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  1. albion9

    make a chartruese?

    oh, they last post was to show the shade. Those are vinyl paints. Just wanted to make that clear.
  2. albion9

    make a chartruese?

    There are two shades of chartreuse...a green and a yellow. I have found that my personal favorite is the green variant. Here is a link to a company that sells both. Good Luck. Component Systems Inc. - Vinyl Paints for Fishing Lures
  3. albion9

    Old Spinnerbait, anyone ever saw it before?

    Hey, I wanna a solid black one with black blades!
  4. albion9

    Modifying a Manns 30+?

    Mags, file the lip to thickness of a DD22 or so. Why do you think the lip on the Rapala DT series is so thin?
  5. albion9

    Modifying a Manns 30+?

    Hey, none of us guys in East Tennessee throw modified Mann's 30+ cranks...nope never's all just a myth. We never deep crank, we never file lips and we never weight with lead. This is all just total fabrication and hearsay. Yeah, right! Using a file properly is an art. Also, don't use a low gear ratio reel or a long crankin' rod. By the way, the best crankin' reel ever was discontinued about a year ago. !00 foot cast with a 30+...believe it. Just because you have never done it or seen it done doesn't mean it isn't true. Deep crankin' works....both Rick Clunn and Mark Davis got modified 30+ cranks from Ricky Shepherd...that's why they were 1st and 3rd in the 2001 Megabucks tournament. There are just as many, if not more great deep crankers in East Tennessee as N. Carolina. Hey, do people really fish deep cranks straight out of the package?
  6. FYI... I just caught the tail end of this program on the History channel. It will repeat at 2am EST in the USA. Check your local listings. Had a bit on there about the world record musky and a pike that attacked a man. Thought some of you may find it interesting.
  7. albion9

    Treble hook comparison??

    IMHO Gamakatsu and VMC vanadium are the best I have found. You can get the VMC in bulk under the Rapala name from Cabelas. I don't have enough experience with the owners, but have heard good things about them. I prefer a round bend treble to a wide gap. If a fish just swipes at a bait a round bend is more apt to hook it. Your mileage may vary. Tight lines.
  8. albion9

    Glimmer blue

    hey, is that a W.E.C. Tapp or Ugly Duck?
  9. albion9

    Can't figure out how it's done.

    maybe it was brushed with hot pink dippin dye, the kind used for plastics.