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  1. 21xdc

    Midwest Finesse Wire Weed Guard?

    I use this one http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Mold-Insert-Components/Wire-Weedguard.html https://www.barlowstackle.com/Wire-Weed-Guard-P3836.aspx
  2. 21xdc

    Blade bats

  3. 21xdc

    Blade bats

    Epoxy is too thick and robs some action... I suggest you use KBS Diamond Clear.
  4. 21xdc

    Auto clear top coat

    Same here.. I have never seen any action ruined from KBS. It's about as thin and tough as I have seen.... It is by far the best I have ever used. Been making baits for 30 years.
  5. 21xdc

    Kbs which formula???

    I never tried what you have....
  6. 21xdc


    I prefer higher pressure to break mist down to smaller pieces and use a stencil. Distance from bait and thinning paint also helps a lot.
  7. 21xdc

    KBS diamond clear coat questions?

    I just wipe the rim and threads clean on the mason jar before I close it up. I also don't swirl the jar to let the product get on the lid. It will harden to where you cant get the lid off. This has happened to me before, And I just poked a few holes in the lid and transferred it to a new mason jar.
  8. 21xdc

    Auto clear top coat

    You can thin with Xylene/Xylol
  9. 21xdc

    Auto clear top coat

  10. 21xdc

    Auto clear top coat

    KBS is an automotive clearcoat... Why not spray that?
  11. 21xdc

    What mold do i use?

    I prefer the Trokar Pro Swim jig. I have made about 10 different style heads including ones mentioned above. I have no reason to try and make one just like the original. They make 5 versions for a reason, They still have not perfected it...
  12. I suggested in my first post that you should get a 6in with around 400 CFM's
  13. I pour and airbrush both in these booths... The angle does both really well. My new one has 10in duct and really pulls a lot of air, But it's size is much bigger... Here it is w/o the $900 motor sold separately https://www.abt.com/product/126349/Thermador-48-Professional-Series-Stainless-Steel-Wall-Hood-PH48HWS.html
  14. 21xdc

    7.5 inch worm molds

    Because he nor I make plastics and don't want too... He wants to buy the mold and have someone pour them for him in certain colors.
  15. 21xdc

    7.5 inch worm molds

    They do... But it's not the same as the picture of his worms. He said nothing swims like his and the maker and molds are gone.