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  1. Marine applications are sprayed with thin coats needing more of them. Dipping or brushing one coat is probably equivalent to more than spray coats.
  2. I only coat blade baits 1 time.... Many topwater and cranks once. Some that may get beat up I would apply 2 coats.
  3. It takes weeks for KBS to cure... I mostly use 1-2 coats depending on what it is.
  4. Well.... I have been using it for years w/o issues... In fact, This reminds me that I need to buy another bottle. LOL
  5. Yes, It's true...…. But I'm certain the fish don't care how much I paid.
  6. True... Folk Art wont shift as much, But don't cost as much either.
  7. I just bought all the colors offered for $1.49 per bottle at Jo Ann Fabrics. I thinned with Future Floor Finish and it spray as well if not better than createx through my brush's . Future is not a wax... It is an acrylic flow enhancer and water soluble.
  8. 21xdc

    Clear Coat

    I have tried it.... Pass for me.
  9. PS... I don't use reducer.... I use water, windex and future floor finish.
  10. I have been spraying folk art craft paint for many years.... I'm still trying the $4 color shift.
  11. 21xdc

    Clear Coat

    I'd consider this if they had big bottles and a bigger brush. I don't have time to make 300 strokes per bait.
  12. 21xdc

    avid bass tackle

    I recently placed an order w/o any trouble.... But this was an e-mail I was sent the week before I ordered... " Dear Valued Customers, As many of you are aware there has been a large delay in orders over the last month. I want to apologize personally to anyone who had an order that got caught up in this backlog, it was the result of a huge change in my personal life which came about as a result of a sudden and un-expected end to a year long engagement to my now "ex" fiance' which also required me to completely re-structure my day to day life and living situation. I deeply regret and am truly sorry that this problem in my personal life affected my business so badly and I assure everyone we are now caught up to orders that were placed in the last 24 hours. If you have an order placed during the last 5 weeks that still does not have updated tracking it should update within 24 hours or less, if not please reply to this email with your order number. I have a trusted friend helping me out and we will now start to go through and respond to the many messages that we also got behind on. As an apology to everyone and in order to show we are ready to handle new orders there is a 25% off sale from now until Sunday at midnight. Just enter AVID725 at checkout to receive 25% off your entire order. Thank You F. Webb"