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  1. I don't use the hubs, But I buy other things from this site.. Sorry that I'm not more help.
  2. I have ordered from here many times.. Shipping has been slower than usual.. Just order 2-3 weeks before you need them. Their skirt tabs are nice too.... $10 per 100. Flat rate shipping of $4
  3. Accessories Archives - ShartopFishingTackle
  4. Or you could sell me the poisontail swin jig mold and buy yourself a football swing jig mold.
  5. I added the WDB100 double keeper to theManic Mullet mold... Nothing will come off. LOL.. It's an easy modification.
  6. Size #1 Lot 1000 Fishing Stainless Duo-lock Snap Swivel Solid Rings Fast Lures Connector | eBay 25-220Lb Fishing Duo-lock Snap Set Swivel Stainless Steel Lure Clip Quick Change | eBay
  7. 21xdc

    threadfin swim jig.jpg

    Nice Allen.
  8. I use this. Try not to build up paint and clear. Added thicness robs some action.
  9. Bismuth is brittle and breaks easily... I'm fond of lead.
  10. I'm betting this will work too... Sold cheap at Home Depot.
  11. I would use this mold and put a larger wire in it than what you will build with. Pour and pull wire out.... Plenty of weight choices. Do-It Trolling Sinker Molds - Barlow's Tackle
  12. I have been doing the same thing for years... Works for me.
  13. Is this one too thick? 5020 Gamakatsu 345 Swim Jig Hook (25pk) at LurePartsOnline.com
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