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  1. These are the only Mann's unpainted that I know of.. http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Manns-Unpainted-Lure-Bodies.html?search=Unpainted+Bodies
  2. LOL... I never saw you post here before... I only have 900+ posts.
  3. Does anybody here have this mold? Anybody want to sell theirs to me before I buy a new one? Will anybody send me a few baits to try before I buy one? I'll pay shipping etc... Thanks.... http://www.basstackle.com/692_Jr_Jerk_Bait_p/692jr-kj-8.htm
  4. In the past, I got some here>>> https://www.getbitcustombaits.com/unpainteid-baits
  5. KBS has never had any effect on my paints. But I only use water base acrylics. I have had other clears ruin my paint though. Like concrete sealers, etc. EDIT... I looked up the paint you are using and found that they offer 2 different clear coats.. I'm not sure this would lock the color down. "9495 Aztek® Clear Matte or 9496 Aztek® Clear Gloss" I have had trouble with some Rustolium paints... And this paint you use is made by Rustolium… There must be something different in their paint. https://www.rustoleum.com/MSDS/ENGLISH/9470A.pdf
  6. 21xdc

    Shelts blanks

    I have ordered from them many times w/o any issues.... I'm patient.
  7. I have used a hot glue gun to fill and glue in...
  8. I use plaid color shift thinned 100% ish through my .5mm airbrush. As well as Extreme Sheen.
  9. 21xdc

    Help with KBS

    I don't use tail hanger wires, But the next day before it gets too hard... Try the turner.
  10. 21xdc

    Help with KBS

    My first qt I thinned 10% and the next 15%... The next few cans I didn't thin. It seemed that it was thinner already... But if I start getting any bubbles in heavy areas, I thin some.
  11. 21xdc

    Help with KBS

    Great news... Sounds like they back their product better than others I have seen....
  12. Since the mold calls for an eagle claw 253, That has a short shank, It must be meant to pour the other way with straight wires.
  13. The slot for the hook shank is too wide and short after the ball collar... Allowing the hook to lean/fall down.
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