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  1. Kribman

    Giant Night Bite Walleyes

    nice feesh, a night you'll likely never forget!
  2. Kribman

    Watermelon trout

    looks vintage. are you targeting saltwater fish?
  3. Kribman

    Wire Through Muskie Baits

    most ace hardware stores actually sell 25 ft. coils of stainless steel wires of different diameters. I find even the higher gauge wires easy to work with, and the wire formations are remarkably strong when bent into place. Don't be afraid to use a high diameter wire on a small bait, as a musky can destroy a small through wire job. just my 2 cents
  4. Kribman

    Walk-the-dog Musky Bait Weighting

    Thanks for the detailed reply diemai. I am pumped to get one going. I definitely plan on doing a through wire system with some weight in the front, but the majority of the weight in the back of the bait. I want as much splash as possible, is there anyway I can make a fin like protrusions at the floating line of the lure? Or making metal flaps on the side to add sound? Good stuff, oh yeah is spruce a light enough wood?





  10. Hi all. Hope you had a great thanksgivin'! Its been over a year since I have last posted, and you can probably guess that I have taken a break from lure making. But after a year of relying on Bass Pro for lures that I loose and care not for, it is time to get cracking. And this time I want to try and master a larger scope of lure making... see my last go was me mostly attempting large crankbaits and gliders, but it's time to take care of the lures that really put a dent in the wallet... Topwaters, small jerk/crankbaits and I might even give bucktails a whirl. So, my first question following my hiatus is what is the best placement for weights in a large musky style walk-the-dog baits. I imagine you want them to be towards the bottom of the lure, but are they mostly front weighted or center weighted... See, I am not the most efficient lure maker yet and I can quite crank out a bunch of lures to test out the best placement. it might come to that, but if anyone has experience with topwaters any info will be incorporated and credit given next musky season! take care!
  11. Kribman

    Through wire help

    Back from a long hiatus and was going to come back with quality in mind above spitting out a ton of lures that are ok. I am going to start through-wiring all of my baits, and I already know I am going to use my band saw to make the cut in half. well, here is my step by step: 1. cut out the shape of my lure onto a piece of maple 2. measure out the width of my lure with the width of the bandsaw blade taken into account. 3. cut the lure in half with the band saw 4. draw lines on the inside to help visualize were the wire will go 5. dip the 2 halves in sealer Here is where it gets hazy. (Feel free to criticize my methods above). 1. What is the best way to make the indentation/cut for the wire? 2. How do I make sure that the indentation/cut for the wire is symmetrical on both halves of the lure? 3. Should I pour the lead for my ballast in the opening that the bottom hook hanger comes out? 4. How can I make a rattle in the bait? 5. After the wire is sitting in the indentation/cut, do I add wood putty to fill in the extra space?/ Should I put putty in before I lay the wire in? THE BIG ONE 6. How do I get the two lures together after I am finished? Wood glue or 5-min epoxy? I have read some tutorials on through wire, but they are way over my head and I don't think they need to be as precise as I am making musky cranks. Thanks a lot guys, and the simpler the method the less windows I break after I ruin the lure! jk.
  12. Kribman

    possible new record large mouth

    I WANT PICS!!!! Jeez, its one thing to state the claim that you son has caught the NY record bass saying you have pics, but its another to not have the pictures. I feel like I have been cheated and taken a fool. Good chance its all for attention.
  13. Kribman

    Check this out

    I'm jealous. I just hope you put that fish right back on its bed... Did the person who made that lure happen to be the lucky guy in that picture?
  14. Kribman

    what do you guys think?

    I like 'um. You're in the same boat as me. I know i have the potential to break away and start painting bait to look like what i dream them to be, it's just a matter of time. The trick is go at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you start out too fast, you will absolutely burn yourself out and like me, you might have to take a few weeks off to reflect on the damage you've done. But I just got back in the game, and now the summer is coming, My trigger finger is getting happy, and i can't wait to paint. Good luck, and nice lures.
  15. Kribman

    Two new ones

    Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful! You've got skill in making baits, now show us some pics and we'll see if you can catch the snoek as well as you can paint. Good luck