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  1. I am one of the OLD DOGS I don't know what you are talking about. Just what is this lure going to look like. That would help at least me.. Wayne
  2. So I gather that this is not for silicone molds, correct. Wayne
  3. I use E-tex lite on my musky lures and KBS on my 6" and under. One must give any top coat time to cure if in a high humidity area then it takes longer even when mixing the humidity is getting into the resin, I found to use as much plastic for mixing, in other words don't use a paper cup it holds water not much but its there. Plastic stiring sticks are better, you can make them out of clothes hangers and use them over and over. Seems to be a little picky yes, I even have a hot box for curing in the summer and not needed in the Oct. thru April months when humidity is low best time for airbrushing. I think I tried them all and have settled on these two. Wayne
  4. What I do is after routing I place in a vise and use sand paper like you would be shinning shoes. Works for me. Wayne
  5. Thanks guys I like what you did. Wayne
  6. I seen it here but can't find, color chart for the colors at different depths. Did a search but nothing then again maybe I did not see it here. Anyone know about this. Wayne
  7. You know you don't need the carved details while testing just the base one step at a time and write it down. If and when you get it to go where you want it to go then carve in those very nice details. Do the testing with hooks in. Wayne
  8. Nice carving anyways but keep testing and write it down. Wayne
  9. Just about to buy some 1" .072 screw eyes and brass is half the price. Any problems with brass opening up, or no difference. Getting back into making some wood lures made of white cedar. Wayne
  10. Why don't you send a picture of what you want, it would help everyone out and see if they can help. Wayne
  11. One point to remember is how they act to plastics, you could end up with a mess. I used a concrete sealer and it was cheap and easy to use then I went fishing and the lures were stuck to my carpet along with with the plastics. When dipping KBS you get a lot of lures out of a quart and no problems. I haven't used automotive urethane clear but the smell I would think is the same as KBS. Although available with no need for shipping as with KBS. I will check it out. Wayne
  12. Vodkaman Will the temperature of the water make any kind of difference in the movement of the lure. Wayne
  13. KBS for me but I would dip before I would spray, unless you are set up for spraying with proper equipment. Wayne
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