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  1. Just wondering if you are putting the lips into wood or plastic, also how many more do you expect to get slowing down the cure time 10 is pretty good. I do 10 at a time batches, from sanding to painting to coating, works for me maybe you just have to adjust your production of the lures. Sometimes fast is slow, that's the best I could come up with. Wayne
  2. ravenlures

    paint mixer

    If needed I just tape the bottle to my Sawzall blade put it on slow and shake the heck out of it. Wayne
  3. John The 11lbs might be the net wt. also call them to find out. wayne
  4. This goes back away maybe 60's, that a guy was building great rods and sold to a major retailer and as time went buy ………..cheaper & cheaper and faster the guy went out of business SAD. So how big is big its tough. I think there comes a time when enough is enough and make your own rules, if your product is really great two choices limited supply or license it out and take your monthly check or just watch someone knock it off SAD, but that's life. Do your best so knockoff's can't make as good as yours. If it becomes a great lure don't worry you will sell and at your price. Good luck to all that get into this crazy world no matter what the product is. Wayne
  5. Did you ever think of producing for lure makers to provide for your self and still produce yours, just athought. Wayne
  6. If the lure is not big I would try KBS and dip them, its a lot thinner and you could blow out the gill area with a airbrush will need two dips or three depending on size. KBS will turn rock hard just let cure for a week after dipping. Wayne
  7. John Keep your day job. It will take some time to retire from a day job. One thing I found myself doing is second guessing myself, just do it and test it till you are ready but just do it. If you fail and I don't think you will, keep going forward its hard to get going I know I am at that place right now I will start with 10 each color so that's 100 I need. Then on to the top water then some bass lures which I have ready to paint and then start up a web site, I am slow but every day I make it a point to do what I need to do. My production is slow but if I stick to the plan I will be ready for a September start up. Wayne
  8. Just a suggestion. try thinning etex with denatured alcohol for the first coat just a little then when cured normal second coat. I put my lures in a hot box for curing. I do mine in a basement best time is winter for me nice and dry. My humidity gets down to 35% now in the summer its 60 to 70% that's why I use a hot box gets just to 90 degrees. Wayne
  9. Check with www.metalworksstamping.com Dale is a good guy to work with. He doesn't take PP but will take a check. And the lips are reasonable with many to choose from. Wayne
  10. Try McMaster Carr SSwire I think it is 304 bend and stay. Wayne
  11. One thing I have to say. Before you start carving or cutting a lure start with the lip size, you can save a lot of work buying a lip already made and make a small change or none at to your lure there are many sizes out there and will save you time and money. Wayne
  12. A small band saw from HF will do, been using mine for years 1/8" for lips and 1/4" to 1/2" for wood cutting. Scroll saw a waste to me. Metalworks has lots of stamped lips at a reasonable price. Wayne
  13. Dave Living in Indonesia your labor will be very competitive with China. Stick with your town, better control of product. Its all in the marketing of the product. My best to you. Wayne
  14. John I start at 7" with lip then 9" and 10" deep diver. Colors Perch, Shad, BK / Orange and Y/ BK. Most popular. Pouring 7" now Will have a web site I hope by Aug. Sept. Tight Lines Wayne
  15. Voodoo Fine with me, just put it on my calendar. Wayne
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