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  1. Kid

    Popr Eyes

    If I am painting Pop'R eyes or Wiggle Warts, I've found I have to use a template so that I can spray them with the airbrush. Dabbing paint on with a small dowel just doesn't give an even coat on a rounded surface. I have a cheap set of hollow punches in various sizes. I use blue masking tap and punch a perfect hole in it. Then just lay the template over the eye, and spray several light coats on it. Use a smaller punch and repeat process to make the pupil.
  2. Kid

    Assalt Skirted Ringers?

    I appreciate that info. Always helps to ask guys in the know, and this site is the best. Thanks again.
  3. Kid

    Assalt Skirted Ringers?

    OK. Thanks for that info. That's where my web search deadended also. Maybe I'll get lucky and somebody here is pouring something similar.
  4. Does anybody know what happened to Assalt Lures? Out of business or changed names possibly? If anybody would know, it would be you all. Really interested in finding more of the Skirted Ringer Curly Tails. If any of you pour something like that or know a source for them, please let me know. Thanks, KID
  5. Kid

    Dream Lake Lodge In Alabama

    I agree, they must be making an effort to protect their investment. With Senkos and Carolina rigs, the risk of deep-hooking a fish is much greater. It's happened to me, and I'm sure many others on here. The baits are essential weightless, so it's much easier for the fish to engulf it and much more difficult to detect the strike until the fish swims off with it. By the time you feel them, they've had it for several seconds and it's going down the pipe. I can't imagine why they allow only Gamakatsu hooks or ban wide-gap hooks. It would make more sense for catch-and-release to require barbless hooks, imo.
  6. Kid

    Kudos For Nbi Marketing

    Before I bought my first airbrush, I did a lot of research on here. As it was, I went with a kit from that included a compressor and the PS900 airbrush and the PS800 airbrush. Very reasonably priced kit. The compressor is very quiet, and works well, and the airbrushes spray well. I had a problem with the PS900 in that the threads in the nose cap were crossthreaded. I discovered this when I took it apart for cleaning. I e-mailed Clint Wilder, and he sent me a warranty form. Within a week, I had a new airbrush in the mail. Very impressive service. He did not ask me to do this, but I feel like exceptional service like that deserves a kudos. I can't say how these airbrushes compare to Iwata, but they work pretty darn well for starting off. KID
  7. Kid

    Scale Pattern On Wooden Lures

    I have seen some nice tools in taxidermy catalogs. One was a woodburner attachment that made a nice scale. I've also seen a roller that made scale impressions, although it was made for use with putty, most likely. Probably wouldn't make an impression in wood.
  8. Kid

    Scale Painting Tip

    I like this idea! I had been using my old plug knockers. Bell sinkers with snap clip. Drape the mesh over bait , then hook several weights through both sides of the mesh underneath the bait. It worked really slick.
  9. I'm going strictly Auto-Air, or I'd be all over this deal. No bids yet.
  10. Kid

    Scale Painting Tip

    Well, I scoured the dollar store and the grocery store for those mesh sponges with no luck. Guess I'll have to go to Wal-Mart. Good news is I did find some nifty combs for masking. Also found some non-slip drawer liner with a really nice mesh pattern. Anybody ever tried scale masking with that stuff? For a buck, I had to try it.
  11. Kid

    Scale Painting Tip

    RG, That's a great tip using the popsicle sticks. Great idea! I've been using binder clips and clothespins. Had been kicking around the idea of using weight to keep the netting tight, but I haven't tried it. I'll try to explain... My bait is horizontal in a fly vise, and my netting is a square piece of minnow net. I would drape over the top of the bait and hold the ends together under the bait. Then attach several plug knockers (i.e bell sinker or spark plug with snap swivel) through both sides of the netting. Haven't tested yet though. Also, tell us more about your kitchen sponge netting. All I can picture in my head is the sponge with the rough scrubby side. Or maybe you mean the "bug sponges" that are completely enclosed in mesh? Luke: Heatset before you remove the netting. I read it on here somewhere and that's what I've been doing. Start with a light mist, then several more light coats. I heatset after each time just to make sure it's dry before the next coat. You don't want your netting to stick to the bait.
  12. I had talked to D&J's a couple months ago. The 4.25" is a misprint I believe. It should be 3.25" I couldn't get D&J's to sell me any. They directed me to Big Bite Baits, who distributes their stuff. BBB doesn't have them on their website, but they did say they had them when I e-mailed them. I also checked Barlow's at one time, and they only had the 2.5" version, which I haven't done as well on around here. My best source has been Chapman Creek Tackle in Chapman, KS. He has only limited colors, however. We've done well with the green pumpkin color, but looked high and low for a watermelon/red. I'll have to try bfishintackle's colors. Thanks, guys.
  13. Thanks for the link. They have some interesting colors. You ought to try the green pumpkin ones I have. Killer!
  14. Thanks, BBK. You are right, Culprit does have a 1.75 inch crappie model. I had forgotten about that. This one is actually 3.25 inches long. It is one of the best smallmouth baits I have found.
  15. Throwing a question out there today for you soft plastic gurus. I am curious if anyone on here recognizes this grub. I had been buying them from a local shop, but haven't been able to find an online source for them. Anybody pour them, or know a source to get them in bulk? Appreciate the input in advance. Kid