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  1. RCBS Pro Melt Hot Pot Problem.

    Sounds like all the usual suspects have been covered. What I have found that works for me once all the above have been tried is to heat the hook. I load the cavity with the hook and base hole pin and wave a mini torch over the hook for a few second, close and pour. NOTE: The first couple of times you might get some sizzling if heating a cold mold develops moisture in the cavity And sometimes it spits..
  2. Matte Powder Paint

    Harbor Freight has a flat black and some of the other pp companies haf mat colors. I dont think you'll find any of the Component Systems colors in mat. You might have to add a flat clear to your items.
  3. can you make a solid color?

    JBarlow beat me to it.
  4. Drum Mixing

    I just use a heavy duty paint mixer on an electric drill. Then I break the drum down into 5 gallon buckets. Easier to work with that way and I don't have to remix the whole drum every time I use plastic.
  5. Spin Casting

    Wouldn't you get some forced settling of salt and flake if used?
  6. Swivels on Sea Horse Mold

    I have had red hooks darken quite a bit while cooking the paint, but not tinned hooks. I would think if the hook is discoloring the paint might be scorching. What temp do you cure at? Is your oven dial accurate?
  7. Swivels on Sea Horse Mold

    What color hooks did you start with?
  8. wanted jig makeing material and tools

    Search the classified, seem to remember someone getting rid of a bunch of stuff for spinnerbaits.
  9. Shooting Star valve?

    I'm sure Ultra Molds sells replacement part for their machine. Call them and see if they will sell you one.
  10. Powder Painting Jig Heads w Swivels solution?

    Here is a link
  11. Powder Painting Jig Heads w Swivels solution?

    Look in any of the powder paint sites. They have Hi=temp silicone caps used to cover the ends of screws. You can get them in all sizes.
  12. variouse molds

    Who makes the 7.5" finesse, I suppose it is a worm? Is it full round?
  13. Leftover Sprues

    I haven't had any problems with salt.
  14. Leftover Sprues

    I got the electric meat grinder from Harbor Freight. Works great. I tried a hand grinder first and had the same problems as Cub48.
  15. Do-It Midwest Finesse Jig Mold with Wire Keeper

    cadman, I try everything I can to paint them, but when a customer insists on raw lead I put a drop of super glue where the hook and keeper come out. Like paint I can't guarantee how long before it comes loose again, but at least it was tight when it left my shop.