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  1. Resin hard baits

    Ces I bet that if you could pour more lures at a time that it would be easer to mix a larger amount it would work. Try this just make a double amount of mix for your lure and mix it fast so that it pours into your hole, hold your cup high to form a thin stream of resin mix . Keep a steady hand when pouring. Wayne
  2. Resin hard baits

    Ces I make a musky lure out of alumilite white with microballoons and have no problem floating a 8" lure, are you using enough balloons to make it float. How big is your lure. Wayne
  3. Lund Boat

    I have a 14ft. Lund boat and just wondering what I could do with it. Any suggestions, I did when I used to fish it fish river or lakes. It is just sitting there doing nothing now. I use a smoker now 15'. Anyone ever do anything on this type of boat it is a deep V. Wayne
  4. Airbrush paint booth

    I would change your paint to a water base, I just don't see for the small guy that lacquer is that much better, to many down sides for me, health wise and safety. But if you must what the guys say above is 100% on. Wayne
  5. Need DIY hand injector tips n trix

    I would like if anyone has made a plastic injection machine for hard plastic lures into a aluminum mold. This is for hard not the worm soft plastic. Wayne
  6. Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    One method that I use is ..............I use a very thin screen material I get from Wal-Mart Its in the fabric section its really fine. Then I use water from the bottle not the tap, I mix till it flows thru the screen ,that's all I do. But if I were you I would get some AB restorer first and clean the AB good let it soak in the restorer over night. Wayne
  7. High Capacity Air Brush

    I like that idea and like me it would save room, even slide it into a hot box, maybe not that big but I really like it. Right now I am making a lure turner with hot box, got the turner done now to make a box around it. Thanks Wayne
  8. High Capacity Air Brush

    I think that some dip in a white lacquer and let it drip, and set for a few days. But remember that lacquer smells so take care and think ahead. I'm sure you are talking about plastic bass lures not wooden, each has there own problems so start with a few to see how it goes. Good Luck Wayne
  9. High Capacity Air Brush

    Of 1500 lures to prime how many do you really need to start with. I hope that you thought this out because 1500 lures takes up a lot of room and smell. You might only need to do a hundred at a time, then you are talking about a different spray method, so figure what you need to start with and take it from there. Wayne
  10. Best Airbrushing Equipment for Mass Production

    There is more to painting large lots of lures. First you must have room second how are you going to hold on to the lure during painting, and how many can you put on a line for drip off and how many can you put on a lure turner. They all come into play so when you put all that into consideration then you will know how many you can paint at a time, then you can see if you have enough space for ventilation which you will need when painting many lures at a time. Then it comes to your question what type of airbrush. I suggest that you take the time and figure out what you can really handle at a time then look at what you really need for painting. Painting many lures at a time which saves time and paint with less cleaning plus your lures will look better and be more consistent in quality, but you need room I found that out now I can only do 10 to 14 at a time starting with some in primer then base coat then on and on till finish. And don't forget KISS!! one problem I found with doing many at a time it gets boring. GOOD LUCK Wayne
  11. Best Clear Coat

    I use epoxy for the wood or larger size lures (muskies) and KBS for the small plastic lures. You will just have to settle on what works for you, it might take some time, but I just settled on these two for me, I gave up trying this or that it drove me nuts. When you settle in you will find ways to use it more efficiently , and better looking. Good Luck! Wayne
  12. Lure Drying RPM

    Thanks, that's my next project. Wayne
  13. High Capacity Air Brush

    Worked for me but a lot of waste Wayne
  14. Lure Drying RPM

    Has anyone ever make a rotator within a hot box to speed thing up. Wayne
  15. Vibrating Table for making molds

    I have a vibrator from a football game that I plan on making a table with. Wayne