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  1. I sold my lures at the Musky Show for 30 to 35.00 I also had a hard time selling on ebay for 5.00 so I just stopped and took a look at what and how I was doing my lures. Will come out with some new lures by early summer. Will have two types I will get rid of all my plastic lures which I purchased paint and sell and go back to 6" and bigger 9" to 12" out of wood which I enjoy and stay away from e-bay and find other means of selling maybe go back to my own web site not sure about face book. I also would like to do flea markets just to talk lure making with the guys. If this virus ever gets ove
  2. How has 3D printers worked for you. Good or Bad? Considering one to make test lures before molding. Wayne
  3. All I can say is time will tell and cost of lure, you will get to a point that you want to cut cost. If the lip is making your lure so unique than stick with that, but after testing and carving to what you want than enjoy. As far as I am concerned is that the lip might make a difference in action but its the rest of the lure that sells, style and a good paint job. Wayne
  4. I make 5 to 10 at a time and I make them out of resin I do very little wood other that the first one for testing. Although I like wood better some guys will only fish wood I make mostly musky baits. Wayne
  5. One thing that I do is try to make the lure fit the lip that is already made, most of the time it is just a smaller or just a little larger lip that you can make adjustments on the lure, that way you don't have to look around for a perfect fitting lips that are already out there. Wayne
  6. When I am airbrushing I keep a ice cream pail next to me with hot water with a little soap in it and when I change colors I just keep cleaning the brush till clear. End of day I just run some airbrush cleaner through it and done for the day. Just to check I at sometime I just take out the needle and wipe it clean if some paint on it. Stay ahead of the game and keep problems to a minimum. Wayne
  7. exx1976 I think it is the 1/8" size but there are many sizes. Depends on how far you want to cover hook. Wayne
  8. Try McMaster Carr they have what you need and at a good price I get 50' at a time cut my own. Wayne
  9. I have a Silhouette CURIO cutter and it works great for me. Once you get the hang of it, I make what I want on a draw like paint or other than transfer it to Curio and it does just what I want, go on you tube and check it out. I don't like to give out the address of sites because you must do your home work that way you will learn much more than we can tell. Wayne
  10. One thing that I do is keep a ice cream pale with hot water and very little soap in it. Then between colors and end of day just run it in the water until it is clean, at the end of airbrushing I run a little of airbrush cleaner and blow it out done till next time. Wayne
  11. Now the trick is to apply all that. Wayne
  12. Try McMaster Carr and go to Stainless Steel wire and pick what you need comes in 1 ft. I use the bendable soft and works great for me . Wayne
  13. I buy the 40 pack on E-bay and I when I use them they are mostly gone so I just throw them out. Cheap too. Wayne
  14. Try McMaster Carr just check it out. Wayne
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