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  1. I think you want in one shot for your lure to work, let me tell you it just don't work that way. I would have carved out a lure close to want you want and go from there, that way you have a better understanding of how it will work before going to a 3D printer and making a mold. Trial and error will give you a better understanding in the long run of how your lure will work, I guess I am old school that's the way I just do things at 77 you just can't teach old dogs new tricks. Wayne
  2. When I use the restorer I run it thru a towel folded two or three times then pour back into the jar I have for that, don't forget to squeeze the towel into the jar also. Wayne
  3. Just stay away from that stuff we have enough problems in this country now, soapy water or windex please stay safe. Wayne
  4. When I am brushing I have a ice cream bucket with hot soapy water and when I change colors I just run my brush through the water till clean, and when done for the day just blow the water till clean. Wayne
  5. Check out some old brooms cut to size. Wayne
  6. I blow out the eyes with my airbrush leaving a minimum of KBS. Wayne
  7. First choice is.....Basswood...….Then Maple Wayne
  8. You also can check out Balsa USA Wayne
  9. Don't know what style you have but I bet it is where you put the weight, I would think it should be towards the tail. Also how you retrieve the lure, go to you tube on how to walk the dog fishing lures lots there. Wayne
  10. I just like KBS for smaller lures etex for musky lures. Take a look at the head of the lure hold it up to eye level and see if the lip is on a angle towards one side or the other, it is easy to not notice but if it is off then your lure will never run true. Wayne
  11. On that size bait I would finish with KBS 2 dips, no etex. Wayne
  12. Looks like I will make a resin bait after I make out of cedar for testing then figure out where and how much weight to use. Then figure how to place in the resin bait TEST...TEST...TEST. Thanks Guys Wayne
  13. Anglinarcher I am making a large musky lure 14" long I like the idea of your system of pouring. I am just trying to figure out how to pour that long of a lure through the tail and turn it to fill the sides other than spinning it as I pour in the resin than later use a foam to fill the rest of it. Any thoughts on this anyone. Wayne
  14. I wonder if you can dip in KBS. Wayne
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