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  1. Like your pumpkin seed....great colors/ it wood or a "poured" bait?
  2. great!!!! thanks for the reply.....
  3. just curious doesn't want to "remember me"...i have to sign in each visit (usually twice)...any suggestions??? thanks, Michel
  4. Nice!!! like your work...from the pic it appears the KBS topcoat produced a matte like appearance is that normal...if so i'll have to try some...
  5. the lure building web site recommended by anglinarcher is where i first learned how to build gliders...great site...iv'e built them from poplar and Azek (thank You Mark).....mine have been in the 6-8 inch slow sink models shaped similar to the "stalker glider"...good luck
  6. I agree Mark... he definitely knows his stuff ...sounds like my youngest son (32) a mechanical engineer...makes it clear to
  7. I've been using both for over 10 years...have never had a FAIL...caught up to a 9 plus blackie & a 15 lb striper...screwed into poplar and azek...using split rings Owner problems....But to each his own!
  8. thanks Mark...i"ll definitely be checking out those products...michel
  9. Mark when you refer to "runny" & "gap filling" super glues what are they ie. a brand or viscosity rating ..iv'e looked at my local lumber stores & big box stores have yet to find a a viscosity rating for runny, medium or thick...of course I'm a tile contractor not a carpenter.. i know they are out there just not sure where..thanks, michel
  10. Great Job Mark!!! Speed traps are one of my "go to baits" on The Delta...have caught serious #'s & size over the years.. especially in the Orange & Red craw patterns..Thanks to Mark Lassagne he introduced my son and myself to this great lure about 20 years ago while fishing on the Delta..
  11. JR are you printing that with an ink jet or laser inkjet...wife thinks our ink jet won't do it....thanks, michel
  12. 21xdc i was just thinking, as i made dinner that i made a big jump in logic ...the pikie is a diver ...but on my top water slammer types with same cut, those puppies knock big time against each other...i realized i was mistaken in comparing a diver to a top water, when the pikie is swimming it doesn't "slam" together...thanks for pointing that out...unlike the pikie mine doesn't have the center disc to stop the parts from colliding......they just pound away...can hear 'em coming 30 foot away...whoa sorry about picture quality ...hopefully you can still understand what i'm trying to say
  13. the wife is always asking me "why do do you have to be so contrary " (after 36 years of marriage???...whew!!) Don't mean to stir the pot about this "V" joint on the slammer style bait ....but...IMHO its not that critical to the movement of the bait itself...if you look at a slammer they've been assembled with an appreciable distance between pcs...if one looks at a jointed creek chub pikie the joint cut is not a traditional "V" but rather the opposite with points facing each other...iv'e made several "slammer style" baits with that setup, it's not as a critical cut as the standard "V" cut.....they swim great & catch....guess what i"m saying is do what works for you...Unless you dabble in OCD like Jigginpig suggested we may all be guilty of.(although the wife says I'm more anal than OCD..that coming from a retired teacher of 40 yrs...guess she knows of where she
  14. Gentlemen been to Home Depot looking for these screws (nearest Lowes is 40 miles one way) not sure i'm looking @ the correct this what we're talking about?? Jonister i tried to locate the post you referred to about posting where/ type @ Lowe's with no luck...
  15. wow jiginpig we've been trying to locate something similar for that for some time...thanks will have to check it out...michel