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  1. Here is the best place I know of>>>> http://lisaandedseyes.ipage.com/lure_eyes.htm
  2. Depends what I'm doing with it... I only dip 1 coat on my blade baits. 2 coats on many, 3 dips on heavy duty applications. If you need more, It's easy to dip and hang.
  3. You must be only dipping 1 coat or spraying light coats... KBS is far more durable when compared to similar thickness... 3 dipped coats works great.
  4. I have been making a ton of skirts in variances of these 4 colors. These rock my face off... In this order top to bottom. 1 tab, 1 tab, 6 strands, 2-3 strands... https://fishingskirts.com/product/gr...-blue-420-535/ https://fishingskirts.com/product/wa...immer-523-905/ https://fishingskirts.com/product/gl...-shad-404-461/ https://fishingskirts.com/product/ba...-988-989-1912/
  5. 3 coats of KBS diamond clear and let harden for 3 weeks... That should do.
  6. I use a mason jar as well... I may buy the vac set up in pic above.
  7. I'm also a carpenter and have worked with my hands my whole life. I have made some molds from blanks, But I can not get what I need by hand. I wish I had access to a CNC machine, I have lots of ideas I could create. Thanks and keep an eye out for me please.
  8. I did that 1 month ago... That is how I know when it was made. Look>>> https://custombaits.com/index.php?topic=12052.0
  9. Yes... I posted the same links way up in the replies... Nobody looks I guess.
  10. This mold was made from 1980-1983... I have one and looking for another. If anyone here has one they don't need or know where another is, I'm looking for another. Thank You.
  11. 21xdc


    I have friends that have caught smallies on a drop shotted cigarette butt. Others have caught some on mop strings, They are cheaper than shoelaces.
  12. Did you mean https://fishingskirts.com/
  13. 21xdc


    Great thread... Lets not forget that fish have a brain the size of a pea. LOL... I have never seen a fish swim like a crankbait.... Where the eyes "Cant be seen" Baits with the paint knocked off always are the best producers.... LOL
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