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  1. Yes... I posted the same links way up in the replies... Nobody looks I guess.
  2. This mold was made from 1980-1983... I have one and looking for another. If anyone here has one they don't need or know where another is, I'm looking for another. Thank You.
  3. 21xdc


    I have friends that have caught smallies on a drop shotted cigarette butt. Others have caught some on mop strings, They are cheaper than shoelaces.
  4. Did you mean https://fishingskirts.com/
  5. 21xdc


    Great thread... Lets not forget that fish have a brain the size of a pea. LOL... I have never seen a fish swim like a crankbait.... Where the eyes "Cant be seen" Baits with the paint knocked off always are the best producers.... LOL
  6. Ditch the epoxy and try KBS diamond clear...
  7. 21xdc


    It would be hard to "Key in" on those.... Unless they were RED!
  8. 21xdc


    Worms don't have eyes...
  9. 21xdc


    Absolutely right... It's for the fisherman. I have caught a ton of bass with a shoelace on a jighead… Still wondering how to attach eyes. LOL...
  10. 21xdc


    LOL... Some of you guys crack me up... One of the best baits out there is this... No eyes, Looks nothing like anything, and not colored like anything in nature... Yet, They eat it anyway. LOL. And a spinnerbait looks nothing like food... May be the all time money winner on any bass circuit... War Eagle with NO EYES...
  11. 21xdc


    Bass eat leech's, worms, crayfish, hellgrammites, mice, dragonflies, snakes, ducks, birds, minnows, etc every day... No need to home in on eyes in my opinion... I prefer the lure to look like the food that they eat every day. The eyes don't play any effect on any of the food I mentioned above.... Especially on a crankbait running erratically at 3-4 mph. They cant see scales, kill dots, or eyes when moving.
  12. Whatever the bottles or packaging says.... Depends on what you bought. They vary. Many turn yellow over a short time.
  13. http://www.luremaking.com/catalogue/catalogue-index/catalogue-items/wires/twin_spin_spinnerbait_forms.htm https://kingstonlures.com.au/products/wire-forms/twin-spin-wire-form http://www.anglersworkshop.com/Spinnerbait-FormsANG/Twin-Spin-Frame
  14. Any VMC dealer should be able to get them. http://www.nos-catalogues.net/vmc-fishing-hooks/pdf/bulk/2019/?page=36
  15. The mold is nothing special.. https://store.do-itmolds.com/Midwest-Finesse-JigbrSz-116-332-18-532-316-14brHk-Owner-5313brCollar-Wire-Holder_p_1255.html
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