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  1. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    This is also my spray booth for airbrushing. This is the same size filter that my house furnace uses. I buy them in bulk to work in both. A small filter will collapse with the power of my fan. I wanted more surface area.
  2. Canada spinnerbait help

    1/2oz Red and Yellow spinnerbaits with .041+ wire. A single #5 nickel Colorado blade works great. Don't forget to add the trailer hook.
  3. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    Any and all fans will work much better if you pour in a booth.. It will draw air from one side and not allow anything to escape. Pics are before I bought the fan.
  4. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    I bought an 8 inch hydroponics fan... It's great. I use a router speed control from harbor freight to control for less cfms when I want.
  5. I'm not sure that that is the problem, But looks like when I get time I will try that. I have 100's of do it molds and this one is the only one that does it.
  6. I have poured over 1000 on each mold and they stick just as much as when brand new....
  7. modified swim bait mold

    It's not going to come through grass well with an open hook regardless of line tie location.
  8. I read and understood it the first time.... I should not have to "fix" a new mold... Especially all of them. I use drop out spray and it is no help.
  9. You must not understand... I have several of these molds and they all do it... It is a design flaw... Not just 1 bad mold. If they replace all 3 of mine, I'll just have 3 more with the same problem....
  10. modified swim bait mold

    I'm not talking about stable.... Balance point front to back... All the weight would be behind the axis/pivot point.
  11. modified swim bait mold

    Move the line tie forward? Easy modification. You will loose the center balance an the baits action most likely change some.
  12. This mold is the worst I have ever had for lead sticking inside. Drop out has not helped much. I believe it is from the squared off bottom. I don't want to round off the mold as I like how the bait is flat and helps stand it up on the bottom. Using hard lead definitely makes it even harder to get out. It should not be this hard and nobody should have to "fix" the mold after they buy one. After the sprue breaks off, I grab the skid and rock it back in forth with pliers, But it messes up the lead visually. Very disappointed in this mold. I have several of them and they all do it.
  13. multi-cavity jig molds

    I have heard people using a hot glue gun injecting into the mold instead of lead. JannsNetCraft is about 80 miles from where I live in Michigan.
  14. Avid bass tackle

    They have been great to me......... I still order from them, Even though I had a problem in the past.
  15. Ned rig mold

    You must use better plumbers putty... LOL... I quit using it. I started using this as a much better temporary option.. https://www.rotometals.com/casting-retainer-putty-1-pound/