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  1. Hi I couldn't bring up your tutorial on fiber optic eyes how I can see your tutorial 

  2. Making Fiber Optic Eyes

    Theoretically you could, but.... I've experimented with a few plastics and it pretty tough to line the hole up on both sides.Also, some plastic hard baits have weights in the nose(usually steel balls) and this can cause problems too. When and if you drill the bait, be very careful and patient with the process because the least bit of "catch" of the bit will cause the plastic to fracture thus ruining the lure. This happened to me a few times.Your best bet is a wooden lure such as Rapala or Poes.These baits can have a tough clearcoat that can fracture also. The key is patience. Sorry it took so long for a reply....GOOD LUCK.. Jay
  3. No Casting Nets Allowed

    Hey everyone, its been awile since I've posted anything, (been doing a lot of fishing). I have a question. I've been fishing a lake for largemouth, it has shad in it, and the bass are kinda picky. what is hte best way to catch some shad? Oh yea, NO CASTING NETS ALLOWED is one of the lakes rules and I can't import any kind of fish onto the property.(minnows, shiners,etc.) We managed to catch a few with a dip net, but it was too much trouble. Someone suggested a basket, but will a basket work with shad? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jay
  4. Want to build a line winder

    The tackle shop near my house had a simple set up some years ago. It was basically a spooling station (like the $25 berkleys) with a motor attached beside the reel seat. The motor had a "T" handle on the shaft and slid over to meet the reel handle. You simply placed the line on the spindle, then place the reel in the seat, slid the motor over,(the motor was on a slide to accommodate reel sizes with a wing nut to lock it in)attach the line to reel spool and turn it on. He used a "hook" to hold tension on the line as he spooled them. This worked great for baitcasters or any other reel with 2 grips on the handles but I don't know about spinning reels.However, you could modify it somehow to work on spin casters I'm sure. Jay
  5. Sexy and Purple

    Kinda resembles Testor's pactra. Good job.
  6. Component Systems Seal-Coat

    The seal coat is not even close to the durability of the epoxy, don't even bother. As for the ballast, the belly works great, but I sometimes place the weight near the front or "head" of the lure (crankbaits), and for topwater baits closer to the back. Jay
  7. what are you using to hold lure??

    You guessed it, an exacto knife. although its not the only thing. I recall a couple of folks making their own holders. I use the knives (or handles)mostly but sometimes I use alligator clips. I drill a hole in a wooden dowel and wedge the clip in it creating a "handle". It depends on the lure. Dick Blick art supplies offers them in bulk, they're not "exactos" but its pretty much the same thing.
  8. waterbased clear coat

    Dick Nite's clear lure coat. He had an add on this site ( banner at the top of page) you may have to look for it. Its a lacquer based clear so you need plenty of ventilation and a respirator. It sprays well and there's no need for a lure turner. However, you'll probably need one with the d2t, unless you do it by hand. good luck Jay
  9. I just seen one of your replys and see that you was from choccolocco ala. I 'm in Hokes Bluff. I thought i was the only one in ala. nice to know

  10. "Start em young"

    Way to catch that moment. Mine just turned 17. They grow up toooo fast. Great pic
  11. What colors do you guys want to see on crankbaits?

    Hmmm..... I think maybe ya otta ask the no, really, a little research and some creativity and you'll be just fine. Something that no ones ever seen will sometimes catch the fisherman pretty good. Good luck, Jay
  12. waterbased clear coat

    I've used it, don't like it at all.Its O.K. for a jig or spinner bait for yourself. But if you're sellin' or even giving away to friends, use the DN or the D2T. Its not only soft, its down right rubbery. Not a durable finish at all, and can react with some paints and/or primers.( this is purely my opinion from from experience with this product) I use DN on my cranks because its easily sprayed, and thinned D2T on my spinners and jigs. I actually prefer D2T but its just to much work and trouble when doing multiple cranks.(for me) Find a product that you like and go with it. But if your "name" or business is on the line, I wouldn't suggest the waterbased clear. Jay
  13. A few things that make me laugh?

    I understand every single one of you. I too have paid more than I should have for a lure. At the same time, I've spent more than I should have to "make" a But not to change the subject or anything, but things make me laugh, now let me tell you what makes me cry. When I was younger, (20 years or so ago), I had a dream. I was going to be a professional fisherman. At the time, it wasn't so far fetched. But as the years went by, I noticed a trend, a money trend. There was a time when a man could buy a boat, save a little "tourny" money, and with a little skill and lots of luck, could win his way up and compete with the big boys. Not that simple anymore. In some cases, you have to pay upwards of $500 a year just to be eligible to pay a few hundred more in tournament entry fees. In other cases, your boat can't be more than 2 years old and has to be "wrapped" also. Now you can still enter your local tourny's for a small fee, but if you win, you just win a little extra money. You don't go anywhere but home. A guy told me a while back that it cost him around $75,000 a year just to compete at a higher level. Now for me, that's a lot of workin, which leaves no time for fishin. There's even some cases of $20 dock fees, on public water!! I'm sorry to go off on a rant, but the days of "fishin" your way to the top seem to be over, that is, unless you have mucho deniro, or a rich uncle. Too bad people have taken a "sport" of the common man and turned it into a "hobby" of the money man. Well that's enough hope I didn't offend anyone, if I did, I apologize. Jay
  14. RodWrap

    I've never used them, but my fishin buddy swears by em. I don't think he has a rod that isn't rapped, and as far as performance, he doesn't seem to have a problem beating me (ocassionally) Jay
  15. Hard baits are kinda fun

    One word, "WOW". I know its short, but wow pretty much sums it up. Great work man. Hat's off to ya! Jay