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  1. ravenlures

    Manufacturer Clear Coat?

    I have tried many clear coats over time but for me I have always come back to etex for musky baits and KBS for dipping the bass baits. So that's all I use now, tired of chasing clear coats which there is no magic one. The high producers are set with what works for them because of consistency for there product and that's what I do now. No more experimenting YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne
  2. ravenlures

    Deep running blanks

    You can always put a weight 18" to 2' in front of your lure to bring it down for deeper depths. Wayne
  3. ravenlures

    KBS diamond clear coat questions?

    I put a little petroleum jelly on the wide mouth lid. Helps me! Wayne
  4. ravenlures

    China blank manufacturers

    ALL POINTS TAKEN...…………….DONE Wayne
  5. ravenlures

    China blank manufacturers

    But maybe you don't have to charge .25 maybe its more or less, just to add it on doesn't seem right to me. Good Luck with your business. Wayne
  6. ravenlures

    China blank manufacturers

    I treat shipping different than most guys, I just don't add it to the lure when I purchase some. To me it comes under expense of the company and at the end of the year I can see what my shipping is and where to save on it. I know it all comes down to profit and loss but if you can, just don't say it cost me $1.00 per lure and I will just charge $3.00 that will cover everything, that's is where you are wrong, I am no CPA but I have been in a printing business for over 25 yrs. Retired now! You have to look at the whole picture and bundle up your orders to save on shipping where you can maybe bigger orders which bring down everything and some times free shipping.
  7. ravenlures

    Candy Colors

    Thanks Mark I will check them out. Wayne
  8. ravenlures

    Candy Colors

    Does anyone use Auto-Air candy colors on there lures and any problems with them. I am starting to play with them but before I do I could use some info on them any videos on this I seem to get just auto body videos. Wayne
  9. ravenlures

    Cheap alturnives for mold silicon

    Yes I make two piece molds I just make them a little thicker all around the mold with no problems you can go to there web site and they have a lot more to offer than you think. check them out. Now not Dick Blick but Smooth-On.com wayne
  10. ravenlures

    Cheap alturnives for mold silicon

    Try Dick Blick oomoo 30 works great used it many of times. I generally buy 2 sets and get free shipping. Wayne
  11. ravenlures

    China blank manufacturers

    I would say USA better in the long run, more quality and control of your product, yes you will pay more but more peace of mind. Wayne
  12. ravenlures

    copy machine

    I think I will stick with my little lathe and knife plus a rubber mold to make my lures. ………….how do you spell CNC? Wayne
  13. ravenlures

    copy machine

    And what's the cost of a CNC! ……..unless you have a business that you have one or in a production level. Wayne
  14. ravenlures

    How do you store your paint bottles

    Just trying to organize my paint bottles. I have a mess. Wayne
  15. ravenlures

    Big name company’s topcoat

    No problem Bladesandbaits. Tight Lines To You. Wayne