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  1. My first molded plastic Swimbait!!!

    where did you get the idea for the hinge design?
  2. My New Swimbait!!! Z Series

    I see a little Orso a vid when you get a chance
  3. building baits out of Bondo

    If you want the carvability of bondo why don't you do a rough carving of wood to float the bait,seal it,prime it,and then add a layer of bondo to your liking. That way you can always add and subtract based on your carving skills. In theory this should work however I believe bondo can dry out and crumble over time if not sealed.
  4. paint drying on tip?

    I've got no experience with Badger's, but I always thin back a hair with Dirtex and depending on the detail will bump up my pressure to 35-40psi water based paints are notorious for tip dry
  5. The BEST wood sealer I've found yet!!!

    I can see why Snax is on the search for the deepest penetrating sealer since he is hunting Muskies! The more penetration the less likely water will absorb... no question. CPES absorbs so much it CAN play with the natural bouyancy so keep that in mind and run a few test samples. CPES uses solvents as a vehicle to transport "natural resins" and to evaporate any water that is still in the wood...the thin epoxy is mixed in to stop any fungus from continuing to grow. Another product they make that is superior is their Epoxy Filler. Zero shrinkage and it's sandable!
  6. The BEST wood sealer I've found yet!!!

    It is a great adhesion promoter! "Hot coating" does work with a second coat,but be leary it is not transparent enough to work over foil and will amber. One note of caution...I've jumped the gun with this product and not let "large" areas not dry long enough even after the 24 hour period which resulted in bubbling.
  7. The BEST wood sealer I've found yet!!!

    nice find....there's no question that it saturates ALOT more than the competitors.
  8. The BEST wood sealer I've found yet!!!

    It would be interesting to do a sample,cut it in half,and then actually see the penetration. When I do dry rot repair with this product I drill numerous deep holes in and around the rot and then use a big syringe to inject and saturate the wood until it won't take anymore.
  9. The BEST wood sealer I've found yet!!!

    great product! I've been using CPES for the last 4 or 5 years on decks/siding and probably the last year on baits. It is made locally here in the bay area by Smith&Co. It's not the cheapest but it is a great product and really saturates. One thing it does not do is level out the grain like devcon. one note of caution....make sure your outdoors when you apply it! it's nasty stuff!
  10. perch swimbait with a twist

    nice bait Mr Hopkins top notch as always....just to add to the post Krylon makes an aerosol called Glowz that works well
  11. anyone hear making 8" stick baits?

    please email me at
  12. I'm looking for a few different patterns. email me at with pics/info if you have it. thanks!
  13. can someone pour me 1-2oz blade/clatter heads

    that would be 1 to 2oz heads. thanks though
  14. any help would be appreciated! I need to make some heavy spinner baits and clatter type baits for a tournament
  15. 8" and 10"

    man you've been busy! nice lookin' baits! I wouldn't say a nod to the punker but maybe the pupfish? let me know if your gonna sell any of 'em