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  1. UltraMolds has a sweet little sand alone injector heater. Keep your injector hot and clear.
  2. As far as the plug goes, Ultra molds makes a little gadget called an injector heater. Keeps your injector hot and eliminates the plug completely thus you don't have to takes it apart as often. Since I got mine last year I haven't had a plug ever.
  3. For clarification, are you getting a plug building up in front of the plunger between it and the nozzle or are actually getting plastic that seeps past the "O" ring into the barrel?
  4. So young, so sad. Prayers with his family.
  5. That might be worth paying the freight.
  6. Basseducer

    Ultra Molds Lizard Molds

    Looking for 5.5" and 6.5" Ultramolds Lizard Molds
  7. Yes, I used the do-it keepers as a template. Dementions are in the photo.
  8. Ill 'll give this a shot. Try a twin injector with one color per side and the plunger bridge off. With the blending block in place start injecting the first color then start the second color while stopping the first color and finish out the push. Just MHO.
  9. I had the same thing happen on a worm mold from BTS. The mold had horizontal and diagonal ribs. The diagonal ribs came out just fine as the air would rise and escape to the next rib and so on. The horizontal ribs would always trap air. Slowly pouring a very hot stream down the center of the hole helped a lot, but did not eliminate the problem. Hand injection molds are set up with the cavities horizontal with the ribs vertical eliminating the problem.
  10. You can use that Mustad straight eye hook. I first heat the eye to a cherry red for about 30 - 45 seconds, let it cool a bit and cast my jig (I was using a sparky jig),the using a drill press and a pin punch gradually open the eye as needed. Then it paint, tie, attach blade and close the eye and done. This reduced the broken eye significantly and i don't know of any that broke during use.
  11. Basseducer

    Blade Bait Inserts

    Large blades and mold....SOLD
  12. Basseducer

    Blade Bait Inserts

    This is a lot of large and small nickle plated Blade Bait inserts. 175) Small 110) Large I have one blade Bait mold left ZS-4-M Shad Blade
  13. I found that demolding by grabbing the jig by the sprue then cutting it off helped a lot. On the ones that were left raw i would put a drop of superglue at the base of the hook and let it soak in. the less you handle the jig before painting the better.
  14. 6600 Screw-locs. These will fit the Do-It Round, Football and Tip-up Shaky Head Molds $5.50 per 100 + $1.25 shipping $50.00 per 1000 + $1.75 Shipping 4637 #7 Line-Grip Swivel. These fit all the Do-It Drop Shot Molds. $5.50 per 100 + $1.25 per 100 $50.00 per 100 + 2.00 Shipping 1380 #7 Barrel Swivels. These fit the Do-It molds that call for a #7 Barrel Swivel $5.50 per 100 + $1.50 Shipping $65.00 for all 3000 Wire Keepers. Have used these as a substitute for Screw-locs and to add wire keepers to molds that did not have one. $3.00 per 100 + $1.00 Shipping $25.00 Per 1000 + $1.50 Shipping
  15. Jig Man, if it has a hinge you might check it. I had one with an add-on hinge do the same thing. I ended up replacing the hinge to fix it.
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