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  1. Hey I see you are in Michigan , I am also in Michigan .. What baits you looking for ?


    1. 21xdc


      Give me a number to reach you at... 

    2. Bass-Boys



       I am not on my phone at work .. just leave a message , I will call back 


  2. It came yesterday.... Going to have a couple company's squirt some custom baits for me...
  3. Since I couldn't add to this post>>> Today I finally got the tele call... I made a phone order for 5 gallons of easy stretch.... It's already shipped too... 8^)
  4. 21xdc

    Kbs question

    It should be dry enough to do that on the second day
  5. 21xdc

    Kbs question

    Try it... I have never had it de laminate. I have dipped a second coat the next day w/o issues.
  6. 21xdc

    Custom hook?

    Most likely...
  7. 21xdc

    A.C. Plugs

    AC Shiner is balsa.
  8. ***UPDATE*** I called last August... I just got a reply to the e-mail yesterday... 9-28-20.... Said they were sick for a few weeks and backed up.. Said they would call me Monday or Tuesday for sure... I replied " Please don't forget"... Still no call...
  9. 21xdc

    Custom hook?

    And Allen used to think I bought a lot of hooks LOL... I only buy a few 1000 at a time.
  10. That is a 30+ year old mold, When almost everybody used pork trailers... They made a newer mold with eyes and barb since then. See if you like this https://store.do-itmolds.com/Weedless-Casting-Jig-Molds_c_53.html I always modify my jig molds for keepers. Normally for the WDB1000 double keeper.
  11. Still no call back... Bad biz in my opinion....
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