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  1. Smooth on at DICK BLICKS add some paint and free shipping. Wayne
  2. This happened years ago, my mother made dish towels and did a great job and enjoyed making and selling them at craft shows. Then everybody was selling and some copies of what my mother made, that made her mad. So here we are with fishing lures, gun racks and many others that will be copied. We are getting older and retired and need something to do beside going to the casinos. I been working on lures and sold some my own style and now going bigger and passing this on to my grandson. If someone wants to copy them then so be it, the Chinese have been doing it for decades. Wayne
  3. First how big is the lure? If it is small under 6" go with KBS and just drip the lure. Dipping a epoxy is too much waste. No need for a lure turner on small baits, but musky type of bait you need a lure turner with epoxy. You can dip large musky type of baits in a UV set up and they are done in a few minutes. You need a black light set up for that. Wayne
  4. I use a two part body filler and in 5 min its ready to sand. Wayne
  5. Well it seems that you are fed up with KBS. I use KBS thinned about 20% for my small plastic lures and E-Tex on my musky lures. works for me. Good Luck Wayne
  6. Just one comment when describing a problem with whatever please give as much information as you can , size of lure, type of wood or plastic type of paint used, it helps in looking at the problem. Just my . Wayne
  7. Experimenting is the only way that I know. The shape of the lure and the hook and hardware will change everything. I can tell you that when you think you got it will change by the temp. of the water. I gave up trying to get it right and settled for a slow sinker which took a few to get want I wanted. Good Luck. Wayne
  8. I did look up a company but you need to do a bunch of lures and then they have to set them up for dipping. If I remember about a buck each but need about three hundred lures to get started, if you could get some guys with the same lures or maybe 50 of each and check with a company that will work with you. Now for the bad part I don't remember the name of the company it was a few years ago. Like Hughesy said Google it. Wayne
  9. I'm glad that this got the mind moving a little on the old guys like me. Now for my nap ……….what was I talking about. Wayne
  10. You could make your base color in a resin poured lure and use a good bonding paint to plastic for detail, or just a straight one color poured lure, I don't know anything about those saltwater fish but you could try it. Wayne
  11. What I want to do is test out my hook hangars which I will make a twist one instead of a screw eye. It is just for my own peace of mind. 96 lb. pull is pretty good. Its my way of doing things not sure what will happen but will let you know of the results. Again Dave Wayne
  12. Just try it and see ………….GO FOR IT! Wayne
  13. Thanks Dave. Wayne
  14. Dave if you need a line stretch say .500 inches. Wayne
  15. Dave If you drop a 1lb ball and it hits a surface after a 4ft fall how much does that ball impact the surface in lbs. No line just bang. Wayne
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