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  1. Bill Reed If you are starting out just go to Harbor Freight and buy the one for 15 bucks and start with that, then when you feel good enough then move up to a better one, and start with airbrush paint, don't start mixing Hobby Lobby paint just not worth it in the long run, you will just find that you have a bunch of bottles laying around. Starting out just try and use straight colors and when you are ready then start mixing them. Just keep the airbrush clean most important. Wayne
  2. Go to Alumilite web site all you want is there. Wayne
  3. When I dip or use epoxy I make a lip out of tape and put that on the lip and grab that, also I have all my lures in a two point holder so I don't touch the lures at any time during painting. When I dip in KBS I use a paper clip to hold on to while dipping. KBS I let drip and epoxy I put in a turner. Wayne
  4. I started with a half inch dowel and two hooks and on the first cast I caught a bass, and now I am getting ready to start up a web site to hopefully get back some of the money I have spent over the years building and testing my lure. I love it, it can drive you crazy when you put a lot of work into a lure and on your first cast to test it your line breaks I just went home and started another one and after that another one till I got it right, more goes into a lure than most people think, so when starting up on a new lure with your own little different type or style I say welcome to the nut house and good luck with your new hobby. Just one more thing KEEP IT SIMPLE TO START WITH! Tight Lines To You And Good Luck. Wayne
  5. LPO has some not sure they are big enough they have two sizes. Wayne
  6. Question #1 Can you spray over createx paint or do you have to use enamels to under coat. I know they say use their products for under coating. #2 With what do you clean your airbrush with. Wayne
  7. Mark you are starting to move into a modern age. Wayne
  8. My best guess is airbrushing! Wayne
  9. Smalljaw Yes that is what I was talking about a barrel roll, years ago I made a tool that made barrel rolls for musky baits but can't seem to find it so before I make another I was just wondering if it will make some sort of difference. Thanks Guys for all the information. Wayne
  10. Would you get better vibe's from a barrel roll because of its flexing. I could see the closed wire for heaver baits. Wayne
  11. One question I am about to get some spinner baits do you prefer R-bend.....Barrel roll...……… Twist. Musky size 3/4oz to 2oz. Wayne
  12. I really think we are getting carried away with this. For small amounts just use the small med cups and larger ones like me for brushing large lures the big drinking cups. How cheap can we get 3.75 for one cup that's a lot of med cups to use while waiting for epoxy to cure to pop out time is my concern just my 2 cents. Wayne
  13. I used a 4" plastic pipe with a coffee filter on the bottom of it then, with another one on the bottom with a air valve to adjust the air making the powder float. I wish I still had it but sold it on ebay years ago. It worked great. Wayne
  14. I thin my KBS 10 to 15% Wayne
  15. Using KBS Diamond clear and just let drip no turning, no problems. Wayne
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