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  1. Unpainted Muskie/Pike jerkbait

    https://avidbasstackle.com/collections/abs-lure-blanks/products/rebel-f40-7-inch-minnow-unpainted-blanks https://avidbasstackle.com/collections/abs-lure-blanks/products/avid-7-inch-deep-ripbait-unpainted-blanks These are the biggest that I know of.
  2. KBS

    Jegs and Summit racing is where I have bought it most times... Now LPO sells it. http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Liquid-Topcoats/Diamond-Finish-Thinner.html
  3. Yes... That is what they sell it for.... But the Xylol/Xylene works as good and cheaper and easier to find at your local home center or hardware store.
  4. Are you thinning the KBS 20% with Xylol/Xylene like you should be? 2 coats? Many say they don't turn their baits.... I turn them all so the coat is even w/o any pooling anywhere.
  5. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    People only hear the bad.... That is why I'm posting the good as well... I hope that they see how it works. I believe everybody deserves a second chance....
  6. LPO shoutout

    They are the best!
  7. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    **** UPDATE**** I have ordered 2 more times since this post.... All is well.
  8. Masking Around Bill

    blue painters tape of green frog tape for me.
  9. Matte Powder Paint

    Mixing the right amount of harbor freight black to harbor freight yellow will get you a pretty nice green pumpkin... This is what I do.
  10. Spinner bait blades

    I use Worthco Colorado blades with plenty of vibe!
  11. Top coat question

    I have been leaving mine clear as I want the bait tail to be noticed less no matter the color of the body. I fish mine mostly with a steady retrieve and the tail is a blur to the fish, Just like I want it.
  12. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    OK *************UPDATE****************** Avid stepped up this time and made it right to me... I will give them the benefit of the doubt. We all make mistakes and learn from them. They did ship the correct blades so I can finish my lures properly. I hope that since this thread was read by them, That they see some of their mistakes and try not to repeat them... Thanks AVID BASS TACKLE for making this right... I will be ordering more stuff in the near future. Mike
  13. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    I have been contacted with a resolution/apology by Forrest's assistant.... I will post my results as things happen.. BTW... Look>>> http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Propellers/Chopper-Prop.html They offer both direction props for a reason.... Somebody dropped the ball on the ones I ordered from AVID... It may be the manufacture, But they do make both direction blades for a reason.
  14. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    Okay... He may have read this post or someone sent it to him. It sounds like he may try and do something for me. I will keep you posted... PS: Still cant finish my baits until I get the right parts...
  15. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    I have always had fast shipping other then the pre order/pre pay whopper ploppers.. He blamed the supplier... I didn't pay his supplier. I paid him. Put the props on backwards? Give me a break!