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  1. LOL! Paint patterns or schemes cannot be owned by any one person or company. I find it ironic that a custom painter is complaining about someone ripping off his paint scheme, when he is putting that scheme on knock-off lures ripped off from other manufacturers.
  2. I like to make rattles that produce a lower frequency sound. There is plenty of scientific study available that suggest fish cannot hear the the higher frequency sounds transmitted by a rattle with BB's. https://www.geoexpro.com/articles/2011/03/marine-seismic-sources-part-viii-fish-hear-a-great-deal https://biasproject.wordpress.com/news-from-the-ocean/fish-and-sound/
  3. Dave - You may be able to prove out your theory using a video analysis software. I have had success determining the frequencies and amplitudes of waggle for different crankbaits and comparing them. I use this free software: https://physlets.org/tracker/. I video my lures by pulling them down a test tank connected to a tram on a track with the camera mounted to the tram right above the lure. The software allows automatic tracking of a designated spot on the lure with a defined reference frame. The software basically plots points on a time vs distance scale and creates an equation for the sinusoidal curve. I don't see any reason why this couldn't also be used to track and plot roll and track and plot porpoising (from the side of the lure if you have a side window in a test tank). Here is a video showing the use of the software: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocLQFMMLIGw. You only need 1-2 seconds of video to do the analysis.
  4. I have only poured into a supported silicone mold to get a finished body. I have not used the 8# to produce any finished bodies yet. Are you molding your own blocks with 2-part liquid?
  5. Yes, I'm also talking about 2-part polyurethane foam. I have 8lb to 20lb densities. I couldn't get a paintable surface with just the foam. I also tried coating the foam with UV cure Solarez, BSI epoxy, and a quick cure polyurethane plastic. Could not get consistent results with any of these as base coats.
  6. I worked with foam for awhile, but I had trouble getting a consistent suitable surface for painting.
  7. I'm working on a 2-1/2" flat side shad bait made from PVC that is just over 3/8" wide. I'm using #6 hooks and the best belly weight for mine ended up being 2 gram. Your bait is 1/4" shorter than mine, but Balsa is more buoyant than PVC. My guess would be that anything over 3 grams would be too heavy. Just a guess tho.
  8. goolies


    4" bait made from expanded PVC
  9. goolies


    4" bait made from expanded PVC
  10. goolies


    4" bait made from expanded PVC
  11. goolies


    4" bait made from expanded PVC
  12. I have been using a vacuum seal canister for about 10 months for storing my KBS. I mixed 1 qt. of KBS with 6 fl. oz. of Xylene and I have not had any problems with it curing in the canister. There are a bunch of vacuum seal canisters out there. This is the one I have been using. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A1B46IO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. goolies


    Heated to the right temperature HDPE will bond to itself.
  14. goolies

    Hand paint vs spray paint

    "Way i see it, a crankbait is a reaction bait.. Long as it has flash and contrast, it will trigger strikes" Agree totally. Nice baits.
  15. I primarily make shallow running walleye trolling baits. IMO rolling action (flash) is key to catching walleyes. I believe my baits roll because I raise the cg in relation to the line drawn from nose to tail. This is usually accomplished by moving the ballast higher in the bait and/or moving the line tie lower on the nose.
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