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  1. BTS 3" Soft Stick Molds

    Yes, still have them all.
  2. spinnerbait blades

    They will sell any amount with no extra charge. Divide the per 1000 price then multiply that by the number of blades you want.
  3. spinnerbait blades

    I have settled on Worth Co., Spec are consistent and the quality is high. Price is tolerable.
  4. gold willow blades

    That would certainly be a factor. I know that buying plain unfinished brass blades and taking them to a local plating shop can save some money. It is a little more involved, but worth looking into.
  5. Merry Christmas Guys

  6. Too soft??

    If your Senko had salt and your Croaker didn't this may have something to do with it.
  7. Bad "Silver Buddy" Pours by Hinge?

    If possible I would also increase the flow rate. I also warm the blanks, but I do it in the cavity with a mini butane torch. Be careful on cold days doing this because it causes condensation and the first two or three pours it tends to spit a little
  8. 6 & 7 inch stick bait molds

    Monte, have you got any interest in the 7" stick? Does it have an egg sack? And last, how much? Thanks
  9. Keeping eyelets clear while curing

    I do like Debehr only with high temp tape. After painting I just pull the tape off the eye before curing in the oven. Keeping the paint off to begin with is easier than trying to take it off later.
  10. BTS 3" Soft Stick Molds

    Well, injection allows you to fill multi-cavities in one fell swoop and is fairly mess free. With stick baits, top pour gives you the same results except you have to fill each cavity individually. You still have tp top off both methods in most cases. It is easy to top pour injection style stick bait molds, but not molds with thin appendages. With top pour molds, you can get away with a microwave and a pyrex cup. I started with top pour and graduated to injection, but there were not a lot of options then.
  11. Violet sparkle glitter

    I was pouring from a Presto Pot and did not need to re-heat. Although it did well for the duration of the session, about 30 minutes.
  12. Violet sparkle glitter

    It is holographic and the color needed for Yamamoto "watermelon violet"
  13. BTS 3" Soft Stick Molds

    I have 5 BTS 3” Stick Molds for sale. They are 2 piece, 4 cavity, aluminum top pour molds. Used extensively, but in excellent condition inside and out. This is an ideal bait for Ned Rigs and other small presentations. They retail for $58.00 each plus shipping. TU price is $52.00 each shipped or $246.50 For all five shipped. Thanks for looking.
  14. Yes, another powder coat Q: best coverage for multiples

    I use the Badger mini sand blaster. Here is a link:
  15. Yes, another powder coat Q: best coverage for multiples

    Mr. Moose, I like the mini sand blaster for all my wire baits. It gives nice even coverage and allows me to do multiple colors. I can give my jigs an couple extra shots on the chin where it drags on the bottom. If you miss a spot or the paint is too light on a spot simply heat that spot and shoot it again. If I get paint on the spinnerbait wire or the hook shank I just put the wire in to the groove of my pliers and give it a couple of twists before I bake it and that cleans it right up. Hope this helps.