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  1. saltyross

    Dick Nite Lure Coat

    I just finished a great fluke season banging bucktails on the bottom Caught lots of big fluke but the bottom of the bucktail that hit the bottom went back to bare lead. I used a coat of ENVIROTEX Should I use Devcon 2 Would it be stronger or just need multiple coats Thanks Salty Ross
  2. I have been painting my own lead bucktails and have been thinking about using plastic skirt material instead of real bucktail. Anybody have any experience? Better or worse action then hair? Thanks Ross
  3. saltyross

    A Safer Topcoat-Please help

    Since I posted this it is evident that there are those of you who want to put your head in the sand and those that understand we donot have a SAFE TOP COAT to work with.Trust me you donot want to be 80 with poor lung function.This should be a priority of this site.WE NEED TO FIND A SAFE TOP COAT-Lets get involved
  4. saltyross

    A Safer Topcoat-Please help

    Wow Sounds like there is a real need for someone to market a product thats hard and safe?
  5. saltyross

    A Safer Topcoat-Please help

    Trust me after using etex in the basement for 30 bucktails. Even using a mask/your nostrils get irritated. We need a safe TOPCOAT.Years of doing this will have a negative effect on your health.I am hearing Devcon has no volatile fumes.You guys using it sound like its a better alternative to Etex.These new water based-Is the jury still out.Anyone no more about the component systems product
  6. saltyross

    A Safer Topcoat-Please help

    Thanks Clemmy Thats what we need no voc That looks great I am going to call the company and see if I can get a sample Salty Ross
  7. saltyross

    A Safer Topcoat-Please help

    We are working in our basements Using repirators breathing fumes What are we doing? Is there anyone out there using a safe,non toxic topcoat? Dick nights is Laquer based Epoxy is very volatile I would like to work with safer products SaltyRoss
  8. saltyross


    Braveviper I noticed that your bucktail length is past the hook Sometimes I get that length but most times not Do you have a source that is supplying quality product. Salty Ross
  9. saltyross

    Craft Hair-experience-source

    I Have Been Busy Tying Lots Of Saltwater Bucktails And Have Recently Read About The Use Of Craft Hair.people Claim That It Is Superior To Natural Bucktail And Less Expensive.does Anyone Have Experience With This Material As Well As A Source Thanks Salty
  10. saltyross


    This is a great hobby but not worth risking your health.I wear a respirator when painting with the air brush as well as using etex. I am a medical professional and suggest to all to use osha suggested safety materials specific to what your using You only get one set of lungs Salty
  11. saltyross

    teasers flies for saltwater

    Brian I cant find the eyes you used on Cabellas web site Can you send me the link please Thanks Ross
  12. saltyross

    teasers flies for saltwater

    Great Teasers I would like to tie these as a teaser above a bucktail for Fluke(summer Flounder) Can anyone tell me where to buy and apply the eyes???? Thank you SaltyRoss
  13. saltyross

    How long on the wheel

    I am getting my etex curing wheel up and running. How long do you guys run the wheel for curing? Thanks Ross
  14. saltyross

    how much per year?

    Well If You Consider The Boat,the New Rods,gas Etc Wow Beats Having A Midlife Crisis I Just Got The New Airbrush And Cant Wait To Start Painting Salty
  15. saltyross

    how much per year?

    LOL I understand Started last month and find myself painting and bucktailing with all my spare time Salty