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  1. Basseducer

    powder paint spray gun question

    And remember that you can recover the over spray and use it again as long as you collect it.
  2. Basseducer

    Issues with a Do- it 3" K-Chub Mold

    I was always told that the gate is in the mold and the runner is that piece of plastic the baits are attached to once you pull then out of the mold. The gate used to be really short back when we were top pouring, but injection made it longer.
  3. Basseducer

    Hello from Stockton

    Hi Robert, I'm in Fresno as well. Welcome to the frey.
  4. Basseducer

    Issues with a Do- it 3" K-Chub Mold

    I tried all the usual stuff with negative results. Do-It sent me an extension tube to try and it didn't work. It wasn't until I opened up the gate that I got good results. I don't worry about pressure or clamping and I don't get incomplete baits. First picture is how the molds come from Do-It. Second pictures is mold after mod.
  5. Basseducer

    Issues with a Do- it 3" K-Chub Mold

    Had the same problem with the 4" twin tail. I had a local machine shop open up gate all the way down. The original gate decreases in size by about half and freezes off. It won't matter how much pressure you hold or how long you hold it if hot plastic can't get to the cavities. I believe it is a design flaw with those molds.
  6. Basseducer

    Skirt tabs for sale

    PM Sent
  7. Basseducer

    Wanting to build spray booth ... fan size help?

    I use the small dust collection system from Harbor Freight. Has an attached collection bag, is explosion proof and moves 660cfm. used some ducting and mounted it under the table. Works great and you will be able to use solvent based paints if you wish. Not the cheapest solution, but it works great for me.
  8. Basseducer

    3D eye application

    the white powdery substance could be from the super glue reacting to your body oils. The process of super glue fuming has long been used to develop fingerprints. A quick wipe down of the jig with a clean cloth before installing the weedguard usually takes care of the problem.
  9. Basseducer

    Merry Christmas & New Years

    And from central cal
  10. Basseducer

    Clear glitter

    I've seen a clear glitter called "Snow Flakes", but don't remember where it is from. Do a search here on TU.
  11. Basseducer

    Casting Retainer Putty 1 Pound from Roto-Metals

    Cadman, No It is pliable and you will have to pick it out of small cavities. One pound is way too much unless you use it every day on multiple molds (large molds). I would be willing to send you half a pound if you pay the freight.
  12. Basseducer

    Bleeding Flake

    Hi Gang, I would like to know if anyone has a source for NON BLEED chartreuse flake. Thanks TJ
  13. Basseducer

    Solvent Based Paint

    I mix up my paint into a 4 oz. or 8 oz. plastic bottle to include thinner, retarder or what have you. Then I squeeze what I need into the color cup from the bottle and only have to mess with the can once in a while.
  14. Basseducer

    Powder colorant

    I did this with white pearl and got satisfactory results. I did it as a last ditch effort to complete a small order. As far as I know the color held up (no complaints). I was using a presto pot at the time and when I cleaned the pot for a color change I found a small deposit of paint stuck to the bottom of the pot. Clean up was fairly easy.
  15. Basseducer

    How do you keep track of inventory

    I use Quikbooks Pro