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  1. Oh why not get a ranger 22' and pay it off and when you do you can start on your kids collage cost then when you retire you need a part time job to keep going. Wayne
  2. I heat the eyes but a tiny drop of super glue first. Try this after dipping use a old airbrush and just blow out the hook eyes works for me, it might take a couple of times. Wayne
  3. I just received my Curio stencil cutter so far good, I just need a different material, mine is .005 and what I ordered is .003 plus different blades. Wayne
  4. If that is a picture of his work shop "WOW" Wayne
  5. You cut the stencil then hold it against the lure then spray. It takes a little practice but it will work I am going to order one this week. great for flat lures. Wayne
  6. That's what I want to here. Anyone else. Thanks Wayne
  7. Has anyone ever or are using a Curio stencil cutter or other brand, and how did it work for you. I am think about buying one. I see other uses like the many colors of foil to adhere to a lure. Wayne
  8. Dave When I started I did not understand vortex technology and you know I still don't. I just think that the lip and the head about 1/4 of the lure is where all the action is, after that the lures hardly change. Color and a little flash make the lure. Now I am no engineer just a old guy that started from a 1/2" dowel and moved up to a 10" deep diving musky lure, but I did a lot of trial and error as I changed from one lip to another, now if I understood vortexes I could have save a lot of time. So thanks for all the information that you pass along it is needed and appreciated BIG TIME. Wayne
  9. No Mr.t it helped me just as it did you, THANKS GUYS. Wayne
  10. Before you buy from Amazon try Dick Blicks better price and buy enough with paint or double your order get free shipping. Wayne
  11. Anybody paint with the Candy Colors How did it work or paint for you. Wayne
  12. First what type of wood. I use white cedar and no need to seal I just use a thinned Zinsser and spray. No need to heat but let it stay overnight then give it a scratch test with your finger nail. The Rustoleum X2 primer I use on plastic lures. Wayne
  13. I agree with Salty...…….I also, if I could remember but I can't, so try you tube there was a guy that showed how to beef up your gun and fix leaks on them. Just try posting your problem on you tube and see what you get. Wayne
  14. I would check with the guys in the wire forum Wayne
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