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  1. Tackle Show Opinions

    I really think that you should combine face book with a web site. But in the end you will still be poor. Its not easy. Wayne
  2. Tackle Show Opinions

    One thing, leave a few lures on the table without hooks once in their hands they might get a better feel of the lure, than its up to you to make the sale. Wayne
  3. Tackle Show Opinions

    One other thing the fishermen will tell us what they like and don't like so we can go in a direction that they give us, color mainly. Good Luck to you and your Son Wayne
  4. Tackle Show Opinions

    I am going to a musky show with only 100 lures and don't expect to sell them all. We just want to get our name out and decide if we want to go retail which is putting out the lures into a store and hope they pay on time. Plus we will and are going to go online. I'm old but my grandson is young and full of energy, plus more money he works and I am on retirement. Wayne
  5. Shrinking tube stencil?

    Since I want to drift off a little and ask if anyone ever tried to make their own blister for display package. Wayne
  6. Cleaning epoxy off lips

    You can try dipping in KBS Diamond clear but the best way is to tape up the lips first and take the time doing it. I know because its a pain in the a___ . You might try to use some of that GOO stuff for removing glue but not sure about epoxy. I do use liquid mask painted on small lures which works fine for me but you need three coats and time consuming . I did think of do a big batch of silicone rubber and dip the lips first before putting into the lips. Have fun. When I make my next lure mold I will try that. Wayne
  7. Select Pine

    For me its either White Cedar or Maple. That's for gliders or musky crank baits. Wayne
  8. Brush Tip

    When using a hair brush for finish epoxy try this............super glue the hair by the metal holder , prevents hair from coming out when doing a finish epoxy on lures, it worked great on my musky lures. Wayne
  9. Chrome Eyes 5/8"

    Thanks mudbug That's just what I wanted yes a little pricy but that's what I want. Thanks Wayne
  10. Chrome Eyes 5/8"

    Thanks mudbug but I need 5/8" Wayne
  11. Chrome Eyes 5/8"

    I can't seem to find 3D chrome eyes 5/8" , I found them once and forgot where they were, anybody know where they are. Wayne
  12. Treble Hook covers

    Try McMaster Carr pick your size if you are looking for tubing. Wayne
  13. Frog problem

    Did you try or can you turn the feet vertical like a fish fin and see what happens might give it more action. Wayne
  14. Lure consistency

    This depends on the lure itself, if round for most of it then a wood lathe will do, I have a Vega duplicator for turning down the lure with good duplication but the best way for consistently doing a lure would be to make a master then a rubber silicone mold and pour it out of resin. I do musky lures within a gram of each other. It is nice working with wood, but each lure will be a little different from the other. Flat glide baits are a little more easy to work with. Wayne
  15. I think its the pricing of the mold, but why don't you just ask them great people to work with. Wayne