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  3. While you touched on balancing it is more involved than just adding a weight to the rod. With a properly balanced rod forethought has been given to the components so added weight is not necessary. One catch is that you can`t have a balanced setup without the reel that is going to be used on the rod. Balancing a rod without the reel and line means nothing. Part of the criteria for designing factory rods today is to make the lightest rod possible often with the result of too small handles and reel seats and too small guides and tips. It may feel great at the store but what happens when you add the reel and line. Many times it will require several ounces of added weight to achieve balance. a rod that has a chance of balancing with a reel is going to be tip heavy by itself. In a situation like yours where physical discomfort ( Pain ) is an issue I w ould recommend getting together with a custom rodbuilder and combining your needs and his expertise to come up with something that would fit your needs and pocketbook. Remember real custom rods are built to the customers specs ( physical needs included ) first. The fancy wraps and sparkle are are optional add ons. Tom Cooney
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