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  1. Problem with incomplete pours PLEASE HELP

    I also heat my hooks in the mold with a mini torch, Just keep in mind that if it cold out and you heat the hook in a cold mold it will cause some condensation and when you introduce the lead it will spit a bit. This will only happen a few times until the mold worms up. Long sleeves and safety glasses for sure.
  2. Problem with incomplete pours PLEASE HELP

    Looks like maybe cold hooks and a cold mold. Some of the usual tricks are Place your mold on your pot while it heats up If you can, increase the flow of lead. Make sure your pot is hot. Use Drop-out. Flux your lead. Heat your hooks and other inserts. I'm sure someone will chime in with more tips.
  3. Poison Tail Jig for a Swimbait? OR??

    I use larger round bend hooks, work just fine.
  4. Poison Tail Jig for a Swimbait? OR??

    I like using mine just the way it is for swimbaits.
  5. Skimpy, just be careful that the wire is not too short. I have done some others and the blade tucked under the swimbait and did not turn with too short of a wire. Just mu two cents.
  6. Please help

    I found that if I stored the baits for a while the rubber eventually started getting goooy there it passed through the bait.
  7. Painting Chatter Bait Blades

    I like to spray mine with Candy Black powder paint. Gives it kind of a Black Nickle look. Gloss Black looks pretty good too.
  8. Can somebody tell me what this brand is?

    Is there a pic?
  9. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    You can also try increasing the flow on the pot. I heat mu hook and wire by laying them in the mold and waving a micro torch over them for a few seconds, close the mold and pour.
  10. Which Lee Pot

    Did you know that if you send your pot and a check for half the current price to Lee they will completely refurbish it. They even give you a new 2 year warranty.
  11. Storage

    Why don't you sell off the consumables and store the equipment. Colorants will settle and sometimes become unusable. The glitter may be ok, but by the time you get back into it there may be new stuff on the market anyway.
  12. Salt added stick bait question

    Try getting yourself a cheap coffee grinder at Wally World and powder your salt. The larger granules are what weaken the plastic. Finely ground salt mixes better with the plastic and allows it to maintain more of it's strength.
  13. Should I sand jig heads before powder painting?

    If you are trying to knock off the sprue scar, I use a Dremel with a wand extension and a small sanding drum. Very quick and any sanding marks are covered by the powder paint.
  14. Do-It Swimbait Head Jig Mold SBH-5-A Question

    Mine is also hard to de-mold. I use a pair of pliers and grab it by the spru and rock it back and forth until it pops out. Usualy only takes a couple rocking motions. They all come out intact. I don't that it is anything that some Dropout and a little polishing won't take care of.
  15. BTS 3" Soft Stick Molds

    Yes, still have them all.