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  1. ravenlures


    I have a sample of tube and caps on the way will see how it go's, from Uline Wayne
  2. ravenlures


    This is for the old timers, does anyone remember a book company that had instructions for making all sorts of machinery I thing that it started with a Guiness or something I had several books or booklets. It had in it how to make a blister machine, this is as a last shot. Wayne
  3. ravenlures


    Need something clear for retail, but I like the one Badhatharry that will be good for shipping from home but clear for retail is pretty pricy when you get into the bigger sizes. 12" and up. So far the cheapest is a plastic bag with card on top or a simple blister with card, most become custom that means having a mold made. But thanks I just might have to either adjust the size of the lure or maybe make my own blister which I know there are some homemade blister makers on you tube, hope I don't burn down the house but then!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne
  4. ravenlures


    Trouble with packing large lures for retail 12" to 15" long any ideas I have looked around but nothing can come with that size. I have looked at cylinders that might work. Any thoughts. Wayne
  5. I made the mistake of using concrete sealer and found out that the hook protectors were sticking to the lures along with other lures so dump that idea. KBS and Epoxy for me no more changes. Wayne
  6. ravenlures


    I am stuck at home Wisconsin is shut down, It makes me get cleaned up around here and I am starting two new projects a 12" troller and a 8" glide bait maybe a swim bait also. I live right on the Menominee river N E WI so I can test them out without going anywhere by the time I get them ready I can get the boat out and test. Also my top water needs a little work almost done on that one. Good luck to all and wash those hands. Wayne
  7. Just looking for those post for aluminum lips I would like to try aluminum lips with two line ties. Can't seem to find, anyone know where to purchase. Wayne
  8. I use Poly acrylic and mix the glitter in it then pour the acrylic with the glitter over the lure in a big enough cup. Then I keep pouring all the lures that I want to. If you leave the acrylic (water base) sit the glitter will settle to the bottom keeping the poly clear of glitter. Since these are mostly Musky lures I use the turner. You can thin but I don't. Wayne
  9. ravenlures


    Do any of you guys make bluegill fins 7" fish size or other types of fish, or maybe you can point me in the right direction, flex able type but tough for musky lures. Thanks Wayne
  10. I just use KBS for small baits Epoxy for larger baits like 7" up. just dip the KBS and 2 maybe 3 coats. Dipping is great with KBS I don't use the turner just drip. Epoxy I use the turner. Wayne
  11. Looking straight at the nose look at the lip it might have a slight angle left or right. Wayne
  12. First how far is the line tie from the nose of the bait, also it just might be the lip not grabbing enough of the water, what I mean is that your angle is a little off. The closer to the nose ill give you a tighter wobble the closer to the tip of the lip will give you a lure all over the place, but before you start changing get a set of pliers and adjust it first just to make sure that is not the problem. Send a picture plus type of lip you have on the bait. Wayne
  13. Just don't cut them off the pencil. I sand them to a point of size I need, cheap to make I have all sizes when needed. Wayne
  14. You can make a simple mold , putting two pieces of metal together and drill holes in it drill some pin holes first then the main holes make any size you want. Done that for years KISS. Wayne
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