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  1. Epoxy is not mixed by weight, But 50/50 by volume... Notice the bottles are the same quantity? Use a syringe or medicine cup and measure equally. I switched from epoxy to KBS Diamond Clear and never looked back... I keep it in a mason jar and wipe the lid clean before the top is put back on.
  2. Punch hub.... Skirt hub.
  3. Using the ss wire sinker eyes allows the use for any size and brand hook... That is a big plus. https://store.do-itmolds.com/Wire-Eyes--pkg_p_1127.html http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Shop-By-Category/Mold-Wire-Forms/Brass-Sinker-Eyes.html?partner=1001
  4. The insert is not "Just in the lead" It is connected to the hook eye and has very little chance in pulling out. About the same chance as a spinnerbait hook pulling off. Hard lead would help if you are worried. This finesse technique generally uses lighter line and softer rod that wont pull hard enough to worry about.
  5. I have heard some adjust with a small paint brush.
  6. Allen knows.. I have told him before... Regular EWG worm hook with a size 0 SS sinker insert connected inside the lead.
  7. Cotton Cordell "Super Spot"
  8. The bigger ned head mold will be available soon...
  9. Yes, I contacted them first a while ago... 10,000 min order. Super nice owner...
  10. Thanks for trying...… I know how to use google and search engines. Nothing in your link is anything I can use. I don't have any trouble with my baits dragging in the water, They come to the surface immediately.
  11. I tried that w/o success... I think I found what Strike King uses at Hagens. LOOK>>>> https://hagensfish.com/index.php?route=product%2Fsearch&search=cone+heads
  12. I might try .040 or .045 wire as well.
  13. Who else sells these wires besides Mustang Wire? I have never used these before and wanted to try them. I'm wanting .050 for 1/2oz or bigger heads.
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