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  1. Defective Blanks

  2. paint stripper

    sand blasting with walnut shells works for some people.
  3. Defective Blanks

    You wasted your money and talent on that garbage... That's too bad.. Practice or not. That bait would have been awesome if you got what you paid for.
  4. Defective Blanks

    Genuine? LOL.... My money is GENUINE and if the problem is not solved..... Arms get twisted. On a forum or anywhere else I feel needed.... Sellers might consider this before they brush a customer off, While they keep my money.
  5. Help With DYI Pull Pin For Egg Sinker Mold

    For $5 I would buy the pull pin... http://store.do-itmolds.com/Pull-Pin-PEG-332--_p_916.html
  6. Defective Blanks

    What company? I have had something similar happen, But both times I was fixed up... After some arm twisting.
  7. Unpainted Muskie/Pike jerkbait

    https://avidbasstackle.com/collections/abs-lure-blanks/products/rebel-f40-7-inch-minnow-unpainted-blanks https://avidbasstackle.com/collections/abs-lure-blanks/products/avid-7-inch-deep-ripbait-unpainted-blanks These are the biggest that I know of.
  8. KBS

    Jegs and Summit racing is where I have bought it most times... Now LPO sells it. http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Liquid-Topcoats/Diamond-Finish-Thinner.html
  9. Yes... That is what they sell it for.... But the Xylol/Xylene works as good and cheaper and easier to find at your local home center or hardware store.
  10. Are you thinning the KBS 20% with Xylol/Xylene like you should be? 2 coats? Many say they don't turn their baits.... I turn them all so the coat is even w/o any pooling anywhere.
  11. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    People only hear the bad.... That is why I'm posting the good as well... I hope that they see how it works. I believe everybody deserves a second chance....
  12. LPO shoutout

    They are the best!
  13. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    **** UPDATE**** I have ordered 2 more times since this post.... All is well.
  14. Masking Around Bill

    blue painters tape of green frog tape for me.
  15. Matte Powder Paint

    Mixing the right amount of harbor freight black to harbor freight yellow will get you a pretty nice green pumpkin... This is what I do.