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  1. Belly weight for 2 1/4 flat side balsa bait

    I'm working on a 2-1/2" flat side shad bait made from PVC that is just over 3/8" wide. I'm using #6 hooks and the best belly weight for mine ended up being 2 gram. Your bait is 1/4" shorter than mine, but Balsa is more buoyant than PVC. My guess would be that anything over 3 grams would be too heavy. Just a guess tho.
  2. 009

    4" bait made from expanded PVC
  3. 008

    4" bait made from expanded PVC
  4. 007

    4" bait made from expanded PVC
  5. 006

    4" bait made from expanded PVC
  6. Kbs Diamond Clear

    I have been using a vacuum seal canister for about 10 months for storing my KBS. I mixed 1 qt. of KBS with 6 fl. oz. of Xylene and I have not had any problems with it curing in the canister. There are a bunch of vacuum seal canisters out there. This is the one I have been using.
  7. Hdpe

    Heated to the right temperature HDPE will bond to itself.
  8. Hand paint vs spray paint

    "Way i see it, a crankbait is a reaction bait.. Long as it has flash and contrast, it will trigger strikes" Agree totally. Nice baits.
  9. I primarily make shallow running walleye trolling baits. IMO rolling action (flash) is key to catching walleyes. I believe my baits roll because I raise the cg in relation to the line drawn from nose to tail. This is usually accomplished by moving the ballast higher in the bait and/or moving the line tie lower on the nose.
  10. What Does Your Tackle Lair Look Like?

    My very understanding wife let me build a 20 x 20 workshop on the back of the garage this past fall.
  11. I bought a pair of composite digital calipers from Harbor Freight for $10 and mounted them to my bench top drill press. I can zero them out and get a depth reading when I'm drilling a hole.
  12. Mcu Questions

    I have been using a canning jar with a vacuum seal lid and hand pump for my KBS Diamond coat. So far so good. The first time I pulled a vacuum in the jar you could see air bubbles rising up through the clear coat.
  13. 3D Eyes

    I never count on the adhesive on the back of the eye. I always use 1 drop of super glue gel on the back of every eye before brushing on the topcoat.
  14. More Lake Erie Walleye

    I didn't measure the length but it was probably 28-30 inches long. It was skinny compared to where it might have been after another month of gorging itself on gizzard shad and smelt. That fish would have weighed over 10 lbs in December. Where do you fish for walleye?