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  1. Basseducer

    Casting Retainer Putty 1 Pound from Roto-Metals

    Cadman, No It is pliable and you will have to pick it out of small cavities. One pound is way too much unless you use it every day on multiple molds (large molds). I would be willing to send you half a pound if you pay the freight.
  2. Basseducer

    Bleeding Flake

    Hi Gang, I would like to know if anyone has a source for NON BLEED chartreuse flake. Thanks TJ
  3. Basseducer

    Solvent Based Paint

    I mix up my paint into a 4 oz. or 8 oz. plastic bottle to include thinner, retarder or what have you. Then I squeeze what I need into the color cup from the bottle and only have to mess with the can once in a while.
  4. Basseducer

    Powder colorant

    I did this with white pearl and got satisfactory results. I did it as a last ditch effort to complete a small order. As far as I know the color held up (no complaints). I was using a presto pot at the time and when I cleaned the pot for a color change I found a small deposit of paint stuck to the bottom of the pot. Clean up was fairly easy.
  5. Basseducer

    How do you keep track of inventory

    I use Quikbooks Pro
  6. Basseducer

    BTS 4" Paddle Tail Swimbait

    It worked for me, don't know what else I can do. I can email it to you if you give me your email.
  7. Basseducer

    Opening Hook Eyes for Chatter Blades

    I drilled a hole in the table of my table top drill press. This hole is large enough to accept the pin punch. I lay the poured jig on the table and insert the pin punch. The drill mechanism allows me to apply firm steady pressure and a stop to keep from over opening the eye. This works well, but you stil get the occasional broken eye. I also found that if you heat the eye if a black nickle hook to a cherry red it will allow it ti open easier. This does not seem to affect the strength of the eye and have not had one fail so far.
  8. Basseducer

    BTS 4" Paddle Tail Swimbait

    PM sent
  9. Basseducer

    BTS 4" Paddle Tail Swimbait

    They are on the add
  10. Basseducer

    BTS 4" Paddle Tail Swimbait

    For Sale are (5) BTS 4" two cavity Swimbait molds. These are top pour two piece aluminum molds. They pour great and can be injected, but the venting is different. This is and older Bob's design and can't be found on the website. Good design, fishes great. $58.00 each plus $3.00 shipping.
  11. Basseducer

    Problem with incomplete pours PLEASE HELP

    I also heat my hooks in the mold with a mini torch, Just keep in mind that if it cold out and you heat the hook in a cold mold it will cause some condensation and when you introduce the lead it will spit a bit. This will only happen a few times until the mold worms up. Long sleeves and safety glasses for sure.
  12. Basseducer

    Problem with incomplete pours PLEASE HELP

    Looks like maybe cold hooks and a cold mold. Some of the usual tricks are Place your mold on your pot while it heats up If you can, increase the flow of lead. Make sure your pot is hot. Use Drop-out. Flux your lead. Heat your hooks and other inserts. I'm sure someone will chime in with more tips.
  13. Basseducer

    Poison Tail Jig for a Swimbait? OR??

    I use larger round bend hooks, work just fine.
  14. Basseducer

    Poison Tail Jig for a Swimbait? OR??

    I like using mine just the way it is for swimbaits.
  15. Skimpy, just be careful that the wire is not too short. I have done some others and the blade tucked under the swimbait and did not turn with too short of a wire. Just mu two cents.