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  1. [center][img]http://i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr285/oscarsteel/OSCARLogo-4-2.jpg[/img][/center] [size="3"][font="Century Gothic"]We specialize in providing custom paint schemes on all types of hard baits and baitcasting reels. We can put any of our colors or your own creations on any type of crankbait, topwater, jerkbait or swimbait. Our paint schemes are being fished and winning tournaments all over the country. We provide an edge for the serious tournament fisherman or the casual weekend angler just wanting to catch more fish. All of our paintjobs are protected by a super tough yet lightweight clear coating. Unlike a lot of custom painters we don't use epoxy for clear coating. The UV stable coating we use to clear our baits bonds to the paint for a lure that will hold up well to years of hard fishing.[/font][/size]
  2. I order them from Lisa and Ed's eyes. They are a sponsor here and great people to deal with.
  3. I know. The address has changed to www.oscarbaits.com I tried to change it on here but it won't for some reason.

  4. Your web link doesn't work.

  5. Net Man, This is one of my most popular colors for a craw pattern. I have sold this color all over the country and had nothing but great reviews. Hope this helps you........Oscar
  6. Bob is right. I forgot to mention it will shoot best with a .3mm tip. I have also thined a whole bottle like you said. It never worked for me. I still had to thin each time I needed that color. As far as what to thin with, I would say try them all and go with the one you like the best. I use isopropyl alcohol. It does react a little different with the paint than windex. I have never tried the Floetrol before. I may have to try that myself.
  7. You can thin it with windex or alcohol. I like the alcohol myself, it evaperates quickly helping to dry it faster. Sorry I don't really have a ratio. I thin to the consistency of milk by feel. If that makes any sense.
  8. I have done it with no problems on larger baits. It will make the bait heavier and add more bulk.I guess it could affect some baits like suspending lures.
  9. I don't heat up the baits but I do hit them with a blowdryer after I apply the epoxy. It levels it good before it gets to the wheel. If I'm useing D2T I warm the bottles before I mix it. That really helps it go on better.
  10. That is a serious drying wheel Mr. Hughes. I hope I need one that big someday. I just finished making a new one that holds 45 baits at a time. I also enclosed it to regulate the temp. I used a heat light that keeps it at 84 degrees. It really helped to speed the drying time.
  11. Thanks Mark, I have been playing around with some cedar I have and its going to take me a few trys to get this. I'm like you said more confortable working with wood. I have some scrap molding we use around windows and doors that is a composite its called ztrim I think. Its white and comes in 5/4 x 4" I was thinking of useing this stuff if I can get the wood one made. Thanks for the info very helpful:yay:........Oscar
  12. I have been painting lures for a while and now am ready to start making some baits. Being a carpenter by trade I can make just about anything from wood. I want to make some swimbaits and think I understand how to weight the sections and make it swim. My question is, what is the advantage to pvc baits? Should I try using it for my first try or should I stick with wood? Also do most of you buy your lips or make them? If you make them from lexan, Where is a good source? I have been looking in the gallery at some of the swimbaits they are amazing. I can't how real some look!! I will be happy if mine looks half as good. Thanks.......Oscar:teef:
  13. oscarsteel


    No it is not illegal to repaint and sell as long as it is what you say. I would make sure to put custom painted Rapala. I found out the hard way about copy right imfringement on ebay and my website. I was selling lipless crankbaits and called them rattle traps. I thought I was fine as long as I didn't list it as RAT-L-TRAP. Well the lawyers from Bill Lewis lures informed me that any form of the word is copy righted by them. For useing their copyrighted name they told me they wanted $25,000 and they would not persue it any farther. If I had that kind of money to give them I would not selling lures. I would be out fishing..........Oscar
  14. oscarsteel

    Lure Painter?

    When you say production painter how many per week or month are you talking? I assume you are wanting them hand painted....Oscar
  15. jcarman, How do contact these people? They have some bodies I am interested in. When I try to email them it says the email address is not working. :?Thanks for the info on this site.....Oscar
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