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    Storing Dn

    I understand the expense of it. That is one of the reasons that I only dip when I have around 50 or so baits to dip. I just save the work up until that time. Thus conserving the opening of the jar. Also, when i purge the jar i only use a little bit of it. The only thing that stinks about the bloxygen is you cannot tell when it is empty. Anyhow, I hope you find another solution, it would be nice.
  2. Brshpile

    Storing Dn

    Guys, if you put the DN in a mason jar and use bloxygen everytime you open it, you will not have any problems. I have been doing this for a year now and have not had any problems...
  3. I have a small sandblaster cabinet that I bought from Harbor Freight for like 129.00. I have used all of the blasting materials and have found that course sand works the best for me. I sand blast all of my baits and average about 4 min. per bait and that is stripping them down to the plastic. I have a 65 gallon air compressor that I run at 130 psi. It strips all of my repaint baits and saves an unbelievable amount of time compared to hand sanding. The only baits that I do not use it on are anything made by norman, I dont know what they use for clear but it is thick. I used to hand sand my baits, but since I bought this thing last year, I will never hand sand another one (unless norman). A wiggle wart, lucky craft etc.. strip to the plastic in no time, leaving a great surface to paint on. Just my .02 but if you do alot of repaints it is well worth the investmint.
  4. I am painting a few DT-16's up for a friend. The question that I have is how do most of you prep this bait for painting? I usually sandblast all of my plastic baits all the way to the plastic. On the dt's, since they are wood, do you just scuff them up or sand through the clear to the bait. I am worried about the weight if I dont sand all the way down. Has anyone had any weight problems with just scuffing and painting? Thanks...
  5. Brshpile


    Could someone that is a regular DN user give me a call. I have a few questions that I would like answered. Thanks for anybody that will call (918)859-2182. Ask for phil.
  6. Brshpile


    I have a small problem. My email is not tied to my computer. When I click on it, it pops up an email which I cannot use. I called them so I hope to hear something back.
  7. Brshpile


    Is it available to order? I went to the site but just see the paints....
  8. Can anyone help me out? I am fixing to paint a jointed swimbait for a friend and was wondering how you guys hold them to paint. I usually use the xacto knife, but with the joints and the flopping around, is there a better way. I dont want the joints hitting each other while painting and clear coating. How do you guys do this without the joints rubbing and ruining the bait. Also, how do you turn the bait on a turner so the joints do not glue together. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.....
  9. I do use a fluid bed but the problem is when you grab it out of the oven with hemos and then dip it into the bed you only get half of it. And then that has to cool to touch it.
  10. I have poured up over 200 hammered spoons. The question I have is how do you guys go about painting them. I tried to powder coat them but you can only do one half at a time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Would spraypainting and them devcon work?
  11. Brshpile


    I have a few of the pre-rapala wiggle warts that I need painted. Just message me and let me know if you have time...thanks!
  12. Why would you need the clear coat? If baked properly it is tough as nails...
  13. I started pouring my own cause I would loose about 5-7 a weekend. After the initial setup costs it is alot cheaper. I am putting about 85-90 cents a jig right now. It is also nice to catch fish on something you made and I dont feel as bad loosing them at that price. I am just not in the market to sell them, I give some to my friends and that is about it. I just got the shakey head that has the 60 flat and that is what I am going to sell. Every tx I fish I hear people gripe about the price of a shakey, so that is what I will be selling.
  14. I here you, I to like the jewel football jigs. Just cant afford how many I loose. I do like the new peanutbutter smoke and so do the smallies...
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