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  1. ravenlures

    Preserving carving details

    I would, since you want to stick with wood that you try Cedar and if you want then soak it with a sealer. Wayne
  2. ravenlures

    Preserving carving details

    One thing that you can do is after carving and it runs like you want it to is to make a mold and pour them out of plastic then you won't need to many coats of etex on it. Wayne
  3. ravenlures

    Favorite musky lure?

    Go for it sometimes trying to improve on one lure leads to another one that just might be a little better or different in action. Wayne
  4. ravenlures

    Polycryl (balsa hardner???) Testing?

    Why don't you just try Cedar or Maple. Wayne
  5. ravenlures

    Using masking tape

    Well back to Menards for me, Thanks Wayne
  6. ravenlures

    overcoat for chrome?

    You can always have them chrome plated. Wayne
  7. ravenlures

    Using masking tape

    Thanks Chuck that was mine. Wayne
  8. ravenlures

    Using masking tape

    So which is the low tac 14 day or the 60 day, blue tape. I just bought some 14 day. Wayne
  9. ravenlures

    good way to fill up truewire slit ?

    Here's a little tip on mixing epoxy or any two part glue. I go on my computer and draw different size circles two of the same size next to each other spread them out on the sheet so that you can cut them out into squares 3X3" or what you generally need. Then squeeze out to the circle part A on one and part B on the other, then mix, pretty darn close. I also print on some index or heaver paper. It works for me! Wayne I will have to try micro balloons for a mixer filler.
  10. ravenlures

    oil compressor ?

    I have a 8 gal. on my outside back porch and ran a line down into the basement where I airbrush with no noise other than the air coming out of my brush. Now I will run a switch to turn it off and on right at my booth so I don't have to go to the porch to turn it off just lazy. Wayne
  11. One more thing different depths give different weights. Nice Tute. Wayne
  12. ravenlures

    Square lip or Round lip

    After I tested the lure I am going with the square which gives me a good wobble, and the desired depth I am after no more than 10' Wayne
  13. ravenlures

    Square lip or Round lip

    I guess I should have said square. Wayne
  14. ravenlures

    Square lip or Round lip

    It will be going on a musky bait in shallow water. I tested one yesterday and just what I want. Thanks to all for the help. Wayne
  15. ravenlures

    Square lip or Round lip

    I know just search but am on my way to work so hope some one will give their thoughts. For shallow running 6" lure.