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  1. I would rather use a bandsaw over a table saw to me much safer, and I would use a disk sander over a belt sander. Just my . I use a 1/8" bandsaw blade keeps it just off the line, 120 grit on the disk and keep it clean with one of those disk cleaners. Wayne
  2. When I put them together I used the master then put them together and drilled the holes. Wayne
  3. You know it might be less than you think by going to a company and having them made, I have one not far from me and I went to have a quote on a lip verses making them my self but that was awhile back not that bad of a price then just but more than I needed but I am thinking of having a lip or lips made making a few sizes same thickness. It might be more than you want but a lot cheaper than a laser cutter and making by yourself with the material and time plus these will be right on the money when done. Think what you get out of a 4'X4' or 4'X8' a lot of lips, plus what it cost to purchase some already made but in lesser amounts. Also might team up with a fellow lure maker and split up what you need. Then when you need more the price will be or should be because it sits in their computer ready to go. Wayne
  4. Well sometimes you just screw up, well here I am same problem for me. This is what I did #1 made a lure. #2 put the two together , now it has to be good part nice seam all the way around. #3 Drill holes on all four corners then with either metal or wood which I used a little bigger than the hole drive them into the hole on one side just 1/8" higher than the mold so that it fits into the other half. put together than pour if that don't work than make a new mold. It worked for me and when I felt I needed a new mold I made it the right way. Should work I see by the picture you are using a harder silicone which is better yet. I hope this helps! Wayne
  5. I just seen on ebay lazer scanner, anyone try one of these 60.00 bucks. Not suer evean what it will do for me. Wayne
  6. Well I agree with Bob but then just where do Tannic acid stains come from. I live up north on the UP boarder in Wisconsin and we have Iron stained water and some really clear water. Wayne
  7. Well eventuality in the ocean it will stop sinking. Getting a bait to suspend at a certain depth is not easy it drove me nuts, water temp. makes the difference, so I just get them to sink like I like them slow or faster. Wayne
  8. I coated with water base and it sucked try KBS and have no problems. Wayne
  9. I start with Zinsser Bulls eye primers sprayed, then a quick sanding and then dip in enamel and let dry, then finish with createx paints and KBS coating, I am doing this to cedar top water. Wayne
  10. All this is pretty but you can always start with purchasing good quality plastic lures from a number of suppliers, eliminating dust making tools. Then all that is left to contend with is paint smell. Don't want to break anyone's bubble but in a apartment you are limited. Just my 2 cents. Wayne
  11. But before you catch a fish it must be in the hands of a fishermen so the trick is to make them both happy, pretty simple hey. Good luck. Wayne
  12. I bought some 1/4" SS ball bearings on E-Bay and when I open a new bottle I put one in and it helps mix up the paint, when the bottle is empty I just put the ball in the next bottle. Last for ever and it works some suppliers do it in there paints. Wayne
  13. One thing that I do while airbrushing I keep a ice cream bucket with a little dish soap in it and also hot water so when I am done with a color I just dip my brush in and out flushing it then back flush the then a little hot water from color to color, keeps mine clean and maybe every 2 months break down and give it a good cleaning that way when you are ready to paint its ready, no problems when I start to paint. Also I only use quality paint. Wayne
  14. Maybe your needle is stuck back, I would give it a good cleaning take it apart and put in restorer over night and finish cleaning it. That's what I would do. Wayne
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