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    I used it for a while, doesn't play well with plastic baits.
  2. bobv


    I've used basswood
  3. bobv

    Sour PB&J

    Great looking jig.....where do you get the weed guards?
  4. bobv

    Which urethane

    Good point Matt, the dunk test will rule out lots of clears. Put the clear on and submerge it over night. The good ones stay clear the other turn milky.
  5. bobv

    most chromed alu tape

    Anyone tried this...........https://www.amazon.com/Roll-Metallic-Mirror-Hula-Hoop/dp/B00XNW00GG/ref=sr_1_17/143-4264424-7678106?ie=UTF8&qid=1521990653&sr=8-17&keywords=reflective+tape+silver
  6. Google up "stippling effect with an airbrush" lots of info out there!
  7. I saw this bait on Brotherhood of Crankbait painters facebook page. It is a random mesh fabric doubled over itself.
  8. Has anyone received their baits yet?
  9. bobv

    Flip flop paints

    Do you just lay the colors over each other or do you have to shoot them at different angles?
  10. bobv

    Flip flop paints

    No it's a custom wart someone painted. It almost looks like blue pearl with purple irridescent over it.
  11. bobv

    Flip flop paints

    Hey guys, I need to match a color change bait for a guy, it looks blue then red or purple at an angle. I have used smith color before. Is there a better choice? Thanks..........Bob
  12. I have both types but use BTS injection mold most of the time just because it's quicker. Open mold is easy to pour just takes me longer.
  13. You can buy xtra large glitter at the craft stores...........
  14. bobv

    Mega Traps

    Dutch Fork is out of them and won't be getting anymore.................
  15. bobv

    I killed my KBS

    Need to handle this the same as DN.....I has some go bad on me. I was able to thin back out with xylene a couple times but it will still go bad once it starts. Do Not dip and let it drip back into the can!!
  16. bobv

    Mega Traps

    Thanks guys.........Bob
  17. bobv

    Mega Traps

    Yeah I saw those, hoping to find some unpainted.
  18. bobv

    Mega Traps

    Anyone know of a source for 1.5oz rattle baits. Have some musky/pike guys looking. Thanks
  19. bobv

    smallmouth hair jig

    Thanks for all the input guys.......
  20. bobv

    smallmouth hair jig

    I have an uncle in W. Va that just raves about it. Couple weeks ago he and a friend caught 22 smallies in 30min. up to 3.5lb. He is convinced I should be using it on TableRock. Might go down the white a ways and try it.
  21. bobv

    smallmouth hair jig

    You a float n fly guy?
  22. bobv

    smallmouth hair jig

    Do you have anything between 1/8 and 1/4? What type of head?
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