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  1. JDBaits

    Lots of Molds

    (2) 4 cavity Del 8" T-stick $90 each (1) 2 cavity Del mudbug $75 (1) 4 cavity Del mudbug $175 (3) 2 cavity Del 10" Curl Tail $20 each (1) 4 cavity Del 6.25" Diamond Tail mold $60 (1) 4 cavity Basstackle 3" stick $30 each I Also have partial packs of laminated worm bags ill sell from 3x4's to 9x4's All molds are aluminum hand pour molds. Prices do not include shipping, please email dennyB@JDBaits.com for inquires. Pictures available upon request
  2. Thanks, I knew bob was associated with someone but couldnt remember who, and Im guessing Shawn went belly up? I vaguely remember in a post from last year he was closing shop.
  3. Anyone know whats going on with Shawn Collins and Bobstackleshack?
  4. Somehow I do not think RTV and a griddle will workout too good. I havent poured that mold in awhile now but if I remember correctly the biggest help to me was getting the plastic temp right. Too hot causes lots of over pour while too cold gets cold cracks, I use to start at the body first and fill it up, then do the detailed leg work when the plastic cooled off so that you can pull the plastic where u wanted it rather than pour it.
  5. I dont allow any kind of liquid in my shop (even just a coke). I just lay my baits on a baking sheet (as straight as possible) and leave them sit for 12-24 hours. If i need to dry them quicker than that Ill let a fan blow on them for a bit
  6. I second the one at bass tackle is great but if your new to pouring it can cause you some major headaches!
  7. Also if you are late on re-topping a mold, roll the plastic into the void instead of pouring right on top of it since 9 times out of 10 it results in that air bubble being trapped
  8. Got any pictures of all that you got?
  9. Bullshot sinkers I could also swear I have seen these in BPS but i cant find them on the website.
  10. I have a ton of scrap lc plastic, some salted some unsalted in both medium and super soft
  11. JDBaits


    Green glitter is touchy most likely you are over heating it.
  12. I think your blowing things out of proportion, i know if i traded someone $1.19 for $30 bucks id be grinning ear to ear which is essentially what you did.........................................
  13. JDBaits


    Already got them, im just looking for plain cheap 2mil hole hang bags for personal use
  14. JDBaits


    Anyone know where I can get a small order (100-200 count) of 2mil 9x4 hole hang bags?
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