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  1. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    Greetz, Dick
  2. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    Herwin, we talked about this allready some time ago and it's true that I was inspired by you're small TJ some 2 1/2 years ago. I just wanted to show some of the jerks I had been making.... Maybe I should have mentioned yours, I don't know.... I didn't tell people, they were completely my own invention/design either. These are my jerks and yours are yours. About the name... they are jerks with a twister indeed and the post is 1 1/2 years old. We talked about it on the roofvisforum later and I stopped naming them Twisterjerks allready. Mine are called DickTails now. Nice jerks Herwin.... I wish you much success selling them!!! Best regards, Dick
  3. Another new series of jerkbaits.

    It makes sense to me Paul(us)!!! They used to call me Dickie de Viking.... Great jerks.... even greater that one of them will be mine!!! Keep up the good work. Greetz, Dick
  4. Finished a new jerkbait

    Paul that's a nice looking jerk!!! You have a pm! Greetz, Dick
  5. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    No, don't think so..... the hollow part is filled with the twister. Thanks for the kind words everybody!!! Greetz, Dick
  6. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    I finished a serie of 20 twisterjerks, the four colors: Blue Beast Porn Pike Silver Strike Pimped Perch I'm working on some new ones... also a twisterjerk that's a bit bigger. (5" or so) Greetz, Dick
  7. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    Hi Paul.... I thought I saw familiar names around here... now I'm sure!!! Greetz, Dick
  8. Devcon bubbles?

    To get rid of the bubbles in E-tex, you have to breath on it. I makes the bubbles go away. Maybe it works with Devcon aswell! Greetz, Dick
  9. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    My friend is 'hooked' on my twisterjerks and they are (almost) the only jerks he fishes with. I can't be proud everytime he catches something! However, I was proud when I caught the first fish on my twisterjerk.... (Although I knew they were pretty good, just by looking at the action of the jerk.) Confidence is everything.... Greetz, Dick
  10. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    A picture of a nice pike caught on one of my twisterjerks by my best friend: Greetz, Dick
  11. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    I always use Mahogany wood for my jerkbaits. Yes, a bit of superglue on the nail and the cut-off end of the twister. Thank you all for your kind replies!!! I'll try and post a pic or two later.... Greetz, Dick
  12. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    I sell them in small quantities in the Netherlands.... to anyone that's interested in my jerks. It's almost the only kind of jerk I use these days. They have proven to be great catchers! Greetz, Dick
  13. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    That problem doesn't occur in actual practice..... I have put them as far from eachother as possible, to be able to put the weight on the spots I want. I have tested and tested the jerk and now it's perfect. Why are you interested in that hole? Nothing more than a drilled out hole with a nail in the middle! There will be a twister attached to it. Like this: The result is this.... the jerk needs a few layers of coating, I just assembled the tail for the pic. The twister will be assembled by putting superglue on the nail and cut-off side of the twister. Before assembly, I pierce the twister so that it can be put on the nail without using to much force... Greetz, Dick
  14. Work in progress: 'Twisterjerks'

    Hi there, I've been watching all the beautiful stuff you people make and now it's time for me to post something! I've been building these 'twisterjerks' for 1 1/2 year now and the have proven to be excellent jerks for pike on shallow water! I still have to coat these with E-tex and finish them with a twistertail. I'll post another pic when they're finished.... They're 4 inches long and weight 1.5 oz. (a bit small for your standards I believe, but ideal for shallow Dutch ditches) Let me hear what you think of them!? Greetz, Dick
  15. I guess by using an airbrush..... greetz, Dick