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  1. Boss Jig Armor Illusion Paint

    Have you tried cutting the candy color with clear? You can adjust the darkness of the paint to your liking.
  2. Kbs clear dip

    Use the 30 minute D2T it not only has a longer pot life it is water proof. The 5 minute D2T in water resistant.
  3. Beginner powder painting

    If your bubbling the base coat you have way too much heat.
  4. Sticky / tacky baits

    I must have been thinking of baby oil.
  5. Sticky / tacky baits

    Mineral oil makes them hard as a rock.
  6. Sticky / tacky baits

    I find that when I demold while the bait is still very hot it tends to be sticky. But after a day or two the stickiness becomes less. Then I package with oil based scent and the stickiness is completely gone. You might also make sure you are mixing your plastic very well before using.
  7. Powder coating jigging spoons

    I hold it over my heat gun for about 8-10 seconds per side.
  8. Powder coating jigging spoons

    Aulrich, I spray my spoons with Powder Paint. I use the Badger Sand Blaster. It makes it soooo easy. On the larger ones you can one side at a time. and even touch up any spots you miss. Not to mention multiple colors.
  9. airbrushing over powder paint?

    I use my standard 350 degrees for 30 minutes. That is gold with black pupils. The only other color I have used is silver.
  10. airbrushing over powder paint?

    I have painted eyes with Createx over Powder paint and then baked it. The paint came out o hard the I couldn't chip the eye off. I haven't tried clear PP over that so I have no info.
  11. RCBS Pro Melt Hot Pot Problem.

    Sounds like all the usual suspects have been covered. What I have found that works for me once all the above have been tried is to heat the hook. I load the cavity with the hook and base hole pin and wave a mini torch over the hook for a few second, close and pour. NOTE: The first couple of times you might get some sizzling if heating a cold mold develops moisture in the cavity And sometimes it spits..
  12. Matte Powder Paint

    Harbor Freight has a flat black and some of the other pp companies haf mat colors. I dont think you'll find any of the Component Systems colors in mat. You might have to add a flat clear to your items.
  13. can you make a solid color?

    JBarlow beat me to it.
  14. Drum Mixing

    I just use a heavy duty paint mixer on an electric drill. Then I break the drum down into 5 gallon buckets. Easier to work with that way and I don't have to remix the whole drum every time I use plastic.
  15. Spin Casting

    Wouldn't you get some forced settling of salt and flake if used?