crappie Killer Jig

    Don't know just do it over or try copy it and paste it. Wayne
  5. ravenlures

    Old Crappie Killer Jig

    Send this over to wire baits you might get more answers. Wayne
  6. ravenlures

    Line ties on bill

    I agree with Chuck on this but since I do many lips at a time I set up a jig to hold them in the same place for drilling one hole at a time, actually it is more accurate one at a time (front and back)hole. I also, since I pour my own lures I have a grove in the lure so that when I put in the wire it will go into the lure with ease. It does give me some trouble when epoxy coating the epoxy likes to travel up the wire but a little clay that will wash out later works pretty good. If anyone has this same problem and solved it let that secrete known. PLEASE! Wayne
  7. ravenlures

    Airbrushing clear coat

    2X what 21xdc said. I sprayed clear coat and never will again, dipping is better and safer. Make sure if you chose too, get a sealed motor and a good respirator. Just cleaning the gun is bad enough. Wayne
  8. ravenlures

    underwater photography

    One more question, did you ever try a stiff wire leader to lure or camera. Wayne I will be placing a order soon.
  9. ravenlures

    underwater photography

    Thanks mudbug I think it will work for me but does the vibration from the lure mess up the video. It doesn't look like it I will just have to get one, it will also look good in a pool. Thanks Again Wayne
  10. ravenlures


    I run mine on the back porch and have a line to the basement where I do my air brushing, don't even here the compressor. Wayne
  11. ravenlures

    underwater photography

    Thanks Walking Dead I would really like to get a video of the lure in natural surroundings bouncing over some rocks plus whatever there is. I think I will go to a shallow area that might work. I do make some pool video's. That little underwater camera works great. If I get this done before the water hardens up here I will post it. If anyone has a gadget that works let us all know. Thanks Guys Wayne
  12. ravenlures

    underwater photography

    Does anyone make any underwater shots of the lure bouncing the bottom. Other than scuba gear, I would like to come up with some kind of a rig in front of the lure to photograph. Wayne
  13. ravenlures

    Jointed Muskie Crankbait

    Thru-wire or screws is the same to me just epoxy in the screws. I made some jointed with screws and had no problems. You can always put in the screws after painting and coating both half's. Wayne
  14. ravenlures

    CAD programing for fishing lures

    Well that helps a lot. I thank both of you for your insight, I will start looking into it and see what the local tech school has to offer and probably find that I am way over my head, but thanks again. Wayne
  15. ravenlures

    CAD programing for fishing lures

    First I know nothing about CAD. Second I would like to try my hand at it for designing lures. I make bass to musky but would like to try my hand at it and get a 3D printer. I am retired and time is of no importance. What can you suggest something for me. Make it easy too. Not the best at computers. Wayne