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  1. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    edgecrusher, send me your email and I will send you an updated list. Thanks
  2. You can also bent out the wire until you can close the mold and ladle pour. After you flip it like mentioned above.
  3. Try placing strips of tape on the mold halves to build up the area where the writing appears. Build it up until the hook fits snugly.
  4. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    The link should take you to a spread sheet with all the molds and hooks. If you still can't see it send me your email for an updated list and request pics.
  5. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    I want to thank everyone for your kind words and the wonderful response to my equipment sale. However I think it has run it's course. I will start moving items to Ebay around the first of the month so if you been hesitating on pulling the trigger this is the time. Thanks
  6. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    bassin33ntn. Yes it is still available
  7. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    Cubbie4457, where do I send the pic
  8. The ones I have were made in bulk from a sample I sent the manufacturer. They fit the diner shiner as in the pic on the Do-It website. If you have issues with them return them and I'll refund your money.
  9. Didn't get sick. Quit before any symptoms developed.
  10. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    Yes, thanks. Invoice sent.
  11. Glad you're getting by OK.
  12. I thought about lead free, but my market would not tolerate the expense or the weight difference. Everyone wants smaller/heavier. I found that you could lay an ingot of lead on your hand for 20 years and not get contaminated. It's when you work it by hand and rub it till your fingers are black that you can absorb it into your system. When you transfer this black residue to cups and eating utensils or touch your mouth you can add to your contamination. The melting methods we as hobby pourers or even small business operators don't get the lead hot enough to be a problem. Lead does not vaporize at those temps. It's when we use dirty lead that smokes or when we flux that residue becomes airborne. Not to mention what's in the smoke from other contaminants. It is always a good idea to wash your hands anytime you come in from the shop or just take a break. If you notice that black residue on your hands wash them first in cold water as hot water tends to open your pores and let some lead into your system. Wear your protective stuff because it is always better to er on the side if caution. You can find some really good info on those bullet casting sites.
  13. Thanks smalljaw and canuk 2, it is hard to walk away from something that I have toiled over and perfected over just long of 40 years. Back in the day is was what precautions. Now I can't emphasize enough the need for them. I'm lucky, I got out in time.
  14. What molds and hooks do you have?


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