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  1. If this doesn’t win the deals rigged...well done dude well done
  2. Anyone out there with the 3/8 and 1/2 style c do it spinnerbait mold that could pour me some heads if I send you the wire? Thanks y'all!
  3. Thanks brother! I wish I could submit these to be viewed in person lol. Always miss certain things in the paint that are only visible at certain angles in the pics
  4. hated to see these go. Thanks for looking y'all!
  5. Check out Tackle Kraft on Facebook or Instagram..gimme a holler
  6. TackleKraft

    Bream Ball

    Thanks man glad this little phase has passed now haha..killed my eye stash!
  7. TackleKraft

    Bream Ball

    The judges for the best hardbait have spoken and the bait ball prevailed! congrats to the winners!
  8. How they working for sigs Joe? Microns give me fits for some reason..I blame it on being a lefty lol
  9. pattern I do called "War Shad" . hard to pick a favorite I've done but this ones near the top. Really easy to screw this one up lol....close to 15 different color changes on it
  10. TackleKraft


    Casey, Check your messages
  11. anyone tried using a flateye hook on a ribbit/horny toad style frog? I was looking into the Mustad 38108 BLN Flat Eye Jig Hook ....im assuming it would have heavy enough wire to throw on braid and heavy action rods. thanks
  12. TackleKraft


    How does that middle bait swim?
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