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  1. Jig tying Vise

    I use my regular vise for tying 3/0 and up . Wayne
  2. Trying to find a blank

    Got to the top of Hard Baits and check out crank bait suppliers lots of them. Wayne
  3. Trying to find a blank

    Try Shelts Wayne
  4. any superchrome user here?

    It still dulls the chrome when you finish coat it with epoxy a MCU. right. Wayne
  5. any superchrome user here?

    So I checked out a chrome place it's called vacuum plating on a plastic lure. At 300.00 min. it would be 600 6" lures plus the cost of the lures. 1.00 per lure or less is 600.00 plus .50 plating = 1.50 per X 600 = $900.00, if you have a need for 600 chrome lures, I don't. This is only a rough guess. Wayne

    Ichthus If going after Pike I would go with E-Tex epoxy, that would be best, more so if wood baits. Wayne
  7. any superchrome user here?

    I just wonder if you take 100 lures to a chrome place and see what it might cost. Might not be that bad. I am not interested in chrome health factors, and I have enough colors to work with. Wayne
  8. 3d printed templates

    Just how big of a template can you make? Wayne
  9. Mini lathe recommendations

    The mini lathe is ok if you are making pens but lures for salt water I would get a Jet or one like it with a Vega duplicator. Cost more but in the long run you will be better off. Wayne
  10. Jar for KBS clear coat

    I bought the vase on E-bay this one is 3" dia. by 12" When I was making a lure mold I had some smooth-on left over and so I took a 16oz plastic cup and put some clay in the bottom to a desired height so it would act as a stopper. The KSB will not stick to the rubber silicone and no need for any Vaseline on the top of jar. Also if one wants to put a slot for a spray of Bloxgen pulling out the tube will self seal. Many sizes on ebay. Stopper make to size you need even for your jar. Wayne
  11. Sealing timber master for molding

    First time for me I had a lure made with 3D printing and I am making a mold right now. Lure needs no sealing since it is plastic and is as smooth as a baby's a.. Now back to work. wayne
  12. Which urethane

    I used a concrete sealer from Sherwood Williams and when I put my hook protectors on after awhile the stuck to the lure and screwed them up. So I have to cover with KBS which I believe to be the best. The hook protectors were tubing from McMaster Carr, also check out plastic worms on the sealer. Wayne

    Just one more question. How do your bills or lips hold up if dipped with the lure. I can't wait for the ice to go out here so I can try out some lures. Wayne

    How does KBS hold up to plastic worms and other plastics. Wayne
  15. kbs dipping question

    Mark Try this when the dripping gets slow or stopped I take a airbrush while they are hanging and give them a light blow, sometimes it works. Wayne